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  2. A Twin (x2) Otter build? Only because I've been on the verge of ordering a second, and it is one of the "more different" in you stash. I just hope the decals I've saved from youth still function, so I can eventually do a Pilgrim Airlines example. No idea what I'd do for a second...
  3. @2Step - thanks for the picture! Very interesting and new to me. Much appreciated! . Sadly Brown/Wadman don't give any reference for a publication with the Jim Crow picture. @Orso - yes, I was wary about posting the flag picture as it was taken in Sweden (and not likely to be a Luftwaffe flag?) and therefore a bit off topic. It was the mention of a similar flag being used in Germany that made me feel it might add to the discussion. I can however say with confidence that there is no vehicle parked in front of the crashed Bf109G-10. My pic cropped off the top of the page of the book, which as another slightly blurred picture of the front of the airframe. The flag is definately attached to the plane. SD
  4. Thanks for the offer, much appreciated ! Yes, a co-host is always good to have, as it's not always possible for one person alone to follow everything. Your help will be very useful !
  5. Looks like a set of photos from a Ducati catalogue. Awesome. The only thing that gives it away as not being full size is the rear sprocket.
  6. If you're passing through Scandinavia or have a pal here, get them to send over, Panduro Oceanlack Matt Varnish: I used this for the first time with my last build and was simply stunned with it. I'm a brush painter so have to be pretty finicky with varnishes to try and avoid brush marks. Both their Gloss and Matt varnishes go on beautifully, self level, are dry in half an hour and have no trouble with decal solutions, enamel panel line washes. I literally won't use another kind of clear coats after finding this stuff. Here it is on my latest. Well worth getting hold of if you can as it's just brilliant stuff.
  7. Air Enthusiast 2007-04, "Cloak and Dagger" by R.Clarke, Havoc I AW399 MA-Z in PRU Blue
  8. Many Thanks Jeron. This big scaled models are very impressive size but very poor of details. I'll try do to my best to add all missing. My fortune is that i love, own and quite know 80' - 90' golf.
  9. Resistance is futile ! Just go for it, You know you want to... Glad to see you're interested, will add you to the list !
  10. Just like waiting 30 minutes for a London bus and have 4 turn up at once, someone has decided to import Paasche brushes (Talon, Raptor and Vision[??]) to my neck of the woods. So, to continue my queries from 6 months ago (Sparmax vs H&S), how would people rate the Paasche Talon/Raptor? The reviews I've read swing wildly between "crap" and " pretty damn good for the price", but without going into any details. Anyone here care to share your experiences with them, both positive and negative? Thanks!
  11. Hi Jon, thanks for those kind words. I do try and make my ramblings interesting! I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head with your perspicacious insight above. Im off to see your website now - it's while since I visited, so I expect to be kept busy for a while. Your stuff always has the gleam of class. Cheers Jonners
  12. keithjs

    FAA Hellcat query?

    Thanks to everyone for all your advice. Special thanks to Tail Dragon. Talk about a photo being worth a thousands words....
  13. Thanks a lot ! Now we have to start convincing voters... wonder if I have to start bombing users with facebook and twitter posts as politicians do today...
  14. A Brengun/Hauler etch/resin detail set for the Brengun Spitfire float plane & an Eastern Express Mig-21-93 'cause after seeing @tomthounaojam's nice Mig-21 Bison build, I just needed wanted one, luckily a seller on our local auction site had one at a decent price. Steve.
  15. I was at the airfield in Morton a few months back.....Huge area and now home to the fire service training college. Looking forward to seeing your build progress
  16. Mine has just turned up from Sincere in HK. V nice, and a nice leap forward from the MiG-31. So it does exist
  17. That looks appetising. Not sure thye serrved long enogh to wear '... Support Command' titles. Will also need to check the serial. I recall seeing one taxi past the windows of the crew briefing room at Coltishall in 1968 ....sqeeking brakes and all. Serial was VW197. I recall it brought in some ground crew for the Reds in their Gnats who gave us a display on the Wednesday during my weeks ATC Camp.
  18. Thanks very much John. Finished with about a week left of the trip. Now what am I going to do? Only one thing really.... research the next project. Roger.
  19. I'm in Shellie Have you ever been to 'Wellington Aviation'? It's only open on Sundays and closed in the winter but I have it on my 'to visit list' and wonder if it's worth a special trip up from Bath?
  20. I don't know really, how about "Eisernes Kreuz" Iron Cross rgds John
  21. Go for it - it's not the most complicated kit, and even the rigging is manageable. But: it's huge. Nobody told me that...
  22. Very cool, I think you're right that Unicorn mode is a bit cooler, but I quite like the hints of red peeking out from Destroy mode. W
  23. Not too shabby! As with many things, waiting for a grime wash. The engine nacelles are ferociously tight. Much fettling is prophesied. Got some custom masks today to do R5868 as she is in the RAFM. Hooray!
  24. Cheers Pete! I've been looking at all of Andy's lovely teal-coloured things (or at least in my mind he uses a fair bit of teal) and wanted to get in on that as it's such a cool colour. Orange and white I've used before and will definitely use again In other news, I've got these built and primed and while they need a little clean-up I think they might merit a WIP thread in due course... Cheers, W
  25. Lovely subject and result. I used to have the much smaller version of the same kit. I think it was 1/87th scale or something like that. Wish I kept it now.
  26. A ticket to see the 4K release of The Shining at the cinema tonight.
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