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  2. Buz

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    The main plane of the Tomahawk was actually two pieces bolted together to give a continuous wing, so wing replacement could be undertaken. That said the aircraft is AH896 RM-Y of 26 SQN. This aircraft had previously served with 403 SQN however there is no reported accidents to her before going to 26 SQN (403 were good at writing the accidents they had up). I can only find one accident that has no serial numbers associated with it, however if AH896 was involved then it must have been light damage as the aircraft was flying 12 and later. A wing replacement could be done in that timeframe however I would have expect if that was the level of damage it would have been trucked to an MU or Civilian company and there is no mention of that on its record card. Buz
  3. Nachtwulf

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Nice picture! The two background aircraft have a different pattern to the aircraft in the foreground. Were there different factory camo patterns?
  4. rob Lyttle

    CT-133 Silver Star 133542 1/48 Academy

    @Beazer not sure what your state of play is with pictures, but here's the form... It's 3rd party photo hosting that's used here. So you got to save your pics to somewhere "in the cloud" like Flickr or Village... NOT photo bucket!!! Last I heard they wanted £400. 00 a year to use. They caused havoc on here..!! Once you're on, your pics will probably be saved as Private. You got to change each to Public. Now you need to make a link... Look for a symbol of 3 dots connected by a sideways V And words like "copy URL" Then go to the thread on here where you want the picture, click on the cursor, might be a long click or something depending on what you're using, you should get the option to "paste" The link will appear momentarily, and then change to the picture. I remember the mental challenge it seems, but once you have it, it is a dawdle. Remember if it is a Private photo, BM won't be able to find it, it has to be changed to "public" Good luck, don't give up!
  5. BS_w

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    it's not easy to see the pattern on port wing because the incidence of lighting is bad Below, the roundel applied by Curtiss on H81 and H87 allocated to british. comparison of ratio of red dia (white: Curtiss and red:RAF) the main plane is build from two wings which are bolted together in center line
  6. keithjs

    Islanders based at Northolt

    You may be right, but is MSG still in the current BS range? Plus there's also Dark Camo grey BS629, X36 in the Xtracolor range.
  7. Pat C

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    Looking at this, I wonder if that is in fact the answer - the light/ dark demarcation on the wing appears to be just inboard of the roundel. You can just make it out on the first pic but it appears to have less contrast. I'm struggling to see the light/ dark demarcation by the MGs that shows on the first pic so perhaps it is shadow. Apologies as I cant figure out how to embed the larger pic as Troy did!! AMERICAN AIRCRAFT IN ROYAL AIR FORCE SERVICE 1939-1945: CURTIS HAWK 81A TOMAHAWK.. © IWM (CH 5874) IWM Non Commercial License
  8. Graham Boak

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    I wondered that, but if you look at the root you can see that it the lighter colour in shadow on the fuselage is lighter than the dark colour on the wing, and the demarcation between the two follows the line of the wing root.
  9. Nachtwulf

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    It looks to me like the dark "painted" area of the port wing is actually a shadow from the fuselage.
  10. Nicely turned out Hurri. Pete
  11. Graham Boak

    'Model Aircraft' magazine May 2019 issue

    Sorry Paul, but whereas it is indeed obvious it is only the end of the process. Good editors go out and search for contributors. This is how they set their individual stamp on their magazines - anyone with more than a few years experience of modelling magazines can point to individual editors who have placed their stamp - not always to the pleasure of all established readers - on magazines even if age has fortunately blurred the names of most of the less successful ones. Going back in time, Chris Ellis's Airfix mag was not the same as Bruce Quarrie's, Bob Jones' IPMS Mag was not that of Mac Mackennaugh nor that of Neil Robinson. Alan Hall's SAM was not that of Jay Laverty nor that of the current editor. If there are no 1/72 reviews then the editor is not going out of his way to get any. Maybe this is because he prefers 1/48 himself: perhaps because an excess of 1/48 reviews (or modern jet reviews, or Spitfire reviews, or whatever) has biased his readership to accept and even demand such. There is a feedback loop here, as always. As Nigel has demonstrated in this thread. If someone who might think of doing a review on a 1/72 kit thinks it would not be welcomed because of a lack of similar reviews, then the editor may be stuck in a loop to his regret, or to his preference, but in the end he has more control over what he receives than simply lying back and waiting. I wouldn't wish to suggest that there is no place in the market for magazines specialising in 1/48, or Spitfires, or modern jets, or whatever, which may have very good editors. If sufficient buyers like it that way, they will thrive. But don't expect modellers of other scales, subjects and periods to buy them.
  12. JohnMacG

