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  2. Black Knight

    The 'Bismarck' Catalina

    May I say something? This is not just being pedantic but it may affect your research. There is - was - no place called RAF Lough Erne. There were three main seaplane/flying boat bases on Lough Erne. Lower Lough Erne, there is an Upper and Lower Lough Erne. They were Castle Archdale, Killadeas and St. Angelo AFAIR [and I'm usually wrong] 209 sqd was mainly based at Castle Archdale. Their Cats mingled with the Sunderlands there, but 209 had some Cats at Killadeas as well. Upper Lough Erne was not used as there are too many shallows, small islands and the border runs through part of it
  3. I'm a fan of wet sanding for vacforms. Not soaking wet, but just enough to keep the dust under control. Adding a bit of dishwashing detergent makes the sandpaper cut twice as fast too.
  4. stringbag

    You Kidding, Airfix ? Pin up camo from 21y !

    With you completely Chris. Chris.
  5. Yes, agreed. Could you please tell us how you painted the exhaust pipes? Chris
  6. SoftScience

    Hobby Boss WHIF TAS-44M Medium Tank

    Really cool look, and rather believable, I think.
  7. Really nice composition, and bonus points for building a representative from a history not that often modelled in the west.
  8. AdrianMF

    Frog/Novo Miles Magister

    Home at last. We talked about software and video encoding for a week and a half in Las Vegas, and we gave away about 2000 of these: Back at home I had to mend the loo and turn the small meadow at the back of the house into something resembling a lawn. The joy of homecoming, eh? I think I have enough yellow on now, and I took a leaf from Stuart @Courageous‘s Sea Fox build to make a front cylinder behind the cooling aperture: The cylinder is made from the peg that serves as a seat in the Airfix Thunderbolt, wrapped in a strand of electrical flex wire. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  9. Sorry Dave Im afraid in a moment of weakness you did indeed offer to co-host. This is all the more reckless as I have never hosted before ! Great choice by picking the Canberra, I'm really looking forward to the variety of kits that this GB will unearth from the dark recesses of the stash cheers Pat
  10. Troy Smith

    Shooting Starfire

    the tanks in the F-94A kit are different to the tanks in the F-94B kit, the ones in the B are tip mounted and have a side fin. see here https://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/hobbycraftt33F94.htm the B has this the A kit gas this I know this as I got an A kit, but wanted a B... So, you need the Fletcher tanks, these are also in the T-33 kit (details in the link) HTH
  11. There could be any number of reasons for the release to be postponed, even on the eve of a planned date. To suggest that anyone is a liar because a planned release date for a model aircraft kit has been delayed is out of order in my book. It may be very disappointing but it's a plastic kit we're waiting for, not life saving surgery. Chris.
  12. Well you've made a what could have been a boring straight paint job most eye catching, looking at the pre shading before the paint I had doubts, but and it's a big but, it really looks eye-catching indeed, great job
  13. Very lovely work, and your short history was interesting to read.
  14. Thank you all for the great reactions to my build it's greatly appreciated Thanks for the 'bravo' Djos, couldn't agree with you more, the V-18 has been a favorite of mine for a very long time so you can imagine my glee when I found this kit in 'my scale' no less at a second hand dealer that used to be here in Sydney. Then I got the kit home, had a look inside and had second thoughts. The kit disappeared into the stash until 2015 Cheers all Neil
  15. Andre B

    P-47M 56th FG colors

    So is there any clues concerning the colours of the codes of the 63rd aircrafts? We have white, silver (or NMT), silver outlined in red and silver outlined in white. Concerning the Revell kits... 421140 UN-o-F in white 421150 UN-o-M in silver 421160 UN-o-F silver outlined in red Cheers / André
  16. bentwaters81tfw

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    When the bloke with the scythe comes after me, he'll have to fight me first. My grandad went at 57, and my first cousin on his side managed 3 months short of 100. Apart from illnesses induced early demise, my close relatives make it into the mid eighties at least. I've got a sizeable stash, let's see which lasts longer!
  17. Admiral Puff

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    from the greasy spoon
  18. Hewy


    @robw_uk that looks very effective, multi colour shading, higher contrast looks wrong but works very well , I think Simon will agree where most fall down on this kind of pre painting is not having the nearly full translucency of the top colour paint, this is where enamels and lacquer paints beat water thinned acrylics into a cocked hat, regarding camo's and multi colours, why let the pre paint coat matter, I think some would paint a temperate sea scheme for example by spraying the edsg first all over (using the edsg as almost a second undercoat ) then masking, and painting the green, I reckon to get the best from this method would be very thin, freehand, (or masking if you really want to) , individual colours at first, only masking later for a more crisper line, but still thin, ( only my thinking, and more of a theory ) I'm going to try this very method on my king tiger in the up coming gb. , sorry again simon Glynn
  19. sammy da fish

    Fw 190 d-11.

    Looking good there I would very happy with this model, congratulations niknak
  20. I'd be frightened to death, spraying anywhere near those lovely hand painted cheatlines, no matter how much masking was applied. Hope it all goes well Neil. Chris.
  21. Bitzer

    1/2400 IJN Ryujo

    Awesome job Tim. I used those little guys when I war gamed back in the late 80's. Mine never looked like that.
  22. Hi Terry, thank you very much for your very kind words and interest! The level of detail you mention is the result of using Eduard's PE set for this kit. I must confess I'm a bit obsessed with super-detailing, so I always throw PE, resin or whatever available after-market bits at a kit. The resulting added complication is also one of the main reasons for my builds taking so long... Cheers Jaime
  23. Naturally, with "used" kits, you run some risks, and some times you get missing parts, or broken ones, as in this case: Gluing this one: Fortune smiled and some bits were still in the box, loose without a plastic sleeve, and miraculously there: But others I had to fabricate: Four aileron/flap supports were missing from the wing, all were eventually found and glued in place, with high magnification to find out which one belonged where. Very entertaining I can assure you. Two rudder supports and a few parts completed the casualties, all restored. Yeap, you save some dollars (or blue tigers or whatever is the currency in your corner of the galaxy*) but you spend some time fixing things. *Martians as we know use as currency potatoes cultivated with some dubious methods.
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