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  2. ExiledFish

    Tiger I in Normandy

    Bah, yes. Also the Feifel (?) tubes on the rear deck. Looks like an eBay job tbh as an aftermarket buyfest will likely miss something and end up just as costly. Curses. Lesson to be learned for me here in not making spontaneous model purchases next time... Thankyou! Also, thankyou for the links.
  3. Ham Hands

    Petition. Anything Sukhoi group build.

    Shameless bump.
  4. Tunguska

    Revell Tornado GR1, 617 Sqn

    Brilliant! Top result ☺ Gotta love the Tonka. And now sorely missed.
  5. Eric Mc

    Airfix Buccaneer S2B, 16 Sqn, RAF

    Dog? Have a go at Airfix's NA39. Finished kit looks nice.
  6. Q: Which alterations apart from the bigger radiators will have to be undertaken on the Eduard VIIIc wing to make a high back XIVc ? Reagards Andreas Beck
  7. Rogue705

    Paper Panzer Duo

    On hold at moment RT, apologies
  8. PZL104

    Hasegawa Jaguar GR1A, 1/72

    What? Not good enough? I really hope that my models once I finish them are half as good as your Jaguar! A really very nice job
  9. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Thanks Rob. Martian
  10. Thanks John. The evening sun yesterday showed the flaws a lot more clearly than what I managed to photograph...
  11. scottyphbeta

    Hasegawa Jaguar GR1A, 1/72

    It's an easy kit to build, no problems and I've recently moved to Xtracolor enamels as the colours do seem more accurate.
  12. Agreed, Falcon has always been considered as top class, both in vacform model execution and with reference to accuracy. But recent info about the "strengthened E-wing" (pics), as fitted to the Mk.18, has not been well described in earlier (modelling) references. Whithout having seen the Falcon vac, I wonder if these aspects were known to Falcon then? See; sptfire xviii wing again Waliant wings has released Spitfire part 1 (Merlin-powered), no.12 in their Airframe and Miniature series. Part 2 is in preparation, scheduled to be released in 2019. I wonder what they may bring? When (not if) I'll do a highback, i expect that sections from the Airfix XIX fuselage can be grafted to the lowback XIV. Future will tell.
  13. scottyphbeta

    Revell Tornado GR1, 617 Sqn

    I found it an easy enough kit without too much filling. The only thing I wasn't happy with is that the wings seem to have a wee bit of an unnatural droop.
  14. Looking good to me too. I can't see any seams except the one behind the gun port panel. It's possible that there might have been a faint trace of longitudinal seams on the fuselage anyway as it was built in two halves and joined together, just like the kit John
  15. @Kitchen Modeller thanks John! First coat is down, I'm using xf-54 dark sea grey thinned roughly 50-50 here. For a very weathered look this looks pretty nice but I'm going to keep going, probably a bit thinner on the next coat and see where we are. Cheers, Sam
  16. corsaircorp

    1/48 F4U-4 Corsairs Academy and Trumpeter

    hello Dears !! Yesterday, it was a great modelling evening for me !! I did'nt do a lot but my 15 years old so Nicolas resume modelling ! He abandoned his kits when he was 8 years old and I saved all his stuff... Hoping for this day to arrive !! This one has suffered a lot... He did this 1/48 F4U-7 but it's too much work to repair it Too many missing parts So he received a brand new kit as a welcome gift !! Have a great modelling time !! Sincerely. CC
  17. Coors54

    Scale model racing kit questions

    I can sympathise with the OP about the prices in the world of automobile modelling, coming from aircraft modelling myself it has been a shock. I can only assume that sales volumes of kits and accessories for cars are considerably lower than model aircraft, also wanting what's current makes a subject hot sales wise for a much shorter time limiting profitability. A bit like the real thing value plummets as a model goes out of currency only to increase when it becomes a classic! on the other hand I'm taking much longer to complete a model to my satisfaction so it's value ratio of cost to time is much better than aircraft, it's ratio of frustration to cost is bigger too as I master new techniques! Good luck with your quest for suitable subjects, it's a whole new world out there.
  18. cmatthewbacon

    Scale model racing kit questions

    If you look around, take your time, and spend some time on eBay, you can build up a pretty good selection without paying huge prices, especially if you’re prepared to do a bit of work to detail some “classic” kits. Look for Heller, Union/Wave, IMC Monogram and Protar kits as well as Hasegawa and Fujimi. You can get a pretty broad selection of 60s/70s sports prototypes and Le Mans contenders, and Hasegawa/Tamiya do a fair range of 80s/90s cars, admittedly Japan biased. Accurate Miniatures did a Corvette Grand Sport and McLaren M8, and Simil’R a (previous generation) Ford GT. I’ll have a rummage through the stash and post up a list of what I’ve tracked down so far... best, M.
  19. bombernut

    1/144 Roden Bristol Britannia C.1

    I couldn't agree more Steve. Very seriously considering a retro Qantas scheme for a 737-800, and just now painting a VC.10 C.1. Will post that when it's done. Cheers, Matt
  20. Laphroaig !! Great choice ! Cheers ! CC
  21. Thank you. The Owl reference for the FuG 202 is aftermarket resin and photo etch. No kit, but judging by the finesse of the photo etch, it would be a fine kit were they to make one. Cheers, Matt
  22. HansReggelsen

    Moving Time Again

    Well as long as the reboot button isn't at the other end of a velociraptor infested compound I think it'll be all right. Me? - I have taken the appropriate evasive action - "Endgame"! Cheers Hans J
  23. Nice work Nikos! I have a Cub BK in the stash and i'm tempted to detail and light the interior now... looking forward to seeing your progress.
  24. TheBaron

    Moving Time Again

    Not sure if related to the server move Mike but just reporting that can only 'like' a post (no menu of other options available) and unable to highlight and quote a portion of a member's post on a Samsung tablet this morning. I'll slip another donation in when the wages arrive next week...
  25. Putty Animal

    Lets scratchbuild an FE2b...

    I always took the sparrows nickname to have evolved in regards to prey or even from the biblical reference. Mind you, I can't tell brown from green so perhaps I was missing the obvious. I'd been doing a bit of reading over the last few days, and most of the various internet savants seemed to agree that early war PC10 was more green and the latter stuff was more chocolate. Due to that I was trustingly mixing more XF-62 Olive Drab into the cup than the brown. Hopefully I arrived at a plausible colour for A857.
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