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  2. I thought you said the diet was working Works for me Kev
  3. RLM84... Can't go wrong with RLM02... When dry, remove the tape and ...voila! Some final pieces... Looking very Bordurian already... The decals go on tonight. Varnish afterwards, then some light weathering. --John
  4. @Paulaero that model crosses the magic boundary between a good model and an excellent model! Bravo! Neil
  5. Good afternoon Patrice, Was looking for the Azur and Special Hobby kits but couldn't find one, hence why I went with a couple of the Airfix examples and intend to convert one, it'd be interesting to compare them if we do build the two together.
  6. Brass Pins Not quite painting time yet folks. There's still a handful of details to add before charging up the airbrush and making a complete mess of the project. By some coincidence, or perhaps just because we are starting to deal with some really quite small details, all of the jobs in this post use some very fine brass pins. I picked up a bag of a couple of hundred of these on a whim a couple of years ago while trolling around a jewellery and beading supplies store. I had no real idea what I intended to use them for at the time but I thought I looked like they could be useful and I have used them on many occasions ever since. First we have to add the frames that the windshields will be attached to. The process is pretty self-explanatory, work out where the frame needs to go and mark off and cut out the bits of wood for the housing - if that's the correct term - that the windshield will rest on. Sand the little bits to the correct contour so that they will sit snuggly onto the top deck of the fuselage. Glue them into place with a bit of PVA and then drill three holes. Stick a brass pin - cut very short - through the middle hole to act as a brad to help hold the thing in place. Stick some other brass pins on either side of each housing. These now form the metal uprights onto which the glass windscreens will be attached when the time comes. Now add some sway braces to the fuel tank. Currently it's stuck on the top centre of the upper wing with just two thin vertical tubes and it looks a bit unrealistic and isn't that firmly attached. Drill four holes at consistent angles as shown through the underside of the wing and up into the fuel tank. Insert some brass pins as shown and hold them in place with two-part araldite. Trim off the massive surplus lengths of each brass pin and sand the stubs down smooth. From above we can now see four little sway braces holding the fuel tank in place. It's much more secure than before and looks much more convincing. Oh yes - and there needs to be a hook added as well. I suspect this was used for suspending the aircraft during maintenance and perhaps for checking the C.O.G. So there we go - little brass pins - each costing no more than a couple of cents and each very useful in their own way. What I have not shown you in this post is how I added some - not very convincing - aircrew footholds onto the port side of the aircraft, just to the rear of the instructor's cockpit. I say not very convincing because I noticed them too late - they should have been drilled out and dealt with months ago - and so they have been added as surface detail only. I would put a picture in for your perusal but I don't seem to any photos that show them yet. Maybe next time, or maybe not. Depends how ashamed I am of this slipshod work. Next time I'm going to be drilling lots and lots of holes, and then it's the final primer and start painting. Bandsaw Steve
  7. I thought it had resisted the faddish painting rituals quite well since the Canadian diversion a few years ago until very recently.
  8. Hi Ralph , I recently finished my Gauntlet and used Humbrol 56 for the dark areas you mention. The rest was painted in Humbrol polished Aluminium. Will get a pic up for you soon.
  9. Thanks for all the kind comments, I had intended to use it as a start for all three V bombers in white but unfortunately the model shop sold it off before I knew about It
  10. Welcome aboard Ale. Any ideas for scale and subject yet? Colin
  11. Let us see Slightly overscale but not too bad methinks, now, oval sprunner...
  12. I admire this exploration, a most useful way of getting the hand, eye & mind to thoroughly understand the form. Even from this distant vantage point I’m learning from them - and I’m quite surprised too .. you weren’t wrong when described a ‘boxy’ top to the fuselage!
  13. No but you asked what she has in her left hand and hence my answer.
  14. Does that answer the harness query? I built the 1/72 Academy P-51A as a Mustang I a short while ago. My harness was just strips of masking tape
  15. Hi folk's,number three now on it's way Airfix Phantom picked up for £12 on E-bay the boxing with the Israeli scheme included,I've a bid in on a Skyraider looking good so that leaves the Corsair which seems plentiful and the Vigilante which is more elusive at a reasonable price it seems the Collector's are buying them which is pushing prices up.Might be time to make a start.
  16. AN6530 goggles and a A-11 flying helmet.
  17. Hi Woody37, You asked, "The bit that threw me last night is the angle of the wings where they butt against the fuselage, they aren't at 90 degrees to the wing, rather they cause the wing to angle down. Is this the same on yours?" The answer is "No" if I might explain, the wings on the FM Halifax are short in span coupled with the thin fuselage plastic walls it makes it tough to get alignment true and straight. I used a machinist square to get 90 at that critical joint. The 2x 80thou spacers and the internal 1x 80thou filler makes for a strong even base to align the wings. Yes the bomb bay is critical to provide support to the whole aircraft so spend some time on getting it right and true. Too thin a width bomb bay and you will get an alignment problem with the main wings because of the thin FM plastic in that area. What I'm having a problem with is the rear fuselage is twisting because again of the very thin plastic FM used coupled with their poor care when pulling the molds and letting them cool. I will have to make a gig to support and clap down holding the aircraft straight and aligned when I'm ready. Not to confuse people with two builds here ...I posted just 3 image of my build on Hyperscale as a WIP in "Plastic pic's" to help those whom wish to take on the beast. PHIL.
  18. Eric Mc

    737 Max

    The plot reminds me more of Neville Shute's "No Highway".
  19. One thing that occurs to me - in the reviews I've seen, we see the modeller merrily stick tape on the model and ripping it off immediately with no ill effect. The problem is that in real world masking, the tape often remains on the model for some time - and maybe this is giving the chance for paint and tape to interact so unpleasantly Colin
  20. Biggles87

    Scam alert....

    We used to get a lot of calls telling us that there was a problem with our internet, but that seem to have dried up recently.I heard an item on the radio yesterday saying that a gang of internet scammers had been arrested somewhere in the east, so perhaps the authorities are starting to catch up with them,let’s hope so.
  21. What DOES she have in her left hand?
  22. Nice to hear compliments for a kit as delivered. Looks most impressive, at any scale! So, paint next you say .. a deep dark blue I presume?
  23. Mishubishi Ka-14 Prototipe. Kit build from the box (Eduard IJN seat belts & some cooper wire) Paints :https://mrpaint.sk/ Thanks for the tips and help: Nik Nikolas Millman . More words and history: http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2019/09/samos-148-fine-molds-ka-14.html T.p! Samo Štempihar/ P.k Slovenija
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