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  2. Other than the Voyager etch grills and RB Barrel, this is straight from the [Tamiya] box. Only the second German AFV I've completed in forty-nine years and eleven months of modelling ! - as ever please feel free to ask questions, make comments or hurl criticism. All the best from the Land of the Long White Cloud. Ian.
  3. Moving swiftly on, cabbages
  4. Don't know how this one got past me... no matter, superb build and incredible workmanship. Ian.
  5. Simplest thing to do is remind the “quoter” of the correct netiquette and ask them to refrain from it in future posts. We can’t be everywhere at once, what we can do is time consuming to edit ourselves and difficult on a phone if we are away from a desktop. The simplest option for us would be to delete the whole post
  6. Beautiful build & presentation. Really like this. Ian.
  7. Superb work excellent weathering, I will buy / build a BM21 some day soon. Ian.
  8. A real 'Saturday night cruiser' custom finish! Impressive finish. Kind regards, Joachim
  9. @Steve60 thanks steve,yours was an interesting thread,and a superb model @Troy Smith you have some valid points troy concerning what (if) blue and where it came from, but, as it says at the bottom of your page to "never trust a profile without a photo" i shall be attempting to recreate lou iv mostly from this high resolution (enhanced,call it what you will) photograph ,there is a clearer photo than this one around showing apparently another ac in the formation looking blue too ,credit to dana bell ,thanks for looking in by the way, i hope my interpretation doesn't prevent you from revisiting, Thanks for the input
  10. That's a very convincing NMF! Impressive artistry. Kind regards, Joachim
  11. Thank you Jabba and welcome aboard . Definitely! What's not to like about a Lysander ? Thanks Dave. Two real classics there. Merry Christmas to you too. Cheers
  12. The engine as it survives today is missing various parts, including spark plugs, electrical cables, cooling water tubing, and (I think) a gear-driven water pump between copper cooling jackets and radiator. I'd like to try to model a more complete version based on some archival research. It's a bit hard to tell because: 1) The engine was modified pretty radically over its operational life. For instance, the engine that left the Curtiss Factory had one carburettor for each cylinder, one mechanical exhaust valve per cylinder (the intake valve was a suction valve), and the distributor located directly in front of the valve timing gear. The later engine had two carburettors (one per cylinder bank), two mechanical valves per cylinder, and the distributor moved to the opposite side of the engine. I'm more interested in this final configuration. * These are details from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum archival photos NASM-CW5G-0908 and NASM-CW5G-0917 https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/aerial-experiment-association-aerodrome-no-4-silver-dart-mccurdy-john-d-glass https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/aerial-experiment-association-cygnet-ii-propulsion-engines-curtiss-v-8-silver 2) I haven't found a lot of photo documentation so far. 3) My knowledge of piston engines (not to mention historical aircraft engines) is very limited. I was hoping that some of you pros could help me with some technical questions, or provide suggestions about where to look for archival info.
  13. Airfix and Tamiya 1:72 P-51D kits definitely look like they'd been engineered by like minded people.
  14. I built the UM Pe-2 back in 2013: The Zvezda kit is better in all regards - fit, surfaces, detail and price!
  15. Just reading through, paint work looks to be excellent! And at such a high rate of speed, too. Regarding screw-ups and dashing Mrs. P’s hopes of a 3rd... was that recently? As in after the Great Kitchen Debacle? They have the audacity to say we’ve got a screw loose??? Best of luck with the housing situation!
  16. Conceived in the early 1950s as a uniquely potent Mach 2 interceptor of Soviet nuclear bombers, should the Cold War turn into a shooting ditto, the J 35 Draken first flew in 1955. She still turns heads at air shows, since the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight operates a single seat J 35J and a twin seat SK 35C. Beautiful model of a 'Filip' from the F 10 Wing in Ängelholm! Kind regards, Joachim
  17. More of the same please! You are certainly of the productive type. Takes me ages to just finish one model.
  18. k5054nz

    Tora Tora Tora

    I’m rather late but I’m gathering information to model a Tora Zero in 1/48. I built one from the Academy 1/72 kit as a teenager: https://modelingmadness.com/review/mod/yatest6m.htm Does anyone know what type the source of the three-blade T-6-Zero propellers was?
  19. Rich B

    The Weather,

    As I get ready for lights out, its a balmy 22o, but if feels like 30o. Oh wait, I forgot to put the minus sign in front of those temperatures. Cheers, Rich
  20. Today
  21. Hello All, I'm new here. I hope that this is a reasonable topic for this forum. I'm working on a 3d-printable model of a classic aeroengine--basically an (intermittently) working prototype from the early history of aircraft. This is the Curtiss No. 3, which famously powered Silver Dart, Cygnet II, and various other experimental craft created of the Aerial Experiment Association (AEA) that included Alexander Graham Bell, Glenn Curtiss, and others. The engine first ran on 23 October, 1908 and was used by the AEA through at least February 1909. It was later used in a small fishing boat in Nova Scotia, CA which sank. The engine was later recovered and now sits in a display case at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum (CASM) in Ottawa. The good people at CASM made a scan of it for me a month or two ago. I've been using that scan as the basis for a printable model. Here's a rough 1/8 version FDM printed version in Primer: Here's a 1/25 version in UV-cured resin that I've painted up:
  22. before you've got there
  23. With automatic flush facility ( usually when you least expect it )
  24. My mother in law is sleeping on the futon just outside my study, and I'm scared that if I go out to go up to bed or brush my teeth, she'll yell at me.
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