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  2. Which model would that be you want to see? The one that is featured in this thread?
  3. pat d

    Hellcat lights and antenna wire

    The forward fuselage spine light is blue, the next one has a clear lens. the antenna wire comes from the tail fin mast to the main antenna then down to a port in the right fuselage side into a resistor cone shaped fitting Factory paint had the foot step line not always replaced on repainting
  4. neil5208

    SR-71 Blackbird

    Thanks but still need a good base, tried painting clouds but didn't like them. May go for a high altidute picture of the Rockies if I can print one large enough
  5. BlackMax12

    Trumpeter 1/16 Panther G Early (Take Two)

    Here is the thing tonight. Got some paint on the interior and the torsion bars and transmission painted and installed.
  6. stevehnz

    Elephant in the room

    Oh gawd, 'E's doing it again. & I like it. Whose engines are these @The Wooksta! ? Steve.
  7. Thanks for the kind comment Kapam There are actually a few new tool Airfix P-51's under way. just waiting for a 1958 Airfix P-51 and a 1972 Airfix P-51 to turn up then I'll line 'em up with their UGLY Revell namesakes
  8. busnproplinerfan

    Elephant in the room

    Neat, never saw this version before, guess they were rare. Same cowlings as the DC-4M?
  9. busnproplinerfan

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    stuck on the bumper (way back, in around the '30-'40s kids just had one pair of mitts. They would go bumper shining transit buses in winter and they would get stuck to the bumper. Well little Johnny would have to say why he had no mitts. Well him and mother would have to go to transit and pick them up, not a very happy mother. It's a true story from someone who was around during that time and still is)
  10. Today
  11. TheRealMrEd

    1/48 F-100 comparisons/issues

    FWIW it's worth, I'll enclose a link to the Trumpeter F-100C build that did, and how I addresses many of these issues. While mine was in 1/72 scale, I believe the kit issues are the same..... There is another F-100D build later on, also on the site. Link Is Here: Ed
  12. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Rolls Royce armoured car, Roden

    Love these RR Armored cars, so will follow along.
  13. Amazing work as usual. I never realised how much less wing span this plane had (compared to a P-39).
  14. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Leopard 2a7

    Mind if i follow along and take some notes.
  15. kapam

    Elephant in the room

    Awesome! Is this a conversion or an actual Lancastrian kit? Whichever it is, I think it does you great credit.
  16. kapam

    Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk.I

    A great result obtained from an old-school kit! Nice job!
  17. Mick4350

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    don't forget your mittens
  18. Well now, that looks splendid!
  19. tomthounaojam

    Heller Sa316 Alouette III/HAL Chetak 1/72

    Thanks Mate really appreciate the kind words, Thanks, Buddy, Cheers
  20. Wow!!! Must be one of the most beautiful builds I've seen on this forum! Being a T-33 fan, I am awe struck by your work.
  21. mstorin

    Revell 1/48 F-89 Scorpion

    I believe that is a Revell 1/72 scale kit, not the 1/48, unless you removed the raised detail and rescribed all the panel lines. The 1/48 version has raised panel lines.
  22. Nice one! I've often contemplated acquiring this kit. Your build really does it justice.
  23. I concur with the other commenters - a lovely, skilled build of a kit which bears only superficial resemblance to a P-51! It would be a fun exercise to park it next to a recent tooling of the same type, thus demonstrating the differences. But if you enjoyed the build, that's the main thing.
  24. kapam

    "Hello, I'm Julian ..."

    Lovely Mozzie! Looks awesome in silver.
  25. kapam

    1/72 MQ-8B Fire Scout

    Whoa! That's beautiful!
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