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  2. ...........so did I, to my misplaced delight.......! :o} Finally, a chance to catch top on some much needed kip ! Getting too old for this ! Rog
  3. Thanks alot IPMS19, glad to have you along. I really like this kit, its a fun build. And I like so much that I ordered the PD/PDS version last week. That's a build that'll go straight to the worktable without hibernating in the stash. I can see that the CWS resin nose will be a bit tricky to glue on. My example has a bad pour line on the inside. Either I have to cut most of the glueline on the top part of the plastic nose section, or I'll have to gently cut the inside of the resin nose with my Dremel tool. /Bosse
  4. When I was working on the old Ile de Serk - Island Commodore as she was then, we were overtaken by one of them taking the Lt. Governor to Alderney this was in '69. We were lumbering along at somewhere between 8 and 10 knots when she shot past....Cart Horse and Race Horse or what! Tenacity was a very handsome vessel.
  5. Jon - This is the silver texture paste I used for the weld beads. The nozzle is about 0.03mm so nice and small beads are pretty easy. The paste cleans up with water and holds its shape pretty well. Works okay and is very fast and easy. Comes in a lot of colours too . Tonights progress; A couple of washes in oils and some pin washes in Humbrol. A few chips here and there. The Star decals are okay but I'm not very good at getting the film to disappear, sigh. I hate decals Just not good at em. More work on the tracks and wheels plus painting more details tomorrow. Having fun and that's the main thing. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  6. I always manage to snap those little balancer weight thingies on the underside of the wings - I've taken to 'coating' them with a blob of superglue - to toughen em up.
  7. I was about to make a frivolous comment about making sure that you have the correct thread on the bottle-screw slips... but frankly I wouldn’t put it past you to build one that worked! You are an inspiration. Most of us are striving hard for something that looks “about right”: you are adding cable links because you didn’t have an accurate half shackle. Awesome. The maritime equivalent of Peter @airscale
  8. Not sure what your trying to say there but I can say that I and many other senior service junglie have been on active service in all the conflicts around the world...me personally....since GW1 onwards
  9. That's pretty outstanding for any build Pabbi but in the timeframe on another level!
  10. Thanks jasper. The pics do make it look more black, someone else commented on that on anotehr site. It doesn't look that dark in the flesh and i have not lightened this as i normally would as i want to show a new vehicle. I really like this kit, and it compares very well to the AFV club kit. The AFV club are still my first choice, but of course, if you want an Ausf A, you only have one option. But its a good one.
  11. Jack, I'm quite interested in producing the artwork - I did the artwork for Inside the Armour's Churchill Tank Decals. Regards. Neil
  12. 26 AUGUST 1974 Soyuz 15 launch Crew: Gennadi Sarafanov (CDR); Lev Demin (FE) This should have been the second expedition to Salyut 3, the military space station, but though rendezvous was completed successfully the final docking did not take place due to a failure of the automatic system. This version of the Soyuz did not carry enough propellant for repeated manual docking attempts, so the mission had to be abandoned. 1978 Soyuz 31 launch Crew: Valeri Bykovsky (CDR); Sigmund Jähn [East Germany] (RC) The third Interkosmos mission saw the DDR become the fifth nation to have one of its citizens fly into space (following the Soviet Union, USA, Czechoslovakia and Poland). Docking with Salyut 6 took place on 28 August where the cosmonauts were greeted by the Expedition 2 crew. Much of Jähn's time was taken up by operating Salyut's MKF-6M camera systen, built by the Carl Zeiss works at Jena. Other work included materials research, medical and biological experiments and a test of sound perception limits.
  13. Thank's Chris,I usually avoid silver but thanks to watching @PlaStix lesson on brushing with flat brushes I've been brushing more of my builds and I can get a pretty decent finish with enamel's which I plan to use on these two.
  14. Quick update. Fastest progress I’ve ever had. Broke a few bits, the canopy was awful which isn’t the norm for these kits but hopefully a neat paint job will cover. Trying a paint then assemble number
  15. A stunning job - and a really cute looking doggie too - Steve
  16. Thanks John, I did wonder whether 'Cold War' might have been a better place. Never mind, I think it unlikely anyway that there is anything out there. Nige
  17. Great work as always Adrian - I seem to really struggle getting rid of the seams on the join between the 2 fuselage halves - but you've nailed it. That is a cracking build and a really nice watch too Nice build - Steve
  18. - YEAH another FOXBAT.........!!!!I will follow your WIP with great interest. What I've seen till now looks promising. The building doesn't generate big .problems. The big CWS nose fitting is not that bad;A few adjustments are just necessary at the joining of the plastic fuselage and resin part. The main gear is a bit too high which lessen the general nose up sitting.
  19. Glad your shark is going to make an appearance Paul another reference point for me
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