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  2. That looks really nice. I have a FROG one in my stash.
  3. Sorry, I'm a bit late to the party... standard procedure for the airbrakes was to keep them closed. It's relatively rare to see them open on a Starfighter unless they are being used. The intakes are in aluminum with the exception of the area closer to the lip, that was often painted in black, Some users however painted this in the camo colour. The cones are also black up to the boundary layer inlet ring and silver after this
  4. Nice work, André! Unfortunately, there’s not an easiest kits as I see but I think you’ll nailed them soon.
  5. 80 spitfires? You have to post a photo of that!!! Nice spit - have this kit in the stash and can’t wait to start it
  6. Was it the same yellow-orange as used for marks painted on part of leading edge fast identification? And for squadron insignia sometimes? Please note on photo the prop tip band is of different shade of yellow. Regards J-W
  7. Given that this build is to 30 August 1944, a tour starting in September that year is pushing it a bit. I believe there were P-51Ds available, as this link suggests https://ww2db.com/image.php?image_id=10723
  8. As a Scotsman, I am too mean to use anything more expensive than Revell acrylics. I do splash put for Tamiya tape though, which as a precaution I cut to size and then stick down onto the desk and peel off a few times to remove some of the stick. I've never had any bother with the paint peeling off and I am often quite impatient so don't leave it long between coats.
  9. Yes, more or less. Take a look at the photos on this link. White bellied E and F models mostly show uniformly silver/aluminium fuselage sides and upper surfaces. On some aircraft some slight variations may be seen here and there at close examination. Here is a photo of B-52E, depicted in Wolfpak decals, awaiting her faith on a boneyard. There is not much variation in silver finish visible, and the same goes for a photo of Boeing B-52E Stratofortress, 57-0122, taken while this aircraft was still in service. Cheers Jure
  10. Hi, The Vulcan just landed here. It's awesome. Can't wait to put it on the bench (I just have to build my bench first, though). Cheers, S.
  11. One of the things that rattles my cage is the daily lecture on BBC Breakfast program usually telling us that we should all stop eating this and must only eat that. The trouble is that these people live in another world to real people. Today's lecture was along the lines of, we should all stop driving petrol/diesel vehicles and switch to emission free electric cars. Can you see the family man who is struggling to put food on the table for his family, being able to afford the ridiculously high price of one of these vehicles. Get real! I sometimes think, that's it, I'm not watching the Beeb's morning news anymore. I'm going to switch over to ITV's Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and.........nah!! Maybe not. John.
  12. Ciao Giuliano ! Good to hear that G-IRTY will pass by Bresso airport... I live just across the A4 motorway from the airport, will sure go and see the Spitfire there ! Regarding the box to use, I'd say that the late one is better, as G-IRTY started her life as MJ271, therefore will all the features included in the Eduard Mk.IXc late box. In her current form however this aircraft differs in a number of details from the original wartime configuration and this can lead to a different choice of the starting box. This is particularly true of one difference: MJ271 at some point acquired bulges over the wheel wells and these are clearly visible in pictures of G-IRTY as she is today. These bulges were an immediate postwar modification on the whole fleet and are present on most if not all currently flying Spit IXs, so much that many kits reproduced them, for example the 1/72 Hasegawa and Airfix kits. Eduard however properly moulded the wings of their wartime Spitfires without these bulges, meaning that if you start from a IXc late you will have to add these bulges. Now I don't know which scale you're interested in and as I mainly build in 1/72 I'm not sure what the features are like in the 1/48 Eduard kits, what I know for sure is that they issued a Mk.XVI bubbletop with the late wing, so ideally you would need these wings. Personally I'd do a bit of crosskitting, fitting the wing with bulges on a IXc late while using the wings without bulges on the Mk.XVI. The latter can so be built as a wartime aircraft without bulges. Regarding the other dofferences, one very visible is the late style rudder. No problem here as Eduard has this in the sprues common to all variants, so any box will have this rudder. Same for the various type of wheels and gear legs, every box should include them all. G-IRTY lacks any armament or gun fairing, this means that it doesn't matter if you use a C or an E wing, in any case fairings and armament will have to be removed. The XVI late wing (with the bulges) represents a E wing. I've not seen clear pictures of the undersides, so I don't know if the various ejection slots have been faired, in any case this would be an easy job. Hope to have helped ! I've based my comments on the study of pictures only, if anyone know better please let me know
  13. Hi And thanks for the replies cheers jerry
  14. Found it - Simunek VBS 1 by Eduard . This is the kind of obscure subject that Eduard seems to have given up on though one might argue it is a tad too obscure even by their standards - only 1 piece ever made . https://www.72news.eu/2018/08/eduard-simunek-vbs-1-kunkadlo-2019.html
  15. Hi the sprue photos appear to show one https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Xp-QQCI1u9w/XV0n2YUVRjI/AAAAAAAAsZQ/s---nCChMuYOHD3oxFWS5x5n-IYdn6GzgCLcBGAs/s1600/BRP72039-1.jpg cheers jerry
  16. Hello Britmodellers! While the Vigilante is under the leisure sanding work, I decided to build and paint some figures in parallel. Actually, I was a big fan of the Dragon’s «Nam» series back in the late ‘90s, so it’s not a surprise that I chose this kit. I’m not so hurry with this build, but I want to have some fun and recall my painting skills. The box art: An «instruction» along with the painting scheme: Sprue A: Sprue A (backside): Looks not not so bad in comparison with the Dragon, I think it’s an excellent sculpting work here. Sprue B: I love the basic M16A1 on the left side of the sprue, but these on the right (along with M203) is something not so good in my opinion - I need something to replace these later. Sprue B (backside): This time I choose the water-based paints and get a two interesting sets: I’m not so experienced with this kind of paint, but I’m looking forward to try it (tasty pics, isn’t it?): Thanks for looking!
  17. You can also find those at scaledetails and Knupfer. In the Knufper webshop they are Imitateschrauben. The acorn nuts are Hutmutter. Sincerely Pascal
  18. The Mustang GB starts on December 14 .. uou will have plenty of time to build them ... Patrice Good morning If I don't make a mistake Clarence Anderson flew one P 51 B Mustang ( serial 43 24823 ) during his first tour of operations with the 357 fighter Group from December 1943 to July 1944 and subsequently he flew 1 P51D (serial 414 450) during his second from September 1944 to January 1945.. https://search.aol.com/aol/image;_ylt=A2KLfR1j0YFdKrYAHClpCWVH;_ylu=X3oDMTByMDgyYjJiBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?q=CLARENCE+ANDERSON+MUSTANG&v_t=webmail-searchbox#id=61&iurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2F736x%2F46%2F54%2Fc4%2F4654c49df4f42344a44200be7cc0b5b1--mustang-p-p--mustang.jpg&action=close Patrice
  19. Cleaned up and added a few more details.
  20. Don't know how I missed this but hey, better late than never. I love the step by step progress, very informative. Also like how you've added strips of plastic to support the canopy. Good show. Stuart
  21. Just found this thread linked from another here. This will be very useful for me as I've a "Japanese Navy Type 93 Advanced Trainer (Willow) from Nitto kit No. 391 in 1:32nd to do. A replacement for a destroyed model. Great post from long ago.
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