    Vildebeest bombs again

    A week or so ago I asked if the Valom Vildebeest kit cames with bombs; OK it doesn't. But the Valom Vincent kit does - four racks and bombs under each wing, So if you want a Vildebeest bomber, use the Vincent kit. ( It even comes with a torpedo (no rack tho'- but's not too hard to scratch bu ild) It seems that Vildebeest didn't carry both bombs and the torpedo rack. As to Vildebeest torpedo attacks I concur that only at Kota Bharu on 7th December did vildebbest use torpedos during the Malayan campaign, but I've read somewhere that the few surviving Vildebeests carried torpedos with them when they evacuated to Java, and seemingly carried out torpedo attacks on Japanese invasion convoys as they neared Java. Now colours; YEARS ago when I built the Contrail Vac-form Vildebeest, I gave it Dk earth/Dk Green upersurfaces with Lt Earth/Lt Green shadow-shading, over Lt blue Undersides (probably the same blue seen on the colour Blenheim pics) and have never seen pics to contradict this. This was after all the official RAF camo scheme drawing for the VB. Black undersides? Hmmmm, yes- that makes sense, they were used as night bombers after all, But none of the Malayan Vildebeest pics I have show this conclusively. it could just be the very bright Malayan sun leaving very dark shadows underthe wings One last point - the only two pic I have a VBs captured by the Japenese, possibly in Java, both show light-coloured undersides, both have torpedo racks and neither has wheel spats. (Both are from more-or-less 'head on', so neither show any seials or codes.) I hope m ramblings here don't bore too many people!
  13. It certainly seems lie a fraught build but the end result is well worth it. Pete
  14. Super Aereo

    Bf-109 B pre-war colors

    IIRC, the date of the photograph should be 1942 rather than 1938.
  15. Super Aereo

    78th fs p47d eileen

    According to Dana Bell, lower surfaces were in Sky.
  16. Antti_K

    Phantom FG1

    Got my camera up and running again. Here is Frame E from Hasegawa boxing And a detail shot showing the main wheels together with Aires resin parts. And finally; my current project. I scaled up the Airfix Phantom "Stencils Placement Guide" and started to compare it's dimensions against those published in "Plane Captain's Handbook" and in A.P.101B-0900-6A2. My findings so far: - the scaled up Airfix drawing matches exactly with the data published in A.P.s and in manufacturer's data - the Hasegawa kit's nose is slightly out of shape otherwise the front fuselage matches the drawing nicely up to FS 249.65 - the kit's fuselage is some three millimeters too narrow between air intake lip and FS 355,38 (1,5 mm to be added on fuselage sides) - the kit's intakes are slightly too wide - the kit has the fuselage side door sizes wrong Antti
  17. Thanks Michael, Yeah I`ve always prefered the A-8 but haven`t found one yet. BTW I`ve done a few ROCAF marked aircraft, just follow the tab to find them if you`re interested. Cheers Russ
  18. malpaso

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    I think the mainplane is a single unit on the P-40, so you can’t replace the wing on one side only (as you could for a Spitfire). Presumably repair could involve replacement skins or ribs on one side though...
  19. can do, try using a hot damp cloth to press down, the heat can soften the decal. Also worth stating the kit and manufacturer, not all decals are the same, or behave in the same way.
  20. Roger Newsome

    Lieutenant Nikalaos Votsis.

    Give it a go Stuart. Be it figure painting or building plastic kits, it was unfamiliar territory to all of us once. There's nothing to be gained from wondering if you should try it or not. As you know, frustration goes hand in hand with starting out in any hobby that involves paints and brushes but if you want to try do it.
  21. Good suggestion from bentwaters81tfw. For myself I'll sometimes apply a decal over a detailed panel, using Klear to soften the decal and make it conform to the detail. That may work if the decal has a similar level of detail. The panel in your kit is clearly a simpler affair, making for a bland result. I take it that there are two decals for the IP, one for the main panel and the previously shown one for the blind flying panel. I didn't learn how to properly apply waterslide transfers until at least my second kit.
  22. bentwaters81tfw

    (beginner) Decal doesn't stick, and is the black part normal?

    Worth a try. We learn by degrees. Ive only been doing this for about 60 years.
  23. Brad

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    A guy goes to his doctor and says "Doctor, I'm worried about my life, will I live to 100?" The doctor examines him, then says "well sir, do you engage in a lot of sex, dangerous sports, drink alcohol, eat red meat, drive fast cars, smoke cigars, eat chocolate cake and/or stay out late at parties?" No doctor, I don't do any of those things, says the patient. "Then why the hell do you care if you live to 100?", asks the doctor.....
  24. Dave Fleming

    Islanders based at Northolt

    I’d say darker than Camouflage grey, I’d go Medium Sea Grey
  25. That might be to advanced for my first model haha. I'll just try and slap it on with some PVA glue, that should do the trick right?
  26. Pat C

    Tomahawk IIA Query

    But it is the port wing that has a cammo pattern that doesn’t match the fuselage pattern and also appears to have just one large dark green area and one large dark earth area. There is another pic of this aircraft on the IWM site with two other 26 sqd aircraft and I must say that it is still the port roundel red section that stands out to me as being slightly different in size and tone from the others. pat
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