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  2. One of my school mates had a five gear version and we thought he must have really rich parents to afford that ! Mike
  3. Wanted to use this evening to go a bit further, but just installed a few minor bitsys... like the gunsight... and the flap control wheel as well as drilled the hole for the aerial... Some days are less active than others. 't night, folks...
  4. Suddenly I can't stop the updates! Another bit done, I've the white on the wings... And I've just got a message to say the Red Paint is in and ready to be collected, so that's the next step...
  5. Wow... It's taken me a while... My love for the Avro Vulcan, and in particular the Vulcan B1a has driven me crazy. I finally got my hands on a set of plans for the Vulcan B1 in the right scale and a GWH Vulcan kit. I can finally build my favourite aircraft of all time, the Avro Vulcan B1a. With that, let the madness begin: I think I've done it right... It looks right to me... Apart from the wingtip @robvulcan this is entirely your fault
  6. If we follow the recent trend for Airfix over the years, we are possibly likely to see just a handful of complete new tools and a smattering of new decals or new versions of recently tooled kits. With that formula in mind I’d say we’ll have one 1/72 biggie (Telford announcement) a couple of 1/48 new tools and no more than 2-3 1/72 kits. I’d like to think that the star will be a 1/72 Herc, Hawker Hart and Vampire families in 1/48 and (hopefully) Anson and Chipmunk (to test the 1/48 market) in 1/72. A smattering of reissues of various new tools (RAF Bucc, FGA.9 Hunter, Wellington Mk.II) and various new decal options will help pad out a new Catalogue. Probably nowhere close to being right, but I’d buy a few if they oblige. Cheers.. Dave
  7. It's late, but IIRRC the is debate about the Fred Spring drawings. @gingerbob maybe able to add what are considered accurate. Poor Spitfire drawings have been responsible for many a flawed kit....
  8. Oh wow, that is brilliant thank you so much.
  9. mhaselden

    Mystery Uniform

    Here's another part of my confusion. The image below also came from the Arthur Simmons collection (Source: New Heritage Knowledge): We have Arthur Simmons on the left and James Gamble second from the right, wearing what looks like an American uniform hat. The other 4 personnel are unidentified but at least 3 of them closely match personnel who did serve on 11 Sqn with James: the chaps 2nd left, right and, lastly, the one dressed for cold weather flying, seated right. If this image was taken at Beaulieu, I wonder what the odds might be for at least 4 and possibly 6 personnel, all of whom later served on 11 Sqn, being in this image.
  10. It is a bit but there is a way around that. You could still join the build it's just that your model wouldn't go into the voting at the end. We've done that before with a couple of other builds. Means that you can still join in the fun. I'll add you to the list if you'd like to do that, as it's a cool looking aircraft and great idea! welcome along nice....and happy birthday! as this is a STGB it fell under a different different calendar, I'm not too sure but I think the STGB's for next year are done and dusted, Enzo the Great would know. My guess if we get the numbers that this STGB wouldn't be until the end of 2020 or even early 2021. I was wondering how long it would take you to fun this! welcome to the list.
  11. Same email address I used and had a response within 24 hours. I had also moved and they were happy enough to change the address.
  12. Oh yes, Terrence Marriot ... I vividly remember his articles including photos of *very* detailed cockpits and reading “detail was added simply using scrap” or similar making me wonder just how the h3ck hedid it! I was sorry when he seemed to slip out of sight
  13. I would not complain if we got a 1/48th Typhoon/Tempest
  14. Great! Do you know these photos? http://www.wwi-models.org/Photos/AH/DI/index.html
  15. Hi Alistair. It is being re-printed in the new year
  16. This guy was painted partly by AKEM, Alclad II and Halford's Aluminium. - no problems with tape masking. Some of masks stayed for quite some time BUT! I applied the masks only when the paint had sufficient time to dry (several hours) - I DID mix various shades of AKEM without any problems - Primed with Mr. Surfacer
  17. As it happens I *did’ Email SAM’s editor pointing out that so far asI know, the Type 464 Provisioning, I.e. the Dambusting, Lancaster's didn’t carry radar. He responded to the effect that his references (he didn’t say what they are) stated that radar was carried. To my knowledge, the only navigation aids carried was Gee ... and one navigator reported it was ‘jammed something chronic’ close to theDutch / German border. If anyone has evidence that radar was carried on the Dams raid I’d appreciate being told it was. Jonny
  18. I know its just primer/raw plastic and masks but that looks sinister. Almost like a ghost plane ?
  19. Hmmmm another idea I like from trickyrich. I have got two F/A-18's in my stash with the Blue Angels scheme. So again count me in. Cheers,
  20. Pity about the RAAF one. Check the discussion here....... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/kp-kovozavody-prostejov-news-and-questions-t4608-s220.html Scroll down to Feb 10 2017 and note that some of it is from 2012! In case the embedded link does not open, here it is. HMAS Wyatt Earp's Kingfisher is yellow. Judgement is suspended on the actual decals until they are actually seen.
  21. Definitely something to look forward to - I love that scheme. I've sent you a pm. Dave G
  22. Hi all, I've been working on preparing the wings, fin/rudder, ailerons, tail planes, elevators and their associated support struts. The struts should, I think, have steel reinforcing pins moulded through them, but I found the 'Z' shaped cabane struts had ends without pins. Also the fuselage indents for locating these struts had no locating hole. The single piece fin and rudder had no locations for attaching it to the fuselage and neither did the tail planes. The separate ailerons and elevators also has no locating pins/holes. Therefore I added support pins of 0.6 mm diameter for the wing struts and ailerons and 0.4 mm diameter pins to locate the fin/rudder, elevators and tail planes. Mike
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