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  2. Good progress these Bruno, I'm keen to do one of these too sometime, I saw a 3 sqn machine perform at an airshow here in New Zealand in 1987 & was hugely impressed at it, the one & only time I've ever seen a Hornet in the flesh, mine was A21-11, not too far different from yours. Steve.
  3. I've looked her over at least twice now and I'll say that is a superb Duck! Splendidly done and very inspiring!
  4. Did you send a photo of the sealed bag with the duplicate sprues? That shows it's a manufacturing error, not someone just trying it on. Given the convoluted purchase history, perhaps an offer to cover the shipping of the missing bits maybe? I presume the £7 quoted was with post? Not ideal, but would at least get you a buildable kit.
  5. Five years.... Did they accidentally leave the "twenty-" off the front of their estimate? The US defence (UK spelling!) complex couldn't invent a new set of cutlery in five blimmin' years. Chris.
  6. Man, that's really special! I like that idea and love the finished ordnance. Very cool 2Step!
  7. Thank you, Jinxman! The casting quality of this model is really still good. These are still early castings. And your Barracuda is made in Donetsk. At one of the largest toy factories in the USSR
  8. But we are not talking a 1000 units, but a one off third hand kit from a while ago. Airfix did fess up and replace the Typhoon canopies, I know I had one and to me it was no issue. What I was alluding to was the fact there were many more "missing" canopies than there ever was and people abused the airfix return policy so in a way you cant blame them for this. It also shows why you should check a kit when you get it as you then have direct re-dress to the retailer as per the law. Julien
  9. Very useful, many thanks. Cheers, Wulfman.
  10. There's absolutely no way that can be ascertained by Airfix though, and in light of the mickey-taking by the 1% that ruin it for all of us, it's totally understandable that they've taken this stance. Of course it's a shame for you, but next time I'd be tempted to open the box before handing over the cash if you get the opportunity.
  11. Thanks very much for the kind words to Mikey, SD, Nikolay, Thom, Roger and Martian - really appreciated Thanks hendie and Giorgio I think it will have to be hung low, or maybe a bit tilted… Take the rest of the week off? As if… Thanks Ian Hiding the stash will do you no good, I have Internet Shopping! Transfer on to 'match' the pictures from Seattle, kind of: Luckily no silvering (a ha ha ha) so I think I can blacken the vents, glue on the drone and we're done. Actually that photo emphasises the incorrect position of the refuelling hold but hey, good enough for the ceiling! Nothing I can do about this: …except cheat and not photograph that dusty window.
  12. Loving the old Microscale sheet, should look great. Good luck with the canopy.
  13. In here for this one. Old classic and still one of the best. Cheers
  14. Probably a lot is down to my parents who shelved out a wall of my bedroom for books. Needless to say, the top shelf provided a good place to put the models I built, even after I'd gone to university. Unfortunately, that didn't protect them from the dust, but by the sounds of yourself and Jeroen it did considerably extend their life expectancy Unfortunately, my main memory of this build is struggling with the many decals. The rest of it is pretty simple as will no doubt become obvious as I rebuilt it.
  15. In stock here in the US. https://freetimehobbies.com/1-144-trumpeter-raf-avro-vulcan-mk-ii-strategic-bomber/
  16. Scratchbuilding progres. I putted all the things on gargo doors and made them to open-close.
  17. Hi All Hi Julien, if the kit had been opened, then fair enough, but it was still sealed and factory fresh. If a kid gets a brand spanking new Spitfire starter set for their birthday, breaks the seals and opens it up to find one of the sprues missing and a Red Arrows Gnat sprue in there, they contact Airfix and are told it's going to cost them to get what they should have had in the first place, and by the way just bin the Gnat parts 'cos we don't want them (let's face it, does anyone?), is that how it goes? Will they ever buy an Airfix kit again, or even take up modelling as a hobby after this experience? How about if a thousand units were produced with erroneous sprues, would everyone be charged for the Airfix glitch? On the subject of canopies, how many "spares" requests and complaints did it take Airfix to own up and replace 1/24 Typhoon canopies FOC? It's the principal of paying for a manufacturing error, and the attitude of the "care" contacts, that are disappointing. Comments, suggestions and a 'For Sale' post imminent Cheers Steve
  18. Granny Smith becomes embarrassed
  19. Great work again Sam - You did a great job on this as well. Your oil work on the weather came out very nicely You've made me want to do this kit
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