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  2. Whirly

    1/72 Fujimi KV-107II-4 JGSDF

    Been quite busy in the last few days and did also small progress in the build due to the poor fit of the components. First a view on the rear pilon details: I used a sprue as support for the scratchbuilt pieces which created a problem with the cargo bay roof... ok, just a minute work with a file. then I had to scratchbuild the ventral winch panel: somehow it was missing from my box. Look how much filler, dissolved putty and plasticard I used. very poor fit of the tail components. As I said elsewhere it's better to glue each part to the respective fuselage and then join all together. more filler needed also for the interchangeable engine panels. that's it for now. I will be away for a few days, Happy Easter to everyone!
  3. Looks pretty dang sweet! Love the SH-2F. Wish I could get to fly one once!! I have the KH variations, and I did build 2 of the Airfix iterations over 20 years ago. My plans is to build the one that had Jimmy Stewart in it in "Airport '77" from HSL-31. and perhaps one more... Cheers H.
  4. Giorgio N

    'Model Aircraft' magazine May 2019 issue

    We should differentiate reviews and articles here. I've never felt the lack of reviews of 1/72 kits, these have been present over time in the same way as 1/48 ones. It's the build articles where in many magazines 1/48 subjects abund more than their smaller competitors and really it's been this way for quite a long time, I'd say at least 20 years. I can think of several reasons for this, larger kits may mean more detail, certain subjects are well covered by modern 1/48 kits more than they may be in 1/72 scale and there may be others. I would also add that the popularity of 1/48 kits, particularly of WW2 fighters, has been pretty high among modellers in the same time, no surprise that these are represented in magaines. Now is this a problem ? May not be a problem if I'm interested in seeing the model as "inspiration", then the colour scheme or the details would be useful for a model in any scale. If however I'm interested in understanding how a certain kit fits and how best build it, then if this kit is not the one chosen by the author I'll not be able to get this information. And for quite a while it's not been easy for those modellers with a preference in 1/72 kits to see the ones they're intereste in built in the pages of magazines. As someone pointed out, modellers interested in different subjects have much worse problems but this is due to the nature of the hobby in Britain 8and in most of Europe too): aircraft kits way outsell all others, and the modelling press simply follows this. Other countries are different, as shown for example by the offer of modelling magazines in Japan, where other subjects are much better covered and sci-fi even takes the lead. I sometime think that the best gift I could ask related ot the hobby would be to learn Japanese...
  5. Bonhoff

    You know you’re getting old when.....

    When bands you first saw as a teenager are doing 40th anniversary tours. PS - Going to pictures tonight to see Monty Python's "Life of Brian" on its 40th anniversary release. IanJ
  6. Ratch

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    Kids are already being told to bunk off school on Fridays to protest about Global Warming. They can wear their convictions like a badge of honour. Obviously folks don't consider the consequences too off-putting.
  7. malpaso

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Oh dear, my mistake. I think I’ve only ever seen photos of the P-40 wing pair bolted together as for transport or painting. Even so, separation of a single wing would seem to involve more effort than on a Spitfire, say.
  8. Dermo245

    USS Fitzgerald collision June 2017

    I'd highly recommend the news story quoted in the website - link below and best read on a laptop, desktop or tablet. Death and Valor on an American warship doomed by its own Navy Cheers, Dermot
  9. Devilfish

    1/48 Airfix Hurricane Mk I

    Welcome to the world of failing eyesight and sausage fingers, that is 1/48th scale modelling! Great start!!
  10. Dave Fleming

    Islanders based at Northolt

    Yes, the Tornado Gr4s were in that scheme, as are the Navy's Merlins amongst others
  11. alexandre rezende

    AH-64E "Apache Guardian" - Academy 1/48

    Thanks Kitchen Modeller! Thanks Exdraken! (I like SAAB DRAKEN)... The panel of the kit is the version "A" (A serious failure of the Academy, because in the box they say that it is Apache "D" that should already have the digital panel) This components needs to be created in scratch ... References... Here is a texture to apply to the template ... Details to be made on the pilot's roof ... Replace this part ... Painted texture ... Painting of components ... Installation...

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Nose story, the end! Dan.
  13. Ingo Degenhardt

    Gunze Aqueous Clear drying time

    That's what I will do.
  14. Andre B

    Best PRU Blue Paint?

