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  2. I was under the impression it was done at Fleetlands where there examples of HAR3, 3A and HC4, I have a recollection of a photo taken in a hangar with different variants in and the LIDAR equipment set up. Even so it’s a shame they couldn’t get the differences between the 3 and 3A correct.
  3. The Avro gets a bit horny. Before the days of 'fly-by-wire' people used to control their aircraft using wires. In early aircraft, such as the Avro 504, these wires - more correctly called control lines - would often operate on the control surface externally by means of pulling on a lever attached to the articulated surface. These levers would stick out from the airframe's surface and so were termed 'control horns'. In this update our little Avro 504 is going to get outfitted with a full set of such horns - some on it's ailerons, elevators and rudder. The horns in this instance are to be cut from a sheet of aluminium lithoplate. I've mentioned it elsewhere - during the Carpathia build I think - that this lithoplate stuff is exceptionally useful. it's got just the right combination of strength, cutability and workability for all kinds of applications. So far the only drawback I've found is that you cannot solder it, but that doesn't matter because two-part epoxy works beautifully with it. The process is just a repeat of my basic 'modus-operandi'. Start by sticking on a paper pattern... and then cut it out with tin snips or scissors. Drill some holes in the correct spot for some control lines to pass though. Drill a fine guide hole into the airframe at the required location. Use a jeweller's saw to cut a slot into which the horn will sit. Fit the control horn into the slot and hold it permanently in place with some two-part araldite. Repeat the process on the rudder... and on the elevators. Here they go in place and looking OK. There is, of course, two more control horns on the aircraft, but they are on the top wing and are not shown in this photo. There you go... One horny Avro 504. We are now very, very close to the final prime and the first spray of final paint colour - perhaps that's what's getting it all excited. Bandsaw Steve
  4. Thanks a lot. The texture on the fairings is problematic and they will need a lot of work to reach the standard I need. I would say it's at least a 50/50 chance that I will let the stringers go and replace them. The small air scoop fairings are already as they come too poorly defined in the default material and must be replaced too. Either I will do them myself or more likely ask Michael to issue them separately in 1/72, it is easy for him to do as he has them in 1/48 and he's been helpful before. Shapeways "White Natural Versatile Plastic" is really not useful for any scale model parts IMO, and with this size of details the more useful "Smooth Fine Detail Plastic" gets ridiculously expensive today with their current pricing policy.
  5. Cracking job Tony, great work considering the decal issue, good to see another over the line. All the best Chris
  6. Let’s lighten the atmosphere somewhat Tin roof indeed! Trevor
  7. Lovely little Sabre Martin, you've done a cracking job there! Very well done indeed, as others have said, the slats really add to the model. Did I miss a WIP for this?
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. I have to say i do think that Revell Aquacolor are really underrated. Once thinned they brush and cover beautifully...as good as Vallejo. The only downside is the pots they come in are terrible! They never seem to seal properly and so after only a few uses the paint becomes a dried mass of gloop! The amount of paints I've had to throw away. So c'mon Revell.... how about doing something about it eh?
  9. For me once paintwork complete, give it a coat of gloss varnish (tamiya is fine or even Halfords clear) to get a nice smooth glossy finish. Once dry apply decals, I always use micro sol and set to help the decals conform to the shape and bed into recesses etc. Again allow to dry and then another gloss coat if going to weather with washes etc, then a matt or satin finish depending upon your subject. Hope this helps, if in time! Good luck Darryl
  10. Thanks, Stuart. Thanks, Phoenix, getting there.
  11. I wont be masking this 'til at least Monday evening... OK afternoon is more likely. I am always impatient too By then I expect to have half a dozen fried egg sarnies with a gourmet mix of Daddies and Lidl Tomato sauce liberally sprinkled over them Or not, but I have been known to make a sarnie of anything Fish fingers is a favourite
  12. Looking good! Look in one minute it's an unmade kit, next its assembled and painted! Great work. Darryl
  13. Another lovely perdu chopper - beautiful work Bill
  14. Hello great to have you here nothing wrong with going off the straight and narrow from time to time!
  15. Nice PPPing Bill, smooooth Well, so they say. I've found that masking tape can spoil the finish (I probably don't let it dry enough) so I brush it on at the end. Takes all sorts
  16. Today
  17. I'm interested. As I am building something similar with the interior kit it would be interesting to see how yours went. It looks a very complex setup. Thanks
  18. Superb job Bill, a real pleasure to behold! I will observe from very close quarters at SMW! Terry
  19. Flyhawk's "Kelly" is on the slipways to replace the venerable Matchbox kit. I have got a tin of WEMCC RN18 Mountbatten Pink: is this to be used straight out of the tin, lightened or darkened to represent HMS Kelly "as sunk"? TIA, Richard
  20. Extraordinary work! The meticulous detail and paint effects lift this one well above the usual. I'm sure it will! Alan
  21. So looking forward to the RAF add ons .. a must for me I I’m afraid.
  22. And the parts gone missing, bad Luck so far with this build. Finished the photoetch version so now it looks nice and can finally move on.
  23. It's definitely on the shortlist, but even this list is already a bit crowded in my case (Price and availability will in the end be the decising factor I guess)
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