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  2. Very impressive Mike! It looks perfect in all points. Especially the weathering looks very realistic for my taste. How did you manage to paint the circle around the spinner cone? ??????? Unbelievable! all the best Andy
  3. Noooooo! John, my missus can, and the new handball rule! If you want to hear a diatribe, just mention VAR...... Me? FAR more interest in either watching paint dry or getting into a deep and meaningful discussion about about the true colour value of.....and YES, I'm going to throw the grenade, Olive Drab
  4. Superb! I think that’s the best I have seen in this scale. You have a lot of nerves, no shaky hands an very good eyes. Instead of me. Congratulaions!
  5. Not only it's a very nice picture, it's also a set of markings that I've never seen before ! I would probably not build a model in this scheme because I prefer schemes carried during the operational life of an aircraft (this was repainted after being used as gate guardian), but it's a vey nice scheme nonetheless
  6. Hi Rich heres a link that might help with your colour scheme https://snubfighter.fandom.com/wiki/SA-43_'Hammerhead' All the best Chris
  7. Thanks chaps. I've shot them an email asking if it's common or a known issue. See what's said. They were less than a fiver so not expensive. Shall see what happens. In other news I'm pleased with the look of the 65 in natural daylight but will be giving the fuselage sides another light pass this evening as it needs blending a touch. A good base for the mottle though. I'm looking forward to the mottle as this technique has given me confidence to crack on. Thanks for the continued interest, it helps enormously
  8. It's not really true that piston engines were reaching their peak, simply the advent of jet engines stopped certain developments of piston engines as the advantages they could bring were overshadowed by the much larger advantages of jet engines. At the same time the development of the piston engine continued with other applications in mind, before being stopped again by the introduction of turboprops and jets in transport types. Had jets not appeared, piston engines for military aircraft would have developed continuously and they would have reached levels unimaginable in the late '40s. Think of what kind of engines could be designed and built today, with much better materials available and a better knowledge of the aerodynamics of ducts and combustion chambers, the peak would have not been reached yet. Of course there would still be the matter of building a propeller driven aircraft capable of exceeding Mach 1, a problem that the advent of jet engines made irrelevant Types like the MB.5 and the CA.15 are sure fascinating, and even more fascinating are some more extreme types, like the P-75 or the Boeing F8B. They make for interesting modelling subjects, both in their original form and as basis for what-if models. Had they entered service we'd sure see more kits of these types but at some points there would have been oher piston engined types developed to replace them... it was not to be as jets were so much superior
  9. Oooo nice. I will be joining you in the Star Wars Galaxy.
  10. Hi Robert, To build a correct SR-71 is real big problem directly OOB. In Fine Scale Modeler forum there is a nice thread about the Blackbird kits available in market (click here). Regards Serkan
  11. Dear all, My first armour model on Britmodeller, I'm normally more at home in the aircraft section This is the 1:72 S-model M3A3 Stuart in the colours of the French Army, as it was advancing north from the Provence in August 1944. The S-Model kit is a 'Quick-Build' kit that comes with two sets of sprues in the box, complemented with a small etch fret. An easy build that will allow you to focus on the painting and weathering. I added a few details from wire and complemented the model with a (slightly modified) 3D printed US tanker from ReedOak. The decals are from Braille Scale. Enjoy! Peter
  12. What happened to the rest of this build ? Looked so good
  13. Confirms what we all knew!! Many Congratulations Thoroughly deserved Wish I could have been there Rob
  14. Here is the famous Italeri kit to be used as base for this kitbash: The kit was partially built as I bought it from Xbay: Also the injection molded parts have very rough surface quality as we identified But all of these issues are not problem because the kit will be extremely modified/sanded/butchered Serkan
  15. To be honest I’m not sure why they have included the clear parts. I have the non-lit version and all the parts have pre-drilled holes and the plastic is dense enough not to need light blocking. There is probably more work involved with the clear parts as they will need several coats of paint to stop the light seeping through. The only advantage I can see is if you want to add additional windows as you can just drill through the paint to expose the clear plastic and the light.
  16. Or... https://www.therange.co.uk/garden/garden-ornaments-and-decoration/garden-ornaments/perching-frog-statue/#149248
  17. Thanks Bill - good point… I think I'll just do my usual painting of the kit bits; there's some PE so it shouldn't be too arduous to make it look nice Great story John, as usual - keep 'em coming Thanks hendie Is sanding a model of this size one of those 'things that people find therapeutic'? Sounds awful to me. Like an empty hospital, I don't have the patience* * That's much funnier if you say it, rather than writing it. Thanks Keith - now there's an idea I might adopt that to be honest… Great story - what a lucky little bug- chap you were! Me too Bill, colour me green Thanks again for all the photos. Thanks Tony - great tip If I were to take on the great 'trench filling campaign of 2019' that would be the way I'd go I think… have I mentioned I hate sanding? Yellow snow? Reminds me of the old joke about the guy who chucked his girlfriend… better left for after-dinner drinks I think Thanks Phil Another good tip… thicker paint, got it. Portholes I may do as I've ordered the tube - we shall see… Possibly some internals later but DIY calls… gggnnnngghhh
  18. Looking forward to this Serkan as l was looking for a companion to my U2 l did recently. No mention of the Hasegawa/Academy SR-71 is there a problem with it ? Regards Robert
  19. As I shall shamelessly attempt to copy it from here. As usual I'm impressed to pieces with your work Giorgio. Steve.
  20. One thing I often wonder is how actually useful could a Griffon be on the Mustang. The V-1650 variant used on the P-51H was very close to the Griffon in terms of power, why introduce a new larger engine when the one already in production can be brought to a similar power output ? Really the P-51H would have had little benefit from a Griffon. As to redesigning the P-51D to use the Griffon, the H was already in development and it would have made little sense to stop this and focus on a new variant.
  21. A shame really that jet fighters came along just as piston engines were reaching their peak.
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