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  2. This one proved a lot more difficult than I thought it would, but I reckon the end result is worth it. It's an old 1/72 Matchbox HS125 converted to become the Blue Vixen (Sea Harrier FA2) radar/weapons integration trials aircraft, using putty and elbow grease! The nose was cloned from an Airfix FA2, using silicon and Milliput, to give me:  New nose  Block unused cabin windows  Stbd Cockpit modifications (but only those that can be seen!)  Doppler altimeter fairing under fuselage  Wing Pylon  Various underwing strakes and flap operating fairings  Open up and fill landing lights  Open up and fill Nav Lights  Add new antennae FredT
  3. Thank you very much. I didn't know about him either, I discovered by accident ...
  4. Here we go. If this was a zamac or styrene body, I would use my Dremel. But all the parts are resin, so out came the knives and files. Started carving a groove to hold the windscreen and added a few styrene strips : More strips and more CA + flour : Windscreen dryfit, still a lot of gaps everywhere : The photos above are the result of a couple of weeks (or was it months ?) of work. Basically, I carved, filed, sanded, puttied, carved, filed and sanded a few hours a day, only to get nowhere. I finally put the kit away for a week or two, then started on the backside of the body, but that will be for the next update. All reactions, tips, help and criticism are welcome. Sincereley Pascal
  5. Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies

    Soviet cockpit colour

    If only more people used NCS1950 - it's over twice the size of an FS595 fan and has much more than twice as many colours since so many in FS595 are essentially duplicates. NCS1950 references clearly cannot be misinterpreted to be paint specificafions either! It's a very handy fan to have!
  6. Absolutely stunning model.
  7. harveyb258

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    I have run out of ways to compliment your work, my friend.....sorry! You do some exquisite work and I feel really proud to have my name mentioned along with your good self. Your work has been a major influence to me Dan......cheers pal!!!! Cheers, H
  8. cmatthewbacon

    How to make a *colour* wash

    Citadel: find your local Games Workshop stockist and buy some “Shade”; Carroburg Crimson or Reiklan Fleshshade, depending whether you want deep red or slightly browner. These colours are great for wash on upholstery, and for shutlines/panel lines on car bodies. They come in a rainbow of colours, solving the problem of black shutlines looking too exaggerated on a yellow or red car, for example... Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil are great for engine washes, and the blue and violet can be used for heat effects... best, M.
  9. Troy Smith

    How to make a *colour* wash

    a different acrylic type, Tamiya is a laquer soluble acrylic, (some people spray it with cellulose thinners) so you could use Vallejo, Humbrol or Revell which are water type, you can use Kleer to make a wash, Got this one from roy Sutherland https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/roy-sutherland-s-johnson-klear-wash-t239748.html note the youtube link or vallejo make a glaze agent. Alternately, depending on what you have about, use enamel, or ideally oil paint, and thin with lighter fuel ( the zippo stuff), which is extremely volatile, and will makes a very thin wash, thinner than using water and the solvent evaporates really fast. You can also easily remove it with a brush soaked in clean lighter fuel, so if you run the side of the brush along the raised parts, it will remove any overwash, but leave in the cracks/depressions. Can also act as a subtle colour modulation technique panel line wash as described used here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235052380-hurricane-airfix-72nd-fabric-wing-mki-oob/&do=findComment&comment=3296243 Experiment on a test piece first though. HTH
  10. Superb build and presentation.
  11. Alan R

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    Hi Jeroen, That's a spectacular little motor. If it wasn't for the fact that I have embarked on a pretty big project (More details soon...), I'd break out my 500 Abarth, and start on it. Cheers, Alan.
  12. bentwaters81tfw

    Classic Clips from tv and film.

    what else?
  13. Artwork by Elena Stanilevich
  14. Source: https://m.facebook.com/1929101897320378/photos/a.2398984243665472/2398984283665468/?type=3 Box art ref. DW48017 - Bloch MB.151 https://m.facebook.com/1929101897320378/photos/a.2398984243665472/2398984283665468/?type=3 V.P.
  15. Julien

    My Sabre builds...

    Sorry to Hijack Stuarts excellent thread but that looks like a rebox of the HobbyBoss easy kit. Does not look to bad when built up, I have made a couple. Julien
  16. JeroenS

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    Work got a little in the way tonight so I didn't have that much time but despite that, I was still able to get the lights and grill glued in, and chrome all the stuff that needed "chroming". I used the Molotow Chrome 1 millimeter marker (that's about 3/64 of an inch by the way, for those of you who find that easier to work with ) and I managed to keep the chrome away from places where it shouldn't be. Some minor touch ups are required but I can do that with Vallejo's Metal Colour Chrome. There are spots that you just cannot reach with the marker's tip, and a couple of spots are a little rough but that will straighten out with the Vallejo which flows really well. The fit of the front light units is not particularly good. There's a noticeable gap, mostly at the bottom of the large round unit. However, there's no way to improve the fit. My guess is that once the clear parts are in place the gaps will be less visible. Applying the chrome was really the last item on the list that I was a little apprehensive about. I now feel that I should be able to make my deadline, providing nothing goes terribly wrong.
  17. Courageous

    My Sabre builds...

    Cheers guys. Just found this, could be useful and this. Stuart
  18. whiskey


    Count me in. 100's of subjects to choose from.
  19. I don't remember the name of the U-control model, the RC was called "Pulga" (flee). Our club used to go some weekends to far away little towns in the countryside in Argentina, where people had never seen a flying model, and do demonstrations in their soccer field; those are the two I took because of their portability and easy operation and logistics (as you mentioned). I was the chased plane with the RC one, and the other club member feigned pursuits and attacks in mass, until one day one clipped a wing almost totally, by accident. Full opposite rudder brought the model in tight circles to a relatively safe landing and disaster was avoided (the rubber bands that held the wing gave way, as they were supposed to do on the hard or bad landing, and the piano wire LG bent, again absorbing part of the impact force). Our club was very small and we had a great time, all disciplines of the hobby were cultivated, from microfilm indoor flying to pulse jets. Not any kind of restrictions at the time, other than common sense and manners. I certainly miss it. But I digress.
  20. MarkSH

    Eagle Transporter

    I remember 'flying' my Dinky Toy Eagle with cotton thread whilst lying on the flat roof of the garage and using the cargo pod magnet to try and pick up the radioactive waste canisters from the patio below. I think the 22" version may be a little bit too big for a whoosh moment though! However I think I better finish off the MPC 'Little' Eagle before the bigun' makes it on to the workbench.....can't wait, I think it might be a queue jumper!!
  21. Alan R

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    A decent crop on the way home today. Just outside Chippenham, a mint Frog-eyed sprit in a fetching shade of 'eau-de-nil'. Then, in Yate, a Lambo Hurracan and a moggie minor just three cars behind. Cheers, Alan.
  22. Kingswear1

    lotus 25 tamiya 1/20

    Very well built and finished model!!!
  23. Ron, Check out Video Aviation they are your best bet for ground equipment. http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/ Julien
  24. modelling minion

    Vietnam Patton

    Really coming together Dennis. I like the paint work, the pre-shading has worked very well.
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