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  2. Oh so near, but fantastic anyway! I have a Varsity shaped hole in the collection that needs filling. What are the chances? Actually, If I bought this, how much work to get to a Varsity as my finger was hovering over the buy button for the Broplan kit. If I could convert this, I'm sure my life would be easier. Darn it! I'll buy two and build a Valetta as well. Steve
  3. I was on my phone before, now home & in front of the PC & after a quick google search, here it is right here on Britmodeller, the Photobollux photos still showing up too more is the wonder. Steve.
  4. Hi reini, I'm also a F-104 fan, last Saturday I bought Kinetic's kit and I'm looking forward to your WIP and a comparison between Kinetic and Hasegawa 1/48 scale kits regarding fitting and build easiness. BR, Rui
  5. I think they'll reissue it with a new Vulcan kit... Might be next year I thinks, they did say there is a big announcement coming so who knows. If they do I hope it's comparable to the original price... What schemes would you like to see included? There are a number of unused options in the kit that could be taken advantage of...
  6. Robert

    Telford 2019

    Does anyone know if you can get your wristband on Friday so you do not have to queue up on Saturday ? Regards Robert
  7. Can't wait to see that. Will it be based on the Revell or Airfix kit?
  8. Still no fixed date for wotw yet. My guess around Christmas? However, the beeb are running trailers for Philip Pulman's Dark Materials based on his trilogy of fantasy novels. Airs on Nov. 3rd. The trailers look really good. I read the books so hope this comes up to expectations.
  9. There appears to be a darker upper surface.
  10. And the Hasegawa ones will still be six times the price of everybody else.
  11. Very interested does anyone have any background on which bit of Vickers may have built these
  12. 23 OCTOBER 1989 STS-34 landing Crew: Donald Williams (CDR); Mike McCulley (P); Shannon Lucid, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Ellen Baker (MS) Landing site: Edwards AFB A shorter than normal mission, whose primary goal was to deploy the Galileo Jupiter probe, which was achieved some six hours into the flight. The landing was brought forward by two orbits because weather forecasts predicted high winds at Edwards at the scheduled time; the eventual flight time was 4d 23h 39m and 79 orbits. 2007 STS-120 launch Crew: Pamela Melroy (CDR); George Zamka (P); Scott Parazynski, Stephanie Wilson, Douglas Wheelock, Paulo Nespoli [Italy], Daniel Tani (MS) 120th Shuttle mission; 34th flight of Discovery Delivered the Harmony Module to the ISS, as well as other equipment and supplies. A partial crew exchange was also carried out, with Tani replacing Clayton Anderson as part of the Expedition 16 crew. Anderson had been aboard the station since June; the other crew members (Peggy Whitson and Yuri Malenchenko) had only arrived on 12 October in Soyuz TMA-11. As usual since the Columbia accident, Discovery performed a slow backflip prior to docking to allow the ISS residents to photograph its underside, allowing engineers at Mission Control to check for tile damage. 2012 Soyuz TMA-06M launch Crew: Oleg Novitsky (CDR); Yevgeni Tarelkin, Kevin Ford [USA] (FE) ISS Expeditions 33/34. Docking took place after the standard two-day approach and the crew joined the team of Malenchenko, Williams and Hoshide already aboard.
  13. Another of those wonderful FROG nostalgia blasts and a great registration - could be a travel agent's display model!
  14. Robert

    Scam alert....

    I had an automated call from 'Amazon' about my Prime account which was strange as they do not call. The number was 01221 884387. Regards Robert
  15. Many thanks! Now, the "multiple choice " should work...
  16. I think she was relatively new but her manager came out and said the same. Huge spanner was in the form of going to another dealer!!! It must be me really as I had a similar experience when I was looking to buy my current car four years ago. The car I bought then came from the Vauhall garage in Northampton, family firm and brilliant people to deal with. As I was picking up some furniture in Northampton in my Vectra I called round to this company to see what they might have available. Unfortunately they had finished and garage was now run by national chain. I saw some Corsas about the right age I was looking for and said I was interested but it would depend on how much mine was worth. Chappie said he couldn't give me a price until he had seen it. I told him I only wanted a rough price so I could see what my outlay would roughly be. No not a chance not even a ball park figure. Got all the spiel about how much had I to spend and then started on about persuading me that a finance deal with them was better than a bank loan or cash. I gave up and went somewhere else. seems to be a pattern here I think
  17. Birds of a feather there I reckon Actually, if you don't mind the big scales Williams Bros do a Sparrowhawk in 1/32 that is old, but still very buildable. If you search for it on youtube there are a couple of in-box reviews that will probably have you reaching for your wallet in record time! Howlindawg, the nav lights measure 0.4x0.8mm so they are pretty small. I discovered today that Gunze do a clear red and clear green lacquer, so I think I'll be giving those a go. I've also got some .5mm acrylic sheet as a starting point, so I'll try my luck there. Oh, and I managed to repaint the missing portions of yellow today without getting a visit from Major Stuffup, so we're back on track.
  18. In this thread no one has yet said "there is no market (for British outline loco's)" in plastic, Kitmaster went out of business in 1962 and Airfix sold both their moulds and the Kitmaster ones to Dapol in 1982. British "00" gauge, worldwide, is an extremely niche market, whereas German "HO" will have many more customers which is why Revell have produced loco's in the scale. In addition many UK modellers narrow their purchases down to one company/time/location. For example I would we interested in "00" kits but would only purchase one that fitted my location. One great loss was that Dapol suffered a fire and one of the moulds lost was the 0-6-0 Austerity and I wooudl certainly have been in the market for a number of these. I seem to recall that the only other attempt at a plastic model of a "regular" loco' was a 'OO' LMS (EX Midland) Johnson 4-4-0 Loco produced by Ratio - probably in the 1970's.
  19. 'it turns out that the late Series III 109 could be ordered with the Rover V8.' NZ Army definitely had petrol V8 engined Series III. Easily identified as radiator was not inset as per normal Series III. Now retired (except as ceremonial funeral gun tractors) they have their own Facebook page. Some sick people love them in their old age (the vehicles not the owners). https://www.facebook.com/groups/553751274765953/
  20. I thought that was Jack Ridley's catch phrase (at least, according to "The Right Stuff" film). Nice rendition.
  21. Thank you. It's quite rewarding working on these old models.
  22. Ah, Vince, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head. It's the old one about being in a sinking lifeboat. Who do you chuck overboard first, the politician or the second hand car salesman? It's a hard choice, especially if there are any tabloid journalists in there as well. John.
  23. FYI... Draw decals have just released decals for the Poopsidedown. https://www.drawdecal.com/royal-air-force-poseidon-mra1s-released/
  24. Just catching up. Wonderful stuff! As a Malta-history tragic and a lover of aerial photography, this has really made my day.
  25. No sooner did I read this than I find in RFI: If you haven't seen it yet, it is sure worth a look!
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