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  2. Dutchplanes

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Thanks Jan! Hans
  3. exdraken

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    Splendid catwork!
  4. AndyPG

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Hi Konrad, Any updates? Andy.
  5. Mick4350

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    infused stranded Russian cosmonaut
  6. Tim Reynaga

    1/2400 IJN Ryujo

    I’ve always loved GHQ’s ‘Micronaut’ line of 1/2400 scale warships. Intended to be used as wargame counters, these models are simple to assemble and ridiculously tiny, but the detail on them is first rate! This one is one of the Japanese navy’s ill-fated light aircraft carriers, the IJN Ryujo. I started by cleaning up an old Nichimo 1/200 U-Boat stand. Taking a sheet of high quality artist’s drawing paper intended for watercolors, I traced and cut out an outline of the ship. After gently rolling the paper over a pen to create a lightly undulating “sea”, I lightly attached it to the base with dots of cyanoacrylate (super glue). Once I was happy with the positioning, the whole paper got a soaking with the cyano. This fixed it securely in place and made it rock hard. Then I trimmed the paper and sanded the sides smooth to integrate the sea seamlessly onto the base. The sea base was painted with a coat of Tamiya Royal Blue (X-3) acrylic with enamel paints for the wake. The sides were then shot with Tamiya Desert Yellow (XF-59) acrylic followed with a streaky coating of Winsor & Newton Burnt Sienna artist’s oil (with just a touch of Burnt Umber) to simulate the look of a wood base. Now back to the ship! To depict the Ryujo as she appeared at the time of her loss at the Battle of the Eastern Solomons on August 24, 1942, the model was painted in Tamiya Kure Naval Arsenal Gray acrylic (XF-75). Then I applied the decal to the previously glossed flight deck. The end result is quite effective – and SO much easier than painting all this would have been! To complete the paint job, I added small details on the boats and funnels followed by a thin dark gray oil wash over the gray acrylic to outline details and deepen recesses. The ship was then attached to the ocean base with Soft Gel Medium, a clear viscous polymer used by artists as a thickener for acrylic paints. It works great as an adhesive, too. As with all Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carriers, the Ryujo carried multiple masts to support communication antenna wires. These masts rotated down to horizontal during combat or flight operations. Matching the dimensions of a scaled down drawing of the vessel, I cut the three smaller units from brass wire and attached them to the ship with polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue. To replicate the main mast’s lattice structure, I repurposed a type 13 radar from a 1/700 scale Japanese destroyer photoetch set, cutting the piece down and attaching it to a wire cut to the appropriate length along with a yard and antennae spreaders. As a final step, I installed copper wire rigging taken from an old coil. This stuff is about as fine as human hair, but even so it is fairly heavy for 1/2400 scale. I added just a representative sampling of the ship’s rig to keep from overwhelming the little model. The tiny IJN Battle Ensign is a Peddinghaus decal from their 1/1250 scale “Marineflaggen Japan” set. And done!
  7. Mark Szeman

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    It just never ends ... Tactical nitrile gloves, for better airbrush trigger accuracy ala Cellulose thinners ... I need a sonic cleaner ....
  8. Tbolt

    DC 3 / C47 - Best Kit 1/72

    Thanks for that. The instructions are only for 8014, which I already found but the only info I needed was that they are the same kit so thanks.
  9. Max Headroom

    Star Trek Discovery (Beware, possible spoilers!)

    ^^^^ well that would make a dull programme! Episode 3 - Tilly experiments with the food replicator Trevor
  10. limeypilot

    AW101 Merlin HM2

    I just love the subtly differant shades. That, and the little bits and pieces you've added, just make for a real stunner. Top job. Is she going to Telford? Ian
  11. Max Headroom

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    by mixing with cola
  12. Very nice indeed, especially the subtly varied tones in the monochrome finish - well done!
  13. Looking forward to this one in particular...
  14. Review here thanks to DoraWings;
  15. Excellent build. The preshading worked very well on this one.
  16. SleeperService

