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  2. That's the first mistake armchair CEOs make - assuming their personal opinions are valid for the entire market. If the question is 'How good is Airfix at following product suggestions?', my answer is - "Hopefully not very, if they want to stay in business".
  3. Rolls-Royce

    Last Northrop N9M Crashes

    I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the WWII area, but the last surviving Northrop N9M Flying Wing crashed a little while ago in a prison yard at Norco, California, several miles east of the plane's home at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino. No one on the ground was hurt, but the aircraft was totally destroyed and the pilot apparently perished. It's a sad day for aviation history buffs. I was lucky enough to have seen it in the pattern at the Ontario (California) airport a number of years ago and was hoping to see it again someday.
  4. hovis

    What was your first single and album.

    My first album came first, I was getting a record player for Christmas, so mum took me into a music shop to choose a record to play on it. I didn't have a great knowledge of music at the time so I went with something I had heard a couple of songs on, Shakin' Stevens Greatest Hits... My first single was a bit of a plan B for me. Me and my mate had gone down town to Woolies to buy the Northern Ireland 1986 World Cup song, but they had sold out! I thought I'd rather buy something else rather than return home empty handed, I chose Madonna's Who's That Girl. I don't know why, I wasn't even a big fan of Madonna!
  5. Tailspin Turtle

    Al Williams Grumman Gulfhawk 4

    I’m just speculating, but I don’t think Grumman would have gone to the trouble (design, stress analysis, tooling, etc.) of making a pair of non folding wings for two civil Bearcats. There wasn’t much weight savings to be had since the wings folded manually (a lever released the locking pins and a bar stuck in a hole in the outboard panel used to fold the outboard panel up). My guess is that the paint shop simply puttied over the joint and sanded the putty smooth before painting. Maybe the inboard and outboard panels were physically attached to each other so the hinges and locking pins could be removed but that doesn’t seem worth the engineering effort involved.
  6. I bought the Roden 1/72 scale kit when I found it at a very nice price. For a long time I wanted a 1914 version of it but as the Roden kit is a 1920 version I have to convert it. As it isn't much use cutting the plastic if I can't get some spoked wheels for it I decided to start with the wheels. I am not aware of any wheels suitable, so I have to improvise. I started by adding the diameter of a plastic tube with thin plastic strips and cut pieces for tires from it. The shape was sanded, and putty will be brushed on to get a smooth finish. I wasn't happy with the result, so I looked at the spare part boxes even though I had little hope of finding any WW1 aircraft wheels that I could use. Needing eight wheels doesn't make it easier but I found three sets from the Junkers F13 that I can use, and I have another kit that will be built with floats, so I’ll get the missing wheels there. Eduard etched spokes added. I think it will work. But what about the turret in the Roden kit? It is hard to tell in this scale, but I think it is the higher 1920's model. I don't trust the drawings I have, they show the same turret on both the 1914 and 1920's cars.
  7. shizheng18

    China 1947

    i like you said 'human interest', that s what i want to talk with this diorama,I don't like the scene of killing.
  8. I know what you mean about " modern " airliners. Just last month I had to make a quick trip across Canada to my home province of Nova Scotia. Man oh man, are those seats crap and sitting there for 5 hours is definitely bum-numbing! I managed to void all my internal waste storage before boarding ( both there and back ) so I didn't have to sample the on-board facilities. Chris
  9. Yesterday
  10. cngaero

    Blue Steel bomb trolley

    I'm looking forward to these forthcoming additions to your range Neil.
  11. redleader

    Dora Heinrich

    Dora Heinrich redux: Thought I could improve things a bit; clean stuff up and add more detail... so here's MkII RB Productions Seat Belts, Quickboost resin ammo drums (with Eduard photo etch straps) and Airscale decals
  12. VMA131Marine

    How good is Airfix at following product suggestions?

