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  2. In the less than a month before SMW? With me modelling at the speed of a Space Sloth who's feeling a bit lethargic and not up to his normal speed? Martian
  3. Short answer, no here it not somewhere you can advertise, but good luck with your endevours. Julien
  4. Very Well Done presentation. The engine bay is very well populated with all the trimmings. Paint looks like the real thing.
  5. You did check! About three years too late perhaps, but you did check! Am I helping?
  6. BADDER! is it You?, in the flesh-so to speak. The sounds of timpani and base are resounding through the lands of Merriment and Murmur. Huzzah! the master returns from the battles of Tamiyatiger (a most fearsome beast), after besting the willy beast in its lair. Now we can once again revel in the comforts of home and hearth, while scrutinizing every stroke of genius, by the one and only Badder.
  7. Can anyone point me towards data to establish what this was, please? I have found https://m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/ads/aircraft.html, which just shows "NACA 63-???" and so is not all that helpful. I'm after something that will tell me which profile was used, and what it looks like.
  8. Procopius

    Telford 2019

    One of my favourite photos of Mrs P is her sitting at a table with a group of forlorn-looking wives at the I{PMS Butch O'Hare show a few years ago. Anyway, if I'm a sad dad, it's my children who've made me so. I quite enjoyed life before they came along.
  9. Great build and I appreciate your showing of what can be done with the AMK kit with the slats, flaps, etc. all out. It will make for for a very interesting aircraft to display with a lot of visual interest. I am not a model purist, I am just a lover of aircraft and what you have done here is fantastic!
  10. Yes, Ced and I popped into the London one when I was here in 2015. Nothing to write home about on that front, I fear.
  11. Today
  12. Always great to see nice bright type D roundels whacked on an airframe and it looks like this little Vamp is well and truly on the home stretch. Well done Steve! Cheers.. Dave
  13. around the raggedly rocks
  14. Brengun provided decals and illustrations to depict any of five vehicles – two with the cast turret, two with the riveted one. I found the multicolor French Air Force vehicle with the Berliet cast turret to be the one with the most interesting scheme. Besides, I dropped the Renault turret and broke off and lost the tiny gun! Some of these appear to be derived from Steve Zaloga’s 1988 book, The Renault FT Light Tank (Osprey Vanguard No. 46), such as the Renault FT Char Canon of the French Air Force, used for airfield security in 1940: According to Zaloga, these FTs used the usual cocarde (roundel) insignia and, “were repainted in the late 1930s with the French scheme typical of that period, an ochre color somewhat darker than the Great War shade, with red-brown and dark green horizontal bands.”
  15. I fell foul of this when I did my eduard dday spit - I put stencils over the invasion stripes which apparently is wrong - as the stencils would have been painted over when they hastily put on the stripes before the kickoff. But later, the stripes were applied in the factory so the stencils would have gone on over the stripes. So in theory both could be correct. Great work so far opus - sorry I missed this until now. Re. Your PE issues - it’s like all aspects of modeling - the more you do, the easier it gets - though it’s a proper pain initially- but it’s okay to pick and chose what bits you use / often I think the kit part looks better than the pe part so will often ignore the proper fiddley bits. Especially if they are buried deep in the model somewhere. It’s one of those things you pick up from practice. Also the glue you use - it helps to really get to know how the glue you’re using behaves with pe - sometimes a fast drying one is better in some situations - like sticky outy bits - levers etc - You can also use crystal clear or PVA which is great for instrument panels which takes longer to dry. Overall I really like pe and find that it can really add to the depth of a model - so sometimes it’s worth the pain. Hope this helps!
