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  2. Built an 18 last year, not a bad build, finished in the short lived desert scheme around in 1949, it is on RFI somewhere. BTW it was decided that Arabic numbers would be used on all marks above 20, thus the 21 was always 21.
  3. neil5208

    SR-71 Blackbird

    Got some more done this afternoon. Fitted the mounting block, drilled the hole for the acrylic rod and did another dry fit, there is a large gap between the upper fuselage sections but it shouldn't be do difficult to fix. First time fitting the vertical stabilizers, looks good. IMGA0793 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0788 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0789 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0791 by neil Connor, on Flickr Still surprised how few parts are in this kit given its size and how good Italeri original moulding were.
  4. Bonhoff

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    You've been psychedelicized too.
  5. Bonhoff

    What was your first single and album.

    Ignoring the various "Music for Pleasure" items that were brought in to keep us kids amused - My first proper single bought for me by my parents was "Hellraiser" by The Sweet for my 7th birthday as I liked the riffage that was going on there. First proper album purchased Christmas 1979 with a record token was "Days in Europa" by The Skids who were also the first band I went to see a few months later. IanJ
  6. Just goes to show that with skill and dedication the old Matchbox kits turn out really well. An exelent build and result Steve
  7. Thanks Peter, most of the builds I post were built over a period of years with the odd new one thrown I'm as I build .
  8. corsaircorp

    EE Lightning F6 - 1/72 Revell

    Really ?? I enjoyed the fuel tanks over the wing !! A feature that make the frightning so unique.... Some of these british aircrafts are so weird that this is what is making them realy enjoyable !!! You both know my endless taste for these machine... Be assured that my Jaguar will carry over wings 'winders !! Well now, back to my Rocs.... Very good Camo Ced !! Sometimes, going back to basics can be fun ! And Nice Spaniels too !! So, Molly has a friend now ? Sincerely CC
  9. Thanks ,....I don't know if they painted all captured tanks but I have found most of the modified French tanks were repainted.
  10. The differences between the kit's cabin configuration and the Aeroposta planes is addressed with some modifications, replacing the connecting door with new ones, radios, passenger comforts, etc.:
  11. There’s quite a list, I had to be sensible and narrow it down to topics that I fancied! I may add a Hurricane, but we’ll see. Thanks mate, I’ve read it can be a tricky build so I’ll follow your advice!
  12. Renek

    Bentley Blower 1:12

    Thank you. It pleases me
  13. Very nice build of an unusual and interesting/complex aircraft. Congratulations Jenko.
  14. giemme

    F-4F Hasegawa 1/72

    The boarding ladder is another thing I scratch built back then. Likewise, it wasd a solder job. However, having seen your last pic, I'm under the impression that your version will come out miles better than mine...
  15. Wee Beastie

    1/48 HobbyBoss Su-30

    Thanks Duncan. No major issues with the build. Just need a bit of caution putting the top and bottom fuselage halves together. If there was a major problem, it was the main canopy. Mine had such a bad seam, on the top, even after sanding, polishing, and dipping in Klear, you could still see it through the depth of the plastic. I did manage to source a replacement, which again had a seam, but once worked on, was absolutely fine.
  16. Very nice, love the little touches like the leaves in the roof gutter and the abandoned pallet, brings it to life.
  17. Work In Progress

    Halifax repairs at Clifton Moor

    Did for me earlier, and is for me now
  18. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    Hi folks, Tonight I did a tiny little bit on this model. Mostly painting bits of PE I will need to fit in order to move forward, so nothing much to look at. I did get the little cradles folded up for the catapults though, and have placed the first Walrus in. The Walrus still needs its propeller, machine guns and the undercarriage, tailplane struts, (and maybe rigging wires?). Those parts are amongst those painted and drying, but I wanted to check how it fit in the cradle first before adding the wheels because they didn't have a huge amount of clearance in real life and some out-of-scale proportions somewhere could have caused a messy clash. If the second Walrus does get added, it will need its wings folded which doesn't lend itself to how I made the cabane struts this time around. Thinking about it, I've missed the inboard interplane struts too. Hmm...
  19. giemme

    Listening to the Solstice

    Tony, it looks like this slight mishap is going to be for good, allowing you to produce an even better looking turret - I truly have no doubts about it Ciao
  20. Stevejj

    Dornier 335 question

    Interesting aircraft in the background of pic 2. a JU52 and a FW190 something(don't know anything about 190s)
  21. ElectricLightAndy

    Land Rover Series 1

    Revell are set to release a 1/24 series 3 I think
  22. Woweee, look at that progress, this thing is going to be beautiful Andy.
  23. Steady job there, Ced! Almost there now! Ciao
  24. Revell B17 I'm going to try and do this as a cutaway model, first thing I notice(planes are not my normal thing) checking on photos of the real thing the callout colourwise for the bomb bay (which is the first part on the instructions is wrong) it says the bombs are olive green which is what I've done them and when I look at pics of the bombs they are a medium green not the nearly black as you can see from the pics, the olive green I've done them (I'm using Vallejo air paints ) also they have yellow banding which seems to vary according to which picture you look at, some have 3 bands in the middle some have one in the middle others have one at the tip and a silver tip in front of that. I wouldn't normally worry too much about that but if I'm doing this as a cutaway it needs to be more accurate, help please.
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