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  2. Ok, here we go! I started modelling in around 1956 and for a long time kits of Japanese planes were very hard to come by. I bought the Airfix Zero, Dinah and Val, and the Revell Tony and Oscar and Frank, and then had to wait several years years before I could buy quite a few Hasegawa kits. In the late 1970's I came across a batch of kits apparently made by Revell Japan which filled in a few gaps - Ki21 Sally, Ki 45 Nick, Ki 49 Helen, J1N1 Irving and P1Y1 Frances. These kits were built wheels up and painted in Humbrol Authentics without a coat of varnish so the decals gradually broke up. A couple of years ago I started to refurbish them, stripping the paint off, fixing any missing or broken parts, fitting a scratch built undercarriage and repainting. Last year I did the Nick and Irving and now I will tackle the Frances. I stripped it last year and since then seem to have misplaced 3 of the prop blades so they will need replacing. Otherwise it is relatively intact, though it will need a few odds and ends such as radio mast, pitot tube, and 20mm Type 99 cannon in the nose. Once I finish off the last couple of builds for another GB that ends in a week I will make a start on the undercarriage - fortunately I have a couple of Japanese book on this machine so I know the size of the tyres and the u/c layout.. The only problem I usually have is finding a tail wheel but this one is still in place though you can't see it in the picture. Hasegawa have since released most if not all of these kits which are probably more accurate but they are ruddy expensive and not always easy to find, so refurbishment seems a sensible option, particularly on this machine which has single main legs, unlike the Sally and Helen. More soon I hope.
  3. Also he might well endeavour to restore the USA as a British colonial possession Cheers, Stew
  4. only just seen this, superb work. Great to see how the Alleycat stuff works with the kit aswel. I started the same a while back, it might be too late for yours but I have attached a link to my build here as it shows how the fuselage windows were rearranged, and the deletion and resiting of the kits landing/taxy lights go. All MR.1 /T.4 and MR.2 Phase I & II have the same window arrangement. Anyhow, following with great interest, gotta love Shacks of all marks!
  5. My idea !! But the general received words from his ancestor.... Erwin Von Melchetter was a Kriegsmarine officer, and he was involved in the navalized version of the Triebflugel... Wait for mine, brain is boiling.... Not Fritz X but Hs 298, reinforced undercarriage and so on.... But the idea of a Diables rouges Triebflugel is also very tempting... A belgian pilots from 609th Sqdn bring one back in Belgium.... And after a good paint (pint) job, used it on airshows... So, I'll buy 2 triebflugel for Telford 2021... It will surely take 2 years to complete this lunacy !! @Mike will avoid SMW in 2 years... For his own sanity... Did I mention that I dislike completely Luft waffel 1946 ?? But The martian got me in this idea, Oh !! Another detail !! As the Belgian Air Farce was poorely funded, Frank Van Westmaale received some funding from yhe monk of Chimay.... A belgian pilot instructed in UK, named Van Westmaale receiving funds from Chimay is a cunning plan however... The guys from IPMS Belgium did'nt appreciate my weirdness, after that they will put a bounty on my head... Sincerely. CC
  6. I'm not sure it's a good idea Procopius becoming president. Think of the size of the stash if he was allowed near the US federal budget.
  7. That was Jim Baumann's model and as always it would be easy to overlook at first glance, but the longer and closer you look the more beautiful it gets. Most models look good until you look closely. Jim's are not attention grabbers but after close examination one wonders how on Earth he does it...
  8. Well yes, sometimes a bit of pushing forward might help. I have some longrunners myself, and about to start one by myself, which I know will trouble me for ages. But I could'nt resist the Amodel Do 26, and once there was a book I've read - at least she'get some other markings, but maybe only two props? Maybe with some Jumo 211 odr DB 605 installed? We'll see... Ah, yes - anyway. Will follow this one and the sisterbuild, And maybe gently push once in a while, and asking for more...
  9. That’s a cracking paint job Rob, looks just right mate
  10. Thank you all for the nice words" To be honest,after having enjoyed scratchbuilding most of the detail, I thought a newly released kit wouldn't be fun, even because as a modeller, I've grown up building Airfix and Matchbox kits when resin and PEsets were still to come....as mobile phones !!!! These kits bring up memories, sorecently I've bought some more vintage ones. On the other hand, it's a real joy to see Airfix back with so many newly tooled beautiful kits, filling gaps of a period when British aircraft were many and all quite peculiar, thus I couldn'tresist and bought a new Buccaneer. Not to get bored building it,I've bought some decals to convert it into an S.1with white undersides, loviz roundels, unpainted radome and all the interiors yellow. I've see a picture of her and ... it was love!!! Have afew projects I'd like to bring to an end first, and then I'llbe back buccaneering!!!
  11. I had a couple of VC-10 flights way back in the early '70s and I have no recall of it being any quieter than its contemporaries. One aircraft that was definitely quieter was the Bristol Britannia, now that was the epitome of being luxuriously quiet. However, a transatlantic flight was considerably longer in the venerable Brit. I grew up near RAF Waddington and one definitely knew when there was a visiting VC-10 at Waddo. Tommo.
  12. Perseverance. Worth it, I think. The last ship I made required two funnels, but I built five before I was satisfied. Mind you, they were learning curves, I hadn't built any before. Regards, Jeff.
  13. This article may be of interest to anybody who has an interest in the Air Battle over Malta,......look at the traces of blue paint on the Spitfire aileron too; http://www.ww2wrecks.com/portfolio/ww2-aircraft-crash-sites-nearly-200-identified/
  14. I know it's a million years since this one started, but did the original seats find their way into your spares bin? I'm looking for a pair of these...
  15. That way lies madness perfection madness perfection madness perfection Kev
  16. The more you look the better it becomes, the paint finish feels very authentic for an in the field application, good job!
  17. Lovely job,as billn said great camo it definately stands out....What were they a trainer,never seen one before...
  18. Gidday, you still stuck with it, despite the heat. Have you decided on the straight or angled flight deck? Regards, Jeff.
  19. Very nice work, Rob ... & I did look it up ... ouch!
  20. Time for a few more pictures. I managed to get a bit of painting and decaling done. Engine pods and the nose. The blue 20's are ex TSR2. The bird by the cockpit is, I think, ex Revell Me109. I wanted to do the outer wing panels like this just to be different. No roundels or symbols, just lots of German no step decals. Just an overall view. The reflection on the wing there is water from the decaling. A close up of the engines. I think the bird is ex Revell Fw190. I dirtied up the gear a bit with a dark mud effect. I may add another lighter shade. Thanks for looking, Pete
  21. What's the medical term for I've just fallen off my chair laughing Your builds always look like they've just come out of the showroom, even the weathered bits. I hope you made the appropriate noises . . . . A handsome bit of modelling Kev
  22. What’s your preferred calibre?
  23. I'm not sure if true or not the colour blue came from the left over paint from painting the toilets on the base that the squadron where based at, they had recently taken over a british base in the UK.
  24. Very nice! Fantastic build! I also like this GB idea but had to pull out for lack of reference and other GB commitments unfortunately...
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