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  2. dnl42

    Painting canopies.

    What paint? Applied how? Perhaps the coat is too thick? In any event, lately I've been using a combination of tape and MSI Micro Mask. Maketar's Canopy Survival Kit offers some great bits of tape. I outline the edge with tape liquid mask. Also, make sure the plastic is well cleaned; I always clean with 91% IPA before applying tape and painting.
  3. Forgot a pic of the wing after todays colour test.
  4. Very nice. I agree with Alpha Delta above; building the model OOB to display the differences is a great idea. A 100% scratchbuild might have been easier!
  5. Thanks very much for pointing me to the decal sheet. That solves my biggest problem!
  6. Got the white on, well maybe one more coat... I have perfectly good rattle cans of white primer and appliance white that I was intending to use but somehow the brush came out because I didn’t fancy masking the wells! Started with a couple of coats of Humbrol 34, then three coats of Citadel Ceramite White. The weapons mounts had to go because the Martel pylon bases moulded on the wing are much longer than the early pylons. Not sure yet if I will do it clean or add some stores.
  7. Good references. I edited my post to say 74/75 rather than 75/76 but the photos make my point moot anyway.
  8. It's also in several books on the making of Raiders . Originally designed by Ron Cobb I believe
  9. As I do not have any pics showing the upper surfaces of the wings I have improvised - probably totally wrong but I like it. That just leaves the two wing engine cowlings and then I can start putting decs on! At least it is rather less glaring now. As I mentioned earlier this scheme seems to have been used by a number of Squadriglia based near Benghazi which is a desert area, so the choice of green for the basic colour does seem a little counter intuitive - some illustrations show a bit more of the sand colour, but I am happy as it is. The white band sets it off rather nicely I think. It is certainly quite unusual and has taken considerably less time than I expected - perhaps the warm weather has helped as the enamel paints have dried quite quickly for once! Perhaps this was not quite such a mad idea after all. Cheers Pete
  10. This one: This is from a Carl Vincent article. Chris
  11. From this hull I could also have represented French civilian ships like the Kirkouk or the Palmyre of the CNP, Compagnie Navale des Pétroles (TOTAL). These ships from T2 plan had been built in France, notably in Saint Nazaire or Dunkirk before the war for some of them. My father sailed notably as second engineer on the Palmyre, Novice La Maou and Kirkouk in the 1950s. Excerpts from his seaman's book, the bible of the maritime life of a sailor: The Novice Le Maou of CNP, Compagnie Navale des Pétroles (TOTAL): The Kirkouk: The Palmyre: FRA/1939/14608/175.9 Tanker Palmyre: Launched in Saint-Nazaire 06/1940 - In the process of being finished in Saint-Nazaire, it tries to escape the German advance but is damaged by a mine and during an air attack. She is brought back to Saint-Nazaire by the tug CHAMPION. 1940 - VIERLANDEN (Deu) - Seized by the Germans. 08/1944 - She is scuttled in the Loire at Roche Maurice. 09/1944 - She is refloated for refit. 1949 - PALMYRE (Fra) - Compagnie Navale des Pétroles 06/06/1951 - In the fog off Ushant, he boarded and sank the cargo ship HOEGH CYGNET (Nor/48/1657). 1963 - OKTO (Lbr) 1963 - Delivered to demolition workers in Hong Kong
  12. Not hanging around on this one! Nice. Regards, Adrian
  13. Hi all, I have done a bit more - so far I have five complated Three from the 55th Ligne and Two Cuirassiers from the 1st. Erk
  14. Thanks, Malcolm. Regarding the Shaolin training, the tell-tale are huge mounds of styrene sawdust around the premises. If you see that, then they are ok.
  15. Replaced the on/off switch on my generic folding spray cabinet with a twin switch (my purchase) . After a bit of re wiring, the fan and lighting are now independently switched. I'm wondering whether it will make a photo booth.
  16. Thank you JackG for this link Thank you all for this wonderful discussion and for the photos and drawing particularly provided by Chris. I'm clarifying my mind on where I'm taking these two Arma models. I have delayed my decision on the identity on the earliest one until I can go through all the information and photos provided here. I have settled on the identity of the second one, it is Battle of Britain YO-N (V6605) used by RCAF 1 squadron. There is no particular reason for this aircraft except I have some clear photographs of it and the availability of decals in my collection and I trust everything else is consistent with the Arma kit. My reading indicated that RCAF 1 squadron wasn't re-number to 401 until March 1941 and the early Hurricanes would have been gone by then so my earlier plan to do a 401 sqd aircraft was incorrect . I'm new here, and I need to look into how I can insert pictures to this site. Thanks again George
  17. Today
  18. I built a model of fellow VIP Dak KP208 (now on display outside 16 Air Assault Bde`s barracks in Colchester) which also served with the Coastal Command Comms Sqn/Flt.,..... my WIP includes some pics of KN452 in case they are of interest? Cheers Tony
  19. Yes - 1st Bn Border Regiment went into Arnhem by glider. They were part of the force defending the perimeter around the Hartenstein Hotel - actually on the West side of the hotel. IIRC, they took higher casualties than any other Bn in the operation. Border Regiment became part of Kings Own Royal Border Regt in 1959(?), which has since become part of the Duke of Lancaster's Regt.
  20. So it turns out there are plenty of Soyuz to be had on Shapeways, but none of them looked like they'd be any better than a resin kit and would still need a decent amount of work anyway. So I bit the bullet and today ordered the kit from Real Space. If I ever build it I will post it here!
  21. I enjoyed looking at those: nice builds and a lovely sense of pageantry. Thanks for posting.
  22. These kits are amazing value for money, given the size of the finished aircraft, you should be on commission ! Outstanding work, congratulations Cheers Pat
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