    A Meteor F.3. Mostly Tamiya

    Boo! I'll bet you all thought I'd given up and gone home with the football, but no I'm still here. Why the delay? I hear... Well to be honest this project started driving me mad as I couldn't reconcile the cockpit position, cockpit interior and the model. After a week of frustration I threw it all in a box and applied myself to the Patton STGB while I cleared my mind. So today I pulled it out looked at it, did some brain dead work on my Minenraumer and waited for the lightbulb to come on. It did! My cunning fuselage & wing surgery was fine but I hadn't thought it through to the end. Basically the kit starts tapering too far back and I hadn't dealt with it. So the cockpit roof was removed along with the nose underside. I also realised that the tail fin was askew so cut it off shimmed and refitted. It's only the second or third Tamiya kit I've seen with a warped part. My butchery hadn't helped but the part was certainly warped. Returning to the nose area I braced the front in line with the rear of the gun cover panels, squared off the kit sides and added a semi-circular chunk of card then some filler to blend it all in. A tapered piece on the nose top saw everything straight and lining up. Result! I've also got the nacelles nice and smooth and filler for the bits I missed. I've got to fill a bit on the rear fuselage side where the warped area is but that's tomorrow after it's good and solid. In other news the CMK Hurricane seats have arrived so I'm good to go. Next stage is modifying my already twice revised cockpit to remove the fudge I'd attempted earlier, then cut out the cockpit opening for the Squadron Vacform replacement canopy. EEK! I've just noticed the state of the trailing edges, better do something about those before I forget....
  17. Nikolay Polyakov

    RF-101C VOODOO 1/48 KH…the intakes are done!

    It’s a very detailed research, Quang. It’s something new to me. I’ll need to check the Book. Thank you! Cheers!
  18. Frankly speaking most 1/700 carrier kit manufacturers do supply their products with such a plethora of (more or less crude) aircraft, that no one is able to put all of them on the decks (at least in "ready-to-fly" configuration). Thus after building a dozen of such models my drawer is full of 100+ such small aircraft (with 3 DOZENS of omnipresent F/A-18 caricatures among them). So this is neither the matter of ability nor of will to invest in additional parts for this (or any other) waterline project. For me converting these tiny aircraft is just some kind of challenge or eyeball/fingers test after 53 years of modelling If the Nassau attempt is successfull (surely the pair of Broncos will be the most challenging part of it) I will try to convert subsequent dozens of similar aircraft to get the Loire 130, A5M, F8F, C-2, EA-6B, F8U, Alouette 3 and Ka-27 (feasibility studies completed). Unfortunately there are still many other aircraft that I have no idea where to start from: FJ3, F3H, Etendard, Alize, Seahawk, Sea Venom - here I will have to follow the Bronco path I'm afraid... Cheers Michael
  19. silberpferd

    Fw 190 d-11.

    Nice model, superb finish
  20. My brain hurts. But there’s some lovely modelling going on too!
  21. Greg Law

    Airfix Fairey Swordfish MkI

    Nice little Swordfish
  22. Lawzer

    78th fs p47d eileen

    Here’s my 2 together: the one on the right is the old monogram kit. In the instructions it calls for - well nearest I had - msg. It gave thanks to the actual pilot for his help with markings and i’m Assuming colour so went with that. they look 2 totally different aircraft (well, of course they were!)...
  23. AdrianMF

    Fairey Long Range Monoplane

    It’s ...errr... “in progress”. I did add a bit of Milliput to the wings the other day and I’ve thought of another way to do the cockpit and cowling, so it’s technically not on the shelf of shame at the mo... Regards, Adrian
  24. Excellent job indeed....your daughter has a lot of skill
  25. Vince1159

    A bit of legal advice please.

    I hope you don't mind me asking John but why are you interested in a UK dealership when it'd probably be cheaper in Europe.....An uncle of mine always bought his cars from Belguim because of the price difference....
  26. André, it's classed as plumber's aluminium tape: I guess it's more the domain of heating engineers - to secure lagging on pipework. But, it's thin aluminium tape with an adhesive backing, and seems to work very well in this situation too! Plus it's cheap compared to BMF sheets (though probably thicker). Edited to add: I am forgetting my manners - I should thank @rob Lyttle for putting me on to this idea and where to get the materials from
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