    Well... If one can't use Tamiya AS paints for neiter RAF nor US Navy aircrafts... ...why not use them for USAAC and the 8 AF, 56 FG and 63rd FS P-47 M Thunderbolts? https://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10767&p=86741#p86741 Cheers / André
  15. VMA131Marine

    Vampire F.1 and other DH twin boomers

    That FROG Vampire came out really nice. I have one in the stash somewhere that I will have to take a second look at.
  16. bentwaters81tfw

    Airfix 1/16 Ariel Arrow

    You can almost smell the exhaust and hear it ticking as it cools down.
  17. Albacore Bomb Racks (48981 for Trumpeter) 1:48 Eduard Trumpeter's hit & miss reputation struck with their recent Albacore kit, but if you have taken a punt on it there are already a bunch of update sets available from Eduard, which we reviewed here. Following along tail-end-charlie style is this set of underwing bomb racks, which will probably fit just as well on the more aged Special Hobby kit with a bit of luck and a prevailing wind, not to mention some cutting of holes. As usual with Eduard's Photo-Etch (PE) and Mask sets, they arrive in a flat resealable package, with a white backing card protecting the contents and the instructions that are sandwiched between. The set is on a single fret of bare brass, and builds up into three single and one four-bomb semi-recessed rack for each lower wing, which require their shapes to be cut from the wing undersides before you proceed. The instructions first show how to add the spinner to the torpedo and detail the bombs with front and rear spinners, after which you fold up four short racks that fit into the recessed box that is also folded up from parts, then you make up the three longer racks and their boxes, replicating your work on the other wing in mirror image. Review sample courtesy of
  18. Buz

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    The main plane of the Tomahawk was actually two pieces bolted together to give a continuous wing, so wing replacement could be undertaken. That said the aircraft is AH896 RM-Y of 26 SQN. This aircraft had previously served with 403 SQN however there is no reported accidents to her before going to 26 SQN (403 were good at writing the accidents they had up). I can only find one accident that has no serial numbers associated with it, however if AH896 was involved then it must have been light damage as the aircraft was flying 12 days later. A wing replacement could be done in that timeframe however I would have expect if that was the level of damage it would have been trucked to an MU or Civilian company and there is no mention of that on its record card. There is a 14 day gap between leaving 403 (they were re-equipped with Spitfires) and appearing in 26SQN. Buz
  19. Nachtwulf

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Nice picture! The two background aircraft have a different pattern to the aircraft in the foreground. Was there different factory camo patterns?
  20. rob Lyttle

    CT-133 Silver Star 133542 1/48 Academy

    @Beazer not sure what your state of play is with pictures, but here's the form... It's 3rd party photo hosting that's used here. So you got to save your pics to somewhere "in the cloud" like Flickr or Village... NOT photo bucket!!! Last I heard they wanted £400. 00 a year to use. They caused havoc on here..!! Once you're on, your pics will probably be saved as Private. You got to change each to Public. Now you need to make a link... Look for a symbol of 3 dots connected by a sideways V And words like "copy URL" Then go to the thread on here where you want the picture, click on the cursor, might be a long click or something depending on what you're using, you should get the option to "paste" The link will appear momentarily, and then change to the picture. I remember the mental challenge it seems, but once you have it, it is a dawdle. Remember if it is a Private photo, BM won't be able to find it, it has to be changed to "public" Good luck, don't give up!
  21. BS_w

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    it's not easy to see the pattern on port wing because the incidence of lighting is bad Below, the roundel applied by Curtiss on H81 and H87 allocated to british. comparison of ratio of red dia (white: Curtiss and red:RAF) the main plane is build from two wings which are bolted together in center line
  22. keithjs

    Islanders based at Northolt

    You may be right, but is MSG still in the current BS range? Plus there's also Dark Camo grey BS629, X36 in the Xtracolor range.
  23. Pat C

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Looking at this, I wonder if that is in fact the answer - the light/ dark demarcation on the wing appears to be just inboard of the roundel. You can just make it out on the first pic but it appears to have less contrast. I'm struggling to see the light/ dark demarcation by the MGs that shows on the first pic so perhaps it is shadow. Apologies as I cant figure out how to embed the larger pic as Troy did!! AMERICAN AIRCRAFT IN ROYAL AIR FORCE SERVICE 1939-1945: CURTIS HAWK 81A TOMAHAWK.. © IWM (CH 5874) IWM Non Commercial License
  24. Today
  25. Graham Boak

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    I wondered that, but if you look at the root you can see that it the lighter colour in shadow on the fuselage is lighter than the dark colour on the wing, and the demarcation between the two follows the line of the wing root.
  26. Nachtwulf

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    It looks to me like the dark "painted" area of the port wing is actually a shadow from the fuselage.
  27. Nicely turned out Hurri. Pete
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