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  2. Space Ranger

    Nose art being censored!

    I remember another controversial Dibbles window display: a B-24 (I think) painted as "Spring Planting in the Ozarks," a very lewd illustration of Snuffy Smith being used as a plow by his wife Loweezy. I'll leave it up to the imagination as to what was the "blade" of the plow.
  3. Max Headroom

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    who do the catering
  4. David Womby

    1/144 Roden Bristol Britannia C.1

    Looks brilliant. Such a pretty aircraft and terrific work. David
  5. Col.

    A-4N Skyhawk target tug

    Tidy work and inventive scratch-building
  6. Slats and flaps certainly add to the build, and a very nice clean build it is to!
  7. Pete in Lincs

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Not strictly true. I Googled this as I thought the Herr General might be embellishing the facts again. In reality she achieved a very low (12 inches) very slow (1.25 mph) Earth orbit and is currently crossing the North African desert. To keep her company, the Guinness book of records have employed a man who rides a Camel alongside her whilst reading from Kipling in Yiddish.
  8. Col.

    There's a Tiger in the Valley

    Those markings do give the black Hawk a burst of colour
  9. I feel a bit weird asking this, but, are the paper rolls historically accurate for the timeframe? I just recall a few stories from my parents about what was used in the 1930's and 40's. Mind you, they were in Eastern Canada and living out in the country, so that may have had an influence on what was available for that purpose. Chris
  10. I have been 'gifted' a set of 'aftermarket' etched grilles from my good friend @badger Now these are for a Takom kit I think - but the grilles to the left and the circular grilles - look very promising - when held to the hull top - but the curved grilles look a bit 'long' for the Tamiya parts on the sprue. Referring to the instructions again... there is some 'mesh' in the kit bag - is this easy enough to apply??? I was going to cut the 'template' out - but thought it best not to 'mess' before the BIG DAY - any thoughts on the mesh would be appreciated. Thanks again - Steve
  11. Col.

    Frog/Novo Miles Magister

    Lovely work
  12. Really nice Britannia there, great job
  13. limeypilot

    Listening to the Solstice

    I was going to ask what a vicar felt like, but I won't. Looks even betterer now though! Ian
  14. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Vietnam Patton

    Starting them in about 30 minutes. Will post photo’s when they're on.
  15. Hubba

    Much maligned Dragon M103A2 1/35

    I like the kit, I know it's not super accurate but it goes together pretty easily and the turret is an absolute monster and gives the thing a real presence Looking forward to doing a bit of weathering, I do like them to look well used
  16. Nobby Clarke

    American Volunteer Group P-40 Tomahawk colours?

    I'm building a couple of AVG Tomahawks and I' wondering whether there has been any further information or determination on the questions that Hume Bates raised earlier in this post (2011). Namely, what paint was used at the Curtiss factory for the underwing areas and insides of the fairings and doors that cover the undercarriage. In the 2011 time frame the debate was whether Curtiss sprayed the wing undersides top coat color or used the Curtiss green/yellow primer. I have similar questions about the tail wheel housing. Both main gear and tail wheel have a fabric liner (rubberized?) in the wheel wells and around the tail wheel. The LIFE photo of a the unpainted wing under construction appears to show the wheel well liner to be painted the same green/yellow as the primer, but restored aircraft have this as a beige/khaki canvas liner. I have sen another photo of a P-40 wreck that shows the tail wheel liner to be a brown/khaki colour. Are these colours still thought to be accurate?
  17. cmatthewbacon

    Scale model racing kit questions

    OK... this is the racing/rally section of the built cupboards or stash... AC/Shelby Cobra S/C (Hasegawa/Fine Molds) Cobra Daytona Coupe (R&MM) Austin/Morris Mini Cooper (Revell) BMW 328 Racing (Heller) M1 Procar (Revell, Esci) M6 GT3 (Platz/NuNu) Bentley Blower (Heller) Brabham BT33 (Heller) Bugatti 35B (Monogram) Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (Accurate Miniatures) Corvette C.7R Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (Hasegawa) 250 SWB (Gunze, Protar, avoid Esci/Testors) 250 GTO (Gunze, Fujimi, Italeri, Revell, Protar) 250LM (Academy) 330P4 (Fujimi) 512S 1970 (Protar) Ford GT40 (Fujimi) Mk IV (IMC/Union) Escort Mk1 RS1600 (Belkits) GTLM (2005) (Simil’R) GT (2017) Jaguar XK120 (Revell) C-Type (K&R Replicas) D-Type (Lindberg, use bodywork to convert XKSS) XKSS (Revell) E-type (Racing) (Gunze/Airfix, Heller) XJ-13 (K&R Replicas) XJ-S HE TWR (Hasegawa) Lancia Delta Integrale (Hasegawa) Delta S4 (Beemax) 037 (Hasegawa, Esci) Stratos (Hasegawa) Lola T70 (Union/IMC) Lotus 49B (Heller) McLaren M8B (Accurate Miniatures) M7A (F1) (Heller) Mercedes 300 SLR (Revell) Mercedes-Sauber C9 Mercedes-AMG GT3 (Tamiya) Porsche 904 (Monogram) 908 (heller) 911 Carrera RS Rally (Fujimi) 917K (Heller, Fujimi) 956 (Tamiya) 962 (Hasegawa) GT-1 Evo (Revell) Renault R8 Gordini Toyota GT-One best, M.
  18. chris57

    Milton Keynes MODELKRAFT 2019 NEW VENUE

    Sunday Chris, Your getting over excited
  19. ScottC

    Airfix Buccaneer S2B, 16 Sqn, RAF

    Nice build from a ropey kit ScottC
  20. Ratch

    Milton Keynes MODELKRAFT 2019 NEW VENUE

    Oh dear, I'll be there on Sunday
  21. Great looking Crusader, really nice work
  22. Fantastic job on that, really nice work
  23. Really nice work there - well done!
  24. Col.

    Dreaming Spires - a Pavla Airspeed Oxford

    Very nice work Heather. You're doing a grand job of capturing the pleasing lines of this machine.
  25. harveyb258

    Fate... 1:18

    I like it very much!!! Great job!
  26. Really nice Kingcobra there, beautiful job
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