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  2. One of the 1/48 Academy releases had them. This is the boxing . Given that I have only ever seen one of those kits built as Race 80, there must be a lot of the appropriate decals floating around spare.
  3. I must admit I was tempted by the Authentic Airliners resin version, but then I picked this one up for £10 at Southern Expo and just enjoyed the experience all over again - first time I built one was 1968
  4. Up early this morning for a run with the dog so thought I may as well crack on with the spit. I sprayed on the green - I went for Tamiya XF-81 in the end as the Mig colour looked a touch too bright. The AML vinyl masks were very good to work with. Once that had cured, I sprayed the sky on the undersides. Left for a few hours then added some paint chipping on the wings and around the cockpit before popping on the exhausts and landing gear doors. Finally, a top coat of MRP gloss went on: A question on the decals if I may; Xtradecal show this machine with small roundels on the undersides, right at the edge: I can't seem to find many pictures, certainly no clear ones. Would this Spitfire have carried these in late summer 1940? The two wartime options in the Kit do not have any roundels on the undersides. Cheers Dave
  5. Hi all, The lower wing is finished now, with the trailing edge wire fitted and overall 'dumbing down' carried out using 'Alclad' Light Sheen lacquer mixed with 'Tamiya' Smoke (X19). So now it's on to scratch making the undercarriage fairing and axle assembly (not available as a 3D printed part), Mike
  6. What a lovely 1-11. You beat me too it! I saw that Nick has produced the decal fro this scheme ans am tempted to do it. Seeing yours, I'' definitely include a copy on my next order. The mods are fairly simple to do but make a huge difference to the kit. Great job! Cheers John
  7. That was a problem in real life B, check this link: http://tiger1.info/EN/Opening-engine-hatch.html In summary, the crew had to remove one link AND turn the turret to within a narrow range of angles
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing a lick of paint on this dan
  9. OK, yesterday I took some time and started with the rigging. I used EZ-line for the control wires and Prym knitting elastic for the aerodynamic wire: I also attached the undercarriage. I am also quite satisfied how the bullet above the guns turned out: Cheers, Markus
  10. Good evening, I am embarking on the interesting mission of a 1/72 Fairey Delta 2 and wish to portray it in the guise of when it had just broken the absolute air speed record. This is a peculiar colour. I wondered if some of the more knowledgable modellers here might be able to help as I can’t seen to pin the shade of colour down that I I’ll need to paint the model. See below photos for reference : Cheers, Ash
  11. It’s gonna be worth it jan keep on going. A real pain in the proverbial with the resin reaction
  12. Post #24, to be released under the AMP label. Can't wait personally
  13. Nah, something far worse, take the charging cables away, that way they can watch how much time they DON'T have left!
  14. looking awesome LLoyd! wheels look particularly awesome...great work
  15. Outstanding work! She looks so fast! What a beautiful model!
  16. Absolutely amazing. This is a wonderful WIP thread, and I particularly appreciate the tutorials on foiling and riveting. Wow. Thanks, Jan. Very nice work indeed. And the Dak is beautiful; very nice livery and the mods are spot on. Such good work. Thank you for sharing.
  17. You are right) To repaint and to correct models with some parts
  18. Hello Tony,, I guess both : First the Schnitzel attacked him very vastly and surely just before his death he could manage to defend himself in a heroric way for him and his fellows. He defeated it instantly with a hard bite. His fellows followed for sure then. These brave guys!. Cheers Btw: Great interior. Like it that way. Cheers again
  19. PS , I don`t know how to post larger pics ! .
  20. I’m also gonna base the JT I’m building on a 512th vehicle and was curious to the scheme on those vehicles as well. I found a few color photos online but they don’t lead to much information haha. One looks to be mostly dunkelgelb and the other seems to be mostly olivgrun with a third in an ambush scheme. Here’s the photos I’ve found, not sure if the third photo is 512th tho:
  21. OK, time to start my thread, I'm snowed under at present with models, work, and my garden, but I've been so looking forward to this, I'm building a 1/35 zvezda king tiger henschel turret, no zimmerit, when I bought the kit, probably 2 years ago I found on opening the box the Hull bottom was horribly warped, twisted , I actually started work on attempting to straighten it during the panzer gb, using boiling water a hair dryer and a razor saw around some of the suspension arm inserts, to relieve some of the twist, on the inside of the hull, I can report its a 95% fix, the other 5% I'm hoping will be sorted upon bonding the upper and lower hulls together, the kit is actually dragon molds originally, early, granted, and basic, Scalemates helped to identify it so I Could spruce the old banger up with a couple of pe sets, I'm unsure of the scheme, I'll be doing I like the ambush camo and I did notice the knight on the horse, that's already being built in the gb, progress is expected in fits and starts at first, some pictures Cheers
  22. Thanks guys , it`s the HK kit , 1/32 nd .
  23. I agree with the above comments regarding the weathering, especially the "washes". I think your Spitfire looks remarkably real and avoids any sense of being overdone, or having a patchwork effect where every single panel line is equally accented. It shows a lot of attention to detail, imho. Great looking, war-weary Spit!
  24. To be honest all I would want would be GPMG and mount and the IR jammer. There is more than enough etch in the kit.
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