  16. O, that is nice. I didn't know there were some after market engines for a P version. I know there was a set vacum formed ones in the past, but difficult to get in Europe. I still don't understand why Revell/ monogram haven't brought that version out themselves? But maybee ICM will bring that out. Before you know it is the GB there. Can't wait to see your build. Cheers,
  17. Hi seems like maybe a replacement starboard wing ? cheers jerry
  18. Thank you. And welcome back. Over weekend IMPS event attendance always gets the desire flowing. Under carriage fitment but not attachment: Wheel work begins: AM parts:
  19. Go to great lengths (Today it's West Yorkshire)
  20. Hello folks - now this: With all the buzz about that new P51 kit from eduard, I thought I’d pop this one from the stash and get this oldie but still a goodie made. After my last 2 builds being nmf, I thought I’d do one more - hopefully using the lessons learned and expanding my alclad chops a little further. Also going a scale bigger to 1/48 - more plastic making more fun I hope. It will be nice doing a larger model after so many 1/72s - detailing those smaller models can be hard on the eyes..! (Maybe there’s a part of me that wants this built so I can justify buying the eduard one!!! ) In spite of its age, this looks like a pretty sweet kit. I’ve got some aftermarket: A big sheet of pe, including interior, precut masks and some resin wheels - all from eduard. I’m planning on doing petie 2nd - the scheme from the box art: I’m a sucker for nmf and blue schemes so this suits me fine. This image will be my primary source - as you can see she’s a well weathered beast with lots of nice tonal variations on the blue nose and airframe- I’ll be looking to recreate that. I understand that this plane survived the war and still flys today - on her 3rd engine:) But mine will be a portrayal of her dirty grimy wartime years. Of course this means using the dreaded Tamiya decals - I did shop around for some aftermarket ones but the good ones all seem to be sold out - maybe because of that aforementioned kit release. Into the build! First job was sticking some pe onto the pilots seat: I went about adding some details to the radio boxes at the rear of the cockpit. I drilled some holes for the wires and glued them in - used different gauges of copper wire. I looked at a few references for the placement of these - which pointed out some big inaccuracies in the kit but not to worry. I made an oxygen line by wrapping some small wire around big wire... First time I’ve tried this and it came out okay I think. I attached some more pe to the side walls: That green is what eduard thinks is correct for usaf interior green. Maybe sometimes it was that colour but I’ll be using a different shade so this is getting painted over. The hose was installed - I used some crystal clear to create the plugs for this - not very successful but it will do... I had already primed the surface with some Tamiya fine so I was now ready for some paint. I mixed up some tamiya flat green and flat yellow - also some interior green and some Olive drab to get this shade - Then lightened it with more yellow to do some highlights. I used a lighter shade on the seat bulkhead as some references showed that this was a lighter shade of green. The black head rest area was painted with Tamiya rubber black - then dry brushed with a light grey colour. The back section was also painted with rubber black and dry brushed in the same fashion - I also hand painted the frame with the same interior green color as before. The floor of the cockpit was painted using different shades of brown and rust colours from Vallejo model colour - more of a nod to wood grain as opposed a full wood grain finish. This will be covered with chipping medium and then a dark grey to simulate the rubber floor. Some details on the radio boxes where painted.. And lastly a quick dry fit to see how I’m going: So that’s it for the first few hours work With the bigger scale I have to get used to a slower pace but I’m very much enjoying it so far. I’d be keen to hear from anyone who’s built this to see if there’s any issues to be aware of - but from what I can gather it’s supposed to be more or less hassle free. More to follow soon. Thanks for checking in. Cheers John
  21. of societies beer distributors
  22. You have my utmost sympathy, have had a torn Meniscus in my left knee since march of 2009. It wont be fixed as my insurance( government medicaid) wont pay for it. Because i can still somewhat function without said repair.
  23. Similar schemes were found on 87Sqn Hurricanes that were repainted in day fighter colours before Dieppe.
  24. Wasn't looking at anyone in particular Pat. Some good progress the last couple of days, all the decals on now & the little bits painted ready to glue into place so I'm feeling a bit upbeat about this now, I'm back on nights but only two this time so I'll have time to sort this before the deadline line I'm pretty sure. Steve.
  25. That's going to look good with an exposed engine. Especially with two other nacelles on either side!
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