    Trumpeter's problem is poor/inadequate primary research. When they get good source materials they have proved capable of getting excellent results. Yes, outsourcing introduces cost and complexity to the design process, the important question is whether it saves money overall.
  13. I'm not sure. I haven't examined my kit that closely yet. Chris
  14. Tony Whittingham

    Al Williams Grumman Gulfhawk 4

    Thanks 72modeler, It also looks to me that there’s no fold. Looking forward to hear any and all opinions on this one. I was planning a 1/32 build. Orange is the new blue! TW
  15. VMA131Marine

    How good is Airfix at following product suggestions?

    That's not the definition of market saturation. It just means you don't want to see another BF109/Spitfire/P-51/etc. If the market were saturated, Tamiya would not just have invested in new tool kits in 1/72 and 1/48.
  16. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Me 410 armament

    I found this page, http://109lair.hobbyvista.com/DETAILSITE/DE/410/me410.htm left side of screen marked Armament layout diagram. It give a detailed schematic of a 410 A1
  17. CedB

    Airfix 1/72 Spitfire XIX

    Nice work Charlie
  18. More nice work Phil I've scrapped the flat EZ Line in favour of the Infini stuff from Jamie at Sovereign Hobbies - much better IMHO and available in different gauges. Can't provide a link at the mo as the site's closed for the Scottish Nationals
  19. PeterB

    Me 410 armament

    Hi Dennis, I know what the armament was, it's the actual location that is the problem. One source says the cannon in the middle of the nose and the mg in the troughs at the side, and the other says the exact opposite, hence my request. I posted on this forum in error and have now posted again on the WWII one. No prob with the extra guns in the bomb bay container as they are not in dispute. At the moment I am going with the mg in the side troughs but have a few weeks before I have to make the final decision where to put the ruddy gun barrels. That's part of the fun with this hobby - the more references you build up the more likely they are to contradict each other, or so I have found over the last 60+ years! Still, as there only 2 preserved 410 and the one on your side of the pond is not currently available, I guess it is not surprising - 109s are a lot easier. Thanks for your prompt reply. Cheers Pete
  20. lasermonkey

    What was your first single and album.

    First single I bought for myself: If The Kids Are United by Sham 69. Don't judge, I was only twelve! First album I bought for myself: Paranoid by Black Sabbath.
  21. CedB

    The mighty hunter

    Good on yer Stu - I think you'll enjoy the build more if you just follow the kit!
  22. rob Lyttle

    CT-133 Silver Star 133542 1/48 Academy

    Ah... Okay Not just the one GB then! Didn't want you to be twiddling your thumbs while you were waiting for the rest of us. But it doesn't look like there's ANY CHANCE of that in the fore-seeable...
  23. PF Naughton

    HMS King George V

    Hi, Your build looks great. I particularly like how you painted the cranes. Pat
  24. brewerjerry

    Me 410 guns query

    Hi might be worth browsing the manuals here http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/ cheers jerry
  25. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Italian Stallion

    Im not sure i understand the issue ? The canopy should sit up to a small degree above the fuselage on the real mustang. What Ive done is use low tack school grade white glue, i think thats pva glue. I tack the canopy in place, paint the model. I then pop the canopy off, sand and touch up the sills. Another method Ive used is blue tack to hold canopies in place for painting. It does two things one it holds it all in place. And two it seals it quite well against paint seepage/spray. Dennis
  26. Jasonb13

    Tamiya 1:48 F-117A Grey Dragon

    Little bit more work done! All the various bomb bay and undercarriage parts are basically finished now (though I still have to paint the wheels). Got the matt coat on them this evening, and did a little bit of dry fitting with the bomb bay... The seeker heads on the Paveways are done with a little bit of Clear Blue over Semi-Gloss Black, as I find the Clear Blue adds a hue to the Black which I like. I'll probably do the same for the two cameras on this aircraft as well. I need to figure out how much of the Bomb Bay stuff to put in now, and how much to leave out to make masking easier when I'm painting the airframe! But for the moment the next steps are some tidy ups on the lights on the undercarriage, doing the wheels as well. and then adding the bomb bay and wheel wells to the underside of the fuselage. Then I can move on to the cockpit!
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