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  2. Hello @Martian Hale, Here's Percy ! You once more let your car right before my doors.... It's been removed by the cops ! See !! Thanks to @Ex-FAAWAFU and @perdu for the chopper renting !! Percy
  3. Another fantastic build, a master class! The level of skill on this site is amazing. Wulfman
  4. Aye lad, that'll do. (translated from Yarkshirian' "Utterly fabulous model old man") A proper tour de force too, a journey of extreme pleasure for all we participants Yes mate that WILL DO thank you for the enjoyment
  5. Hey Folks, I completed the the bases with some gras and detail painting and now I'm calling this squad done! here are some pictures: I'm especially proud of the chaos marines piece of armor! with this squad off the bench I had some choices as to what to do next... the following picture is a little teaser: Thanks for watching Cheers Konrad
  6. I think that's what they are - looking at colour photos of flying Tornados of that period, there are similar lines as well as on the rudder. This is what it looked like with the slat dropped https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/var/resizes/Modeling-References/Aeroguide/Aeroguide-04-Panavia-Tornado/Aeroguide 4 Panavia Tornado_Page_12-960.jpg?m=1522041849
  7. A masterpiece, Tony! Following your WIP was entertaining and educational - but also intimidating at times, with all the sorcery needed for the amount of brass you put in it .... I'm sure you made FLT Bufton's son proud. Ciao
  8. EwenS

    737 Max

    The fuselages are built by Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita Kansas in what used to be a Boeing facility until they sold it off. Then they are railroaded to Boeing Renton. The last production figure I have was for 42 per month from April 2019. So that train (7 fuselages) is less than a weeks production. This is a nothing story.
  9. From Aeroguide 4 on the Panavia Tornado GR.1 - https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Aeroguide/Aeroguide-04-Panavia-Tornado/Aeroguide-4-Panavia-Tornado_Page_32-960
  10. That's a superb artillery piece. Nice one. John.
  11. Mmm not sure on those. I’m pretty sure they’re not wing walkways as they look wrong even in that scale. Could they be a representation of the uncamouflaged area of the slats n spoilers of the period.
  12. I was planning for 2021 too, but I enjoyed this year so much I may well book next year too! Being single has it's advantages! Ian
  13. Alas Ian, she don't like beer... And the balance of trade is something that she do not care of !! At all !! The point is "you've fun and I have to stay here at home !!" I told her to come with me, the answer has been "What ?? spending days, looking at aircraft and drinking beer surrounded by models ?? Never " So it's a typical "You loose or you don't win"argument !! Whatever, I'll be at Telford '21 with some or more rocket fuel... Depending of the result of today's ballot !! Sincerely. CC
  14. I’m sure we’ll all be patient as those that have theirs and started it are way off the decalling stage even if you know what you’d like to do.... For those of us waiting just gives more time to watch your build and be indecisive on the finished look. Although I’m partial to the West Freugh or a Ripple aircraft myself.
  15. Dear all. I'd like to present my recent adventures with the character-full old Airfix kit of 'Faithful Annie'. I made a lot of changes - as you might have anticipated for a kit this old - but belly aside, I was impressed by how accurate Airfix caught the proportions and outline of both fuselage and wings. There was much scratch-building from brass & plastic, which I won't bore you by listing again as the cumulative list of tasks and rationales can be found over here: The aircraft is the one that famously discovered the Knickebein beams being used to guide the Luftwaffe to targets over Britain in 1940 - a list of historical refs. are given over on the build thread. Aside from the Hallicrafters set used to detect the beams and the need to alter the electricity supply of the aircraft in order to power it, any further detail regarding the installation of any different aerials &etc. seems now lost in historical mists. Not surprising given the jeopardy of that period in the war. I was lucky however to be in correspondence with the son of the pilot - Flight Lt. (as he then was) H. E. Bufton - who generously sent me copies of the pages from his father's log book for that night, confirming both the serial number of the aircraft and timings of the flight. Aside from log book entries, I was able to cross reference with a copy of BAT&DU (later 109 Sqn) Operations Record Book (AIR 27/852), obtained from the National Archives. I hope that Hal Bufton's son is pleased at how his father's aircraft has turned out. All camouflage and national marking are painted with Tamiya acrylics: detailed discussion over colour schemes and why there are no squadron codes on the fuselage are contained in the latter part of the WIP so I don't propose repeating these at length again here. Main technical reference for buildings and alterations (aside from contemporary IWM photographs) of the aircraft was the Anson parts & maintenance AP.1525A,D,E&F. A general walkaround first then: Some closer-ins.... The insides had a makeover too: I hope you like the results. It was a lovely kit to be working on and I was blessed - as always - with a kind and knowledgable bunch of companions on the 18 months it took. Tony
  16. Sounds about right to me Steve. Better make sure you're not off cycling/skiing or you might miss it! Ian
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  18. I wouldn’t decliner recliner....
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