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  2. I didn't even know there was such a thing as masking fluid. I'll have to google that
  3. I think four Curtiss CT-32 Condor were used as trasport plane till late 1940s. http://linea-ala.blogspot.com/2010/07/curtiss-condor-en-la-aviacion-naval.html Argentine produced few own types also At the bottom of page quoted above there are links to use of many types, most of Allies WWII type were used after the war I belive Cheers J-W
  4. Being able to finish a model with accidently paint stripping it is all part of tue "ease of use" of enamels for me. Some acrylics almost reduced me to punching holes in household plasterboard and stamping on kits. I'll take paint that stays where you put it over being able to rinse a brush under a tap.
  5. I always had a bit of a soft spot for the SLUFF. Many years ago I built the Matchbox 1/72 kit, wrap around cameo, bombed up to the full (which was a lot of bombs). Good luck with the shark mouth.. Would you consider painting it flat on a bench onto decal paper then transferring those to the model? It might be easier to get consistency between the sides that way rather than painting directly onto the model..
  6. Very nice! We need a new, modern Buchon and derivatives kit in 48th!!
  7. You need to have a chat with John = Canberrakid on here. Steve.
  8. Now thats one heck of a save, good work.
  9. This all may go sideways anyways, if it does i will just go with the original. Thought id try my hand at painting the mouth first and if it fails i have the decals to fall back on. I still have the '72 decals.
  10. stevehnz

    Moving to the UK

    I quite enjoy a Pilsner, mind you, like any variety they can be variable, I'll assume that isn't a good one, our craft brewing industry in New Zealand turns out some lovely ones. Steve.
  11. I would have gone with the 'Nam era SLUF. Those guys at Korat RTAB really helped turn up the heat during Linebacker II. Then follow it up with the Flying Tigers A-7. That's my plan one day at least.
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  13. Thats why i Drink Guiness, Smithwicks, Harp, and other non Americans brands.
  14. Here's a link that may help.
  15. Hello all, Having gone through the many discussions regarding interior colours for the H-75/P-36 family, I am still at a loss regarding the colours of the flap interiors. I am making a Peruvian P-36G (which, I think would have been inherited from the former Norwegian-in-exile fleet) and wonder if anyone has an idea regarding flap colours. Thanks in advance!
  16. Airfix 1\76 panther tank. Here's my effort considering I don't normally do armour it's a nice little kit only after I had two goes at. the wheels
  17. Yowzah! Can't have enough 352nd FG Mustangs! Very nice build! Mike
  18. Yes Adrian, I've been watching this take shape over the last few weeks as the Oxford was one of my initial Frog projects I wanted to do within this GB. To be honest, the amount of effort and toil that you've applied kinda made me re-think this a bit. I've still got my work cut out on this and other potential Frog kits, so I'm sure to get enough 'scratch build'n' in to keep me happy. Cheers.. Dave
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