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  2. Excellent work - I always admire a good scratch-build.
  3. Hub Plott

    1:48 B-24 conversions & replacement vac canopies

    I sold one for $1799
  4. That’s lovely, great job!
  5. 593jones

    Sunderlands in Burma

    Reading accounts of the second Chindit expedition in Burma I was fascinated discover that, following a request from the 111 Brigade commander, Jack Masters, Sunderland flying boats were used to evacuate the brigade's sick and wounded from Lake Indawgyi. The accounts, which are very brief, are in 'The Road Past Mandaly' by John Masters, and 'A Chindit Affair', by Frank Baines. I wonder, would anyone out there know anything about this operation, i.e. the unit involved, the aircraft, what mark of Sunderland and individual aircraft used, or, indeed, anything else relevant?
  6. Gorgeous,....... sadly missed aircraft too.
  7. Jonners that is an absolute beaut mate,........ in fact I`d go as far as saying that it is awesome,....... mega respect bud. I wanted to do an aircraft from the same unit using the old Special Hobby kit in the P-39/P-63 GB,...... but I gave it up as a bad job! Fabulous to see a French P-63 so well replicated mate, Cheers Tony
  8. Yet another one finished. This is the Hasegawa kit modified. Decals are from Model Alliance. Rota fold is as per the kit …….. not the best in the world. If nothing else it's colourful. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  9. spruecutter

    Revell Tornado GR1, 617 Sqn

    Very nice work! The canopy looks very crisp. In my boxing, the canopy looks a bit 'swirly'. I am in 2 minds whether to try and vacform a replacement. How would you rate the clarity of the canopy in your kit?
  10. bzn20

    Comet 4 fuselage cross section?

    I have a scale drawing from the book Aircraft Archive Post-War Jets Volume 3 by Argus Books ISBN 0-85242-967-3 . https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/0852429673/ref=tmm_pap_used_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=used&qid=1556192829&sr=1-3-fkmrnull On Amazon so overpriced I think I paid around £5 for mine a couple of years ago . 21 aircraft covered inc Comet 4 and the VC10 ! Worth the money just for that IMO Fuse X section is a or almost a perfect circle full length except the wing join section / lower fuse area changes . Book also has an RAF VC10 C.Mk 1 in Air Support Command scheme. The best scale drawing of a VC10 anywhere .
  11. Marklo

    Lets scratchbuild an FE2b...

    Yes myPC10 has been quite green so far (I'm trusting the AK interactive colours are correct) I think that the use of PC12 somewhat muddies the waters as it's a dark reddish chocolate brown. Also I've done some work over the course of my career on colour matching and know my way around a spectrophotometer and a Macbeth plot and even with that kind of technology colour matching, control and consistancy is difficult to say the least. The other wildcard so to speak is that you can't go by actual paint chips because after 100 odd years they will have aged. Restorations are dodgy too for the same reasons (sky blue in the Caunter camoflage on the Matilda anyone) TL:DR Within reason, if you think the colour is right , it is.
  12. Thank you Johan, tack så mycket I hope you will share your findings about the HB Lansen kit with the rest of us (a WIP perhaps) here on BM. I'm planning another one as well. This time a well weathered example. Cheers, Antti
  13. Looks good Patrice - nice! Always love seeing invasion stripes! ATB Rick
  14. Mick4350

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    what you waiting for ?
  15. 593jones

    What was your first single and album.

    First single was ;Football Crazy' by Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor, First album was 'The Best of the Spinners'. Not cool then, not cool now, and proud of it!
  16. I have heard that a Cutting Edge 1/48 Privateer conversion once sold on ebay for over $5,000.00. Does anyone know if this rumor is true?
  17. I've had a quick dry fit of the major parts, and it looks like I should be able to leave the top in order to display the interior. I think the weight of the turret with the metal barrel should be heavy enough to stop it falling off ( I hope ! ) By the way, I bought my tank from e bay, as a shop in Germany were selling them for about £175, which was a bargain I couldn't resist !
  18. YK GOH

    Airfix 1/48 Hunter F.6 Inboard Pylon shape

    For some reason, the Airfix 1/48 Hunter kit provides 2 sets of inboard pylons and 2 sets of outboard pylons. This gives the opportunity for a simple fix to the incorrect height of both pylons. I estimated that the height of the inboard pylon need to increase approximately by 2mm and the outboard by 1mm. The following pics showed how the height of the inboard pylon is increased. Two inboard pylon parts are cut and joined up to form a modified one with the correct height. Here's the final product for both the inboard and outboard pylons. This still does not have the sway-bracing, but at least it looks right now when the tanks hang on the pylon below the wing.
  19. Matt P

    Airfix Buccaneer S2B, 16 Sqn, RAF

    excellent result, especially from THAT kit . I well remember the 16Sqn Buccs at Laarbruch flying extremely low passes.
  20. Matt P

    Revell Tornado GR1, 617 Sqn

    Mine did the same so I ended up gluing the wings in place to the upper fuselage pieces. very nice job though all the same
  21. Gluing tracks! Not my favourite part of a tank build ... This is one way ... (Mini-art have redesigned the sprues for their T-20 tank tracks since this video) A King Tiger's tracks are fairly straight above and below the wheels. Make those sections first, and let them dry, they'll be less fragile when you come to the the rest of the track. A better option (in my opinion) would be metal tracks. More expensive too, but I like them. Check out Friul Modellismo tracks (there are other brands) - check this link for which options are suitable: http://www.friulmodel.hu/user/content/cms/tank_list_for_helping_find_tracks_easily.pdf
  22. The rubber band tracks can be painted with any normal acrylic or enamel paints. It says they can be glued together with plastic cement too but that doesn't always work, any CA glue will do the job through. The bend in the tracks isn't that bad & would probably be ok once they are stretched over the wheels. If not you can normally fix them by placing the tracks into hot water to soften them & then flatten/stretch them into the correct shape. For Individual link tracks that "top-tip" is correct, build the tracks in two sets & then before the glue sets place them over the wheels & sprockets to form them into the correct shape.
  23. Excellent final result. This really shows off the clean lines of the original design. Colin
  24. Matt P

    Hasegawa Jaguar GR1A, 1/72

    Very nice job. Just about to start the Italeri version and hope mine turns out nearly as good as yours.
  25. Soeren

    Tiger I in Normandy

    Don't sell this Dragon kit. Get yourself the proper late Tiger kit. The best option is either an Afv club late with additional Zimmer. Or you just order the Dragon kit 6383 which was assumed to be the best option for a long time. Looking on ebay.com from international sellers should result in reasonably prices offers.
  26. Colin W

    The Last Naval Night Fighter - 25/4 update

    I also suffer from dust inside my canopies on a far too regular basis. I believe it might be due to static building up during the sanding and polishing whci attracts the dust and prevents it from falling down from whence it came. Apparently in the civilized world you can buy anti-static cloths to wipe the outside of the canopy and allow the dust to fall down inside. I've never seen any but you might get them in Oz. Colin
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