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  2. I buy all GWH kits and swore I wasn’t going to buy this one as the stash is too big and I’m trying to downsize. Bugger-all, I’m sold on this one too!
  3. A bit of work on the inst. pan., adding the engine levers console: And before I forget, and again thanks to @Brandy, correction of the aft prop blades pitch. Blades separated form hub: Locations drilled and metal-pinned: Prop on the right already corrected: Both props corrected. Have to work once set on refining the blades a bit, as of course the variation of pitch throughout the blade has to be re-contoured too:
  4. stevehed

    DFW CV Poland

    Might the gun ring be an LVG ring, very similar to the Scarff ring. Used on the AEG GIV and LVG CVI during 1918.
  5. Many thanks, John. It doesn't tell me much about what goes on inside, but it certainly gives me a "feel" for the aeroplane, and that's important!
  6. There's only room in this bird for ONE Col Kurtz lol... lovely model so far.. thanks for sharing
  7. That has come up a treat! The yellow is wonderfully solid and smooth, never a fun colour to get to behave. All that is left now is to run round he garden with her in hand on her maiden flight Matt
  8. I eagerly bought this book, but was disappointed. It is less of a "how to" and more of a showcase for the featured modellers - each of whom tackles the subject differently. Which actually confuses the situation no end. And as noted it only advocates the use of Ammo MiG products, correct, appropriate or otherwise. I had perhaps expected a book about the evolution of IDF colours over time and the "best" way to represent each evolution. This is not that book.
  9. AMT did... in 1964. They had the promo contract, so they also made Lincoln kits every year from 1958 to 1968. The '65 convertible has been reissued numerous times and is in the current line, but the hardtops were only produced as annual kits. I picked up this '63 to restore a while back.
  10. Thank you, gentlemen, for the kind words. I am of the 'nothing looks so like metal as metal' school when it comes to doing a bare metal finish. Here is the picture of the actual machine.... It was a bit of luck the name of the pilot who eventually crashed it was an unusual one. If it had been Pruit or Peters or something like that, such clear traces could not have been readily found. Here is a link to an excellent site with a lot of information on U.S. Army trainers and bases at the time. http://www.fuselagecodes.com/index.html
  11. Sorry to hear that fella, I hope you are feeling better soon. It's a fantastic day there so hope that does lessen the pain somewhat. Chris
  12. Plain vanilla or candy striped, a Sabre is a beautiful airplane! Sure looks elegant even without the obligatory yellow and black ID bands. Nice model! Mike
  13. Cheers Neil,..... might be re painting the codes Sky yet,..... and I wish I`d had that second reference photo when I was building the model,...... but thanks mate.
  14. Very painful Chris,...... and suffering now,..... but well worth it mate. ,cheers.
  15. Hobby Search (1999.co.jp/eng) seem to be getting quite a lot of Fujimi's F1 cars restocked lately. Sought-after kits like their Lotus 97T, Williams FW14B & FW16, MP4/6, Ferrari F1-87/88C & 641, BT46B and others are to be had along with a lot of Fujimi's 1/24 racing & road cars. You might have to use their "Notify when available" feature to get an email when the kit(s) you want are restocked and you might need to be quick to order when they are. I reckon licencing issues loom large in Tamiya's & Hasegawa's thinking. For example Hasegawa's Lotus 79 is easily obtainable but their Ferrari 312T kits are rocking horse poo. The most recent F1 kit I own is Tamiya's RB6 and that has the decal sheet stapled to the bottom of the box apparently to prevent Red Bull logos being traded or misused by us naughty modellers. Even Japanese modellers couldn't buy extra copies of the sheet as they normally can! Am I dreaming to hope for an IM 1/20 F1 Mercedes? Its lucky I prefer older cars and Ebbro are still interested. Roll on their Tyrrell 005 & 006.
  16. Wow- what incredible workmanship- that is one complicated airframe to build from a kit, much less scratchbuild. You should be very proud of this one! Mike
  17. Hi Alan, I've only just noticed this thread and it sounds as if you you are on a huge rollercoaster of life. I hope you get some more good news in due course. Your enthusiasm is matched by the quality of your work and the modelling world would be much duller without your presence. What ever you do, I hope it becomes a profitable venture as we can't expect you to do this at the expense of earning a living from your skills. Take care Neil
  18. Thanks Stew. According to Edgar (the late Edgar Brooks) it was anodized red, so I hoped clear red may give the right effect. I'm not sure it did - it is so small you cant tell. Very hard to see at all but I know it's there.... Not sure about later square versions of the gun button on later Marks
  19. I have the Hataka and the RAFM book, I’ll brush out a swatch tomorrow
  20. Spotted this Messerschmitt microcar in Inverness on Thursday. Not sure I've ever seen one on the road before.
  21. You might say it's not an accurate kit - but who cares when you can build a superb model like that out of it! Remarkable skill, outstanding result! And the kit was 'born' the same year as me - I must say it scrubs up better than I do now....!! Stunning model! Keith
  22. Hello All, It seems that bad news all round is the norm these days, especially in my case. I have just learned that the Americans are no longer on board with working together with me and after much talks and sharing of technical information, its back to square one, where I will be working by myself. They learned a lot from me and my ideas and decided they could do better, such is life. I will plod on as usual and gain encouragement and hope from my followers and supporters. Stay tuned, I am not finished yet. Alan
  23. Beautiful work Andy. I have an advanced Tie fighter to build and will use your superb rendition as an inspirational guide. Regards Richard
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