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  2. Was this photo taken at RAF Bentwaters? Both my parents worked there 1961-ish onwards, as civilians. Dad managed to wangle me visits to see the F101C's on the ground, at official airshows and let's say privately. We lived in Kesgrave between Ipswich and RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge. I vividly remember seeing the rainbow tailed 81st TFW Voodoos flying roughly along the A12 towards the Air Stations. Happy memories! Just wondering, Jonny Jonny
  3. PeterB

    Me 410 guns query

    Hi, I am detailing an old Me 410 kit and need info on the standard armament fit mounted in the nose. There are 2 MG17 machine guns and 2 MG151 20mm cannon mounted in a horizontal line, with 2 near the centre flush with the fuselage, and one on each side in a trough with the barrel protruding. William Green in his War Planes of the Third Reich has a cut away (OK Me 210 but likely to be the same I would have thought) which states that the outer guns are the MG151 cannon, but pics of the RAF Museum A1/U2 in the Mushroom book clearly label the outer trough mounted gun as the MG17, and I must say that is what it looks like complete with a conical flash hider. As these two sources clearly disagree, does anybody out there know which is correct? Cheers Pete
  4. exdraken

    Vietnam - 5 to go

    I guess you do not "need" ne to sign up here! The Vietnam war is definitely a bit out of my knowledge base.... A MiG-21? Maybe.... or a MiG-17? Or a Thud?..... Oh yes....
  5. sweaty1

    111 Sqn F3

    Ben yes had to rescribe the fron fuselage and intake tops following filling and sanding of mismatched parts
  6. Nikolay Polyakov

    SR-71 Blackbird

    You’re absolutely right! Neil choose the right angle to demonstrate the Bird. Cheers!
  7. modelling minion

    1/72 Hobby Boss CH-46E/F SeaKnight in a Japanese Scheme

    The back of that IP is going to look very busy with all the wires coming out of those bits of sprue!
  8. rob Lyttle

    Curtiss C46 Commando 1/72

    The nose area is getting a bit of attention. At last.... A little smoothing, a little bit of white undercoat again and another yellow topcoat, applied quite thin. So it's like the white light from below shines through the yellow paint. I knew a straight pinstripe decal was never going to fit around the bottom of the windscreen. So first I made a template with a thin piece of paper, to establish the curve required. A rummage through the decal box produced some Hurricane roundels in 1.48 and the navy blue band was about right! Sorry, I keep doing that... The first one was a bit of a disaster... I gave the rest of the roundel 2 coats of clear varnish to try to give it some integrity, and tried again. A much happier result 4 flaps are on, but being 4 handmade improvisation parts it's a challenge to get them all lined up : -with the wings -with each other -with the distance backwards etc A small clothes peg can at least keep 2 sections aligned with each other.
  9. Nikolay Polyakov

    RF-101C VOODOO 1/48 KH…the intakes are done!

    Quang did a great job to replicate the ladder. Cheers!
  10. OOOOH OOOOOH ME ME !!! I want in with a kit. The Hasegawa A-7D i actually did buy the kit and started it. I ruined it by painting the interior of the cockpit wrong. It sat partially built on a shelf gathering dust-bunnies until i moved in 2004. I threw it out after 17 years of looking at it. I would love to build it again. I may do it as an A-7E though, because i spent 8 days on the USS Forrestal in 1990. I have a lovely set of photo’s of VA-37 A-7E’s in color to use for a build. Dennis
  11. May we have pictures of your model....
  12. exdraken

    Victor Frankensteins

    Looking good so far!
  13. modelling minion

    Vietnam - 5 to go

    Excellent idea with the A-1E Rich, to my mind it's the best looking of the Skyraider series and I can't think of a more fitting build than Bernie Fisher's aircraft. We really are picking up the required numbers quickly, seems like a very popular choice, and there are some very interesting subjects being put forward.
  14. I'd just use a punch and die set and punch out the actual dials only and then fit them into the instrument pinnacles. It looks much better and it's easier. You can them put a drop of clear into the dials to represent the glass..
  15. Spiny

    My sister's Fiat 500C

    I must admit that I thought you were setting yourself too tight a deadline with this one, so it's great to see that you not only completed in time but also completed to a high standard. Your sister is right to be pleased with the result, and you can be happy knowing it's at a good home.
  16. Thanks for the replies. Got some work done on the interior and it is ready to be glued into the fuselage. 20190422_173520 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190422_173539 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr Bad news is that I can't seem to find the right decals but Dutch Decal is releasing them some time later this year so I probably won't make it on time but I'll try.
  17. Steve Noble

    Alclad II - Undercoat question

    You only need the perfect gloss black base with the high shine finishes such as the chrome for example. The gold isn't a high shine as far as I'm aware..
  18. Just got a reply from Poland giving me the all clear, so one problem solved. Pete
  19. Renek

    Bentley Blower 1:12

    It was necessary to make a holder, it works well ... equipped some other parts ... I put some crumbs on it, I do not understand the sense of doing a piece of the kit from three four pieces (see magneta) in order to look like a lump of plastic in the finals. Magneta on the spot + a few details, I removed the funny hints of grinding control, added brass ducts, the control rods are made of polished duralumin + ignition straps Maybe it seems a little ... cabs and pipe production ... The first attempt I invented the tube supply and shake it, drilling 0.8mm hole ... On a few photos, the cables on the candles are not screwed but on "pipes", so I cut the brass tubes and powered them on 0.8 cables. Then it was time to throw everything on the engine I think nerve: lol: From the brass old coin, I made two turbo suction caps and fitted them with a net, although it won't be much visible on the model but the original one was just the one I couldn't let Of course, I made the pressurizer from duralumin fitted with brass micro screws I modified the horny assembly and put it back in steel mesh
  20. John_W

    What are you reading?

    Haven't read that for many years. Brilliant and moving book.
  21. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Shooting Starfire

    Hello all... Well I've finished the office other than belts. I also placed an add in the wanted area for a trade for the correct tanks. I will take this build to the stage of painting. Then i will pause the work until a set date, in the hopes of getting tanks for it. If no such luck occurs at that time. I will then proceed at that date to finish the build, with standard tips and no tanks. Questions, comments, or jokes if you will ? Dennis
  22. Vitaliy


    Add vane , antenna ...
  23. Hi All, I'm joining this GB with the 1/48 Kinetic F-16C/D kit; 20190331_132720 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr With some help of aftermarket decals this is the goal (picture taken from the internet); photo_9999_106883 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr
  24. Didn't see this one coming: https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/8wm201jteuwrebynljq7.html
  25. PeterB

    Me 410 armament

    Hi, As I am about the built a Frog 410 in an upcoming Group Build, I need to clarify the position of the standard forward firing armament. I know there were two MG17 and two MG151 arranged in a horizontal line across the nose, two in the middle with concealed barrels and two at the sides in blast troughs with protruding muzzles but which was which. In William Green's War Planes of the Third Reich there is a cutaway of the 210 which shows the outer guns to be the cannon and the inner concealed ones to be the mg and I doubt the arrangement changed in the 410, and yet in Mushroom Models book there is a pic of the one in the RAF Museum Collection showing the gun in the Port trough which it labels as the MG17, and to my eyes that is indeed what it looks like complete with muzzle surpressor cone, so that is the opposite to Green! I am building the one in the Museum - A1/U2 to be precise. Does anybody have an answer as to which is where? Cheers Pete
  26. modelling minion

    in the Navy

    Yes I'm definitely still interested in this one.
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