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  2. Excellent job on retrieving this from disaster. It looks great and if you hadn't said I would never have guessed it had been trod on, bent and battered in a previous life.
  3. Really sorry about the issues you have had with your decals Tony, hopefully your new set will do the trick, and if they don't stick to the finish you have now then they never will.
  4. Looking forward as to how these come out I am expecting an order soon so my not so good looking ones might turn out better fingers crossed beefy
  5. That's my problem I cant stop need to get my finger out big time
  6. Well Rob - I didn't want to trivialise the current situation - I was merely commenting on a generations old tradition in my local village - it was not my intention to offend anyone - just grieve for another aspect of this terrible set of circumstances that is impacting us all - in many different ways. Stay safe & I hope you sort your situation - Steve
  7. I always fancied filming it with a YouTube of a Herc start up playing in the background. Try to match things starting to the sounds
  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. Thanks Wayne, It worked well enough. I added quite a few oil filters after the initial painting which knocked back the effect to some degree, so it probably would have been better with more contrast in the initial mottle coat to keep the effect more visible. Initial mottle coat Khaki top coat (mixed with X-22 Clear to keep it more translucent) Andy
  9. Looking really good Bill; the extra elements really add a ‘wow’ factor! This one is going to be a stunner! Steve
  10. Looking good Erwin, have you a stand or a platform of sorts already ?
  11. But it’s not “Aaargh, Matt” it’s a Jaaaag that belongs to me! best, M.
  12. Some genuinely Ark-related work, albeit of short duration. I’ve turned my eye back to the ship’s boats (see many pages back for progress through attempts to improve Merit’s weak efforts with wrong size & shape, eventually ending up with a complete set of 3D printed numbers from Shapeways)... The Shapeways boats are fabulous - streets ahead of available competition in most cases; you can get good Whalers from Atlantic, for instance, but many of these simply don’t exist in this scale. However, they do suffer from that common issue with 3D printed parts, namely prominent ‘striping’ artefacts resulting from the print process. So I’ve been experimenting (initially with a spare Steam Pinnace, not used in Ark, but now with the boats I actually need) with Mr Surfacer to fix the dodgy hull surfaces. Mr S 1200 applied by brush seems to be doing some good, particularly after a second coat: They will need some sanding in places to clean up, but smooth hulls ready for paint no longer seem impossible. More soon Crisp
  13. If it's a fresh kit (as opposed to one which has been sitting around for a couple of decades), in my experience the main issue you'll have with a decal like that will be getting it to conform and making sure there's no air bubbles. Not if it was a long, thin one that would be a different story - they're always the ones I dread most. From your builds I've seen so far, I'm sure you'll do fine with it.
  14. Thank you so much, Trevor and Dennis. I just wanted to test, how to upload pictures. The first one I did with goole photos, but that was very complicating. For the other one I just copied the path from another forum, I usually post. That was quite easy. But now I realized, that I can't delete the posts. Hahaha, but OK, I'm just getting started. Best Regards Rafael
  15. Interested on how you are building these little boats.
  16. pan galactic gargle blasters
  17. Bravo Thierry! Elle est superbe... J'adore (notamment) le coffre arrière ouvert laissant voir la roue de secours. Quant aux plaques d'immatriculation, elles sont juste incroyables de réalisme! Tu peux être fier en effet... Amitiés Olivier (sorry, exceptionally, in french...)
  18. Thanks Bill, nice to see you back Should be ready to prime this one tomorrow and then start thinking about camouflage. The fun part indeed! Steve
  19. And this one has spinning props and flashing lights to boot! Now if you could only fit a sound chip with the sound of Allison turboprops spinning up....
  20. Hello Rafael... from the windy city of Chicago. Im mostly WW2 and Cdwar aviation. However I have a growing interest in Bi planes from WW1 and the the interwar aircraft. I too have just got my very first Wingnut wings kit. The Albatross D.Va I will hold off on its construction until such time that I feel I can do the kit justice as I cant rig very well yet. Dennis
  21. Can anyone comment on the general quality and accuracy of the Tamiya AS range paints (the rattle can variety)? In particular I'm interested in AS-3, AS-4 and AS-5 for RLM 74, RLM 75 and RLM 76 respectively.
  22. Just got my second order from PR and Claes said again that the Saab-105 will be next and that they are working on this too. Happy Days.
  23. For me 2020 will be remembered as the year I went back to having to worry about when I'd get food. Been there twice in my life, was hoping I'd never go there again. Doubt I'm the only person who'll remember it as that either. Still, brass bands being cancelled.
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