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  2. Errr....It's difficult in black and white photos.
  3. No fun if it's (too) easy Colin, but I take your point 'tis an itch scratcher though and must be done
  4. 825

    Harrier paint finishes

    Thanks @Bobski very helpful.
  5. Hello Francesco... from the windy city of Chicago. Dennis
  6. See the link below to the Sikorsky web page, which has excellent photos, description, and history of all of their rotary wing aircraft. Hope this will help a little. Not that it means anything, but I don't recall ever seeing a USAF example with the rotor blades folded, with the exception of when one was being airlifted. I have seen written reference to the Navy and Marine examples having power folding for the rotor blades, but not the AF ones. Very useful aboard ship, to be sure. Mike https://www.sikorskyarchives.com/index.php
  7. For the record, in case someone else comes looking in a year or two's time, this is the Iliad sheet for camo'd B-29s in 1/72. In addition to the wanted section here it might be worth putting a search out on the usual used dealers and the well-known auction site. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/iliad-design-72003-camouflaged-b-29-s--182506
  8. Think I've seen them all up here in Durham, and they were well worth seeing Andy
  9. I don't think we can say conclusively what scale it's going to be unless someone's got more information than us at this stage. My money would be on 1:48, but that's just wishful thinking. Whether there's more perceived need and profit in a 1:48 one I have no idea, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see. It would be good if we could avoid this thread from devolving into a scale war, as there's no correct scale, it's just our preference.
  10. Fuselage code letters were masked and sprayed with Alkan BS:210 sky type ’s’. There’s quite a bit of ‘touching-up’ needed, in some cases I was a little too enthusiastic using the tweezers to remove some of the masking! I used the Eduard masks for the walkways, Eduard would have you spray the walkways black and then mask for the camo’. Tamiya XF-85 rubber black was used for the walkways. Then XF-63 German grey along the centres. Whilst I had the XF-63 in the air-brush I added some to the propellor. I then touched-up the seepages. The windscreen was also attached. Next I’ll be adding the decals. until next time as always, any suggestions, criticisms or comments will be gratefully received. rgds John(shortCummins)
  11. There was an article in either Air Classics or Air Combat many years ago about U.S. aircraft being towed across the border; I seem to recall some Helldiver photos. Good eye, John! Mike
  12. Small update, Bill has been kind enough to let me have the remaining Caracal decals from his B58 build so I now have the correct decals for the Op Bullseye aircraft, also got hold of some 8mm acrylic rod as I decided to go for an in=flight build,.
  13. looking really good. Also in the details like the ammo belt. (How did you do that one btw?) That aiming circle (how it's called in proper English?) on the roof is a killer (I know, aerial mark for friendly aircraft, aiming circle for the enemy...)
  14. No. GasPatch has "taken over" that project. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234990411-148-lockheed-sr-71a-blackbird-by-hypersonic-gaspatch-models-3d-renders-in-progress-resin-starter-cart-by-aim-released V.P.
  15. Source: https://tamiyablog.com/2020/01/tamiya-static-models-nuremberg-toy-fair-2020/ V.P.
  16. thanks Sturmovik, I've used the Montex masks before and always had reasonable results, always had some seepage even when burnishing the masks but nothing that can't be easily fixed. rgds John(shortCummins)
  17. Ah, alright thanks. You just need to copy/paste the address of the relevant post. The BM fairies will do the rest and create a snazzy link automatically. And lo...
  18. Thanks Al, I agree, I'm going to go with the dark green.
  19. Hypersonic models have been promising a new tools sr-71 since 2015 and they recently released a starter cart for the aircraft, i wonder if revell have taken over that project but anyways it's good news .
  20. Hurricane Z7059 finally done up as AG291 NB-F of No 1 Sqn Arrakonam Oct 43.
  21. Hmmm In North America and I have no issues here ? I wonder if anyone else is having problems ?
  22. Latest one finished is Italeri's Henschel HS129 B2 in R1 weapons fit. Nice little kit which looks like a scaled down version of Hasegawa's HS129, built OOB as a Romanian aircraft of the 41st assault group, Genichesk, 1943. The Romanian aircraft were never given the 30mm belly cannon so just had the 4 50kg bombs. I used Humbrol maskol for the layout the snow camo as an experiment as I did'nt fancy hand painting or using tape to mask up, I think it worked pretty well. The engine nacelles are a poor fit and needed additional work to get on straight. Painted with Tamiya and Xtracylic paints and no weathering as I didn't want to mess up the snow camo. As usual all comments welcome. And with the 1/48 Revell one I made 3 years ago
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