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  2. Hi Jan, I think that you might be right, because I didn't decant any coats nor hairspray, just blasted them straight from the can, probably overdoing it. I will definitely take your advice and airbrush in thinner coats next time. Thank you very much for the advice. Best, Nikola
  3. Thanks all, & nice of you to say hello @limeypilot! Just dropped in to check on progress of all the other intriguing builds. All have my attention! Work is ongoing in the background - slowly & cautiously as advised @pheonix & @Courageous. I’ve made my way around 4/5ths of the clock face over two nights. Taking time in part due to difficulty of access around other details. Things got into a rhythm after I fashioned a custom tool from balsa, sculpted to clear projecting cowl details, with tiny pieces of wet&dry attached .. .. this let me keep the sandpaper parallel with the fuselage long-axis, progressively pulling down the surface of that patch strip recently added, until the sanding stick shows alignment by starting to burnish the fuselage skin behind. More to be done. oh, & an answer @bigbadbadgeon an important query on my technique: Of course! (Just not loud enough to wake the kids)
  4. No FO whatsoever. The LEDs shine through the holes in the parts just fine. No reflective paint or foil, just opaque plastic. I don’t know about he snap kit, but it’s roughly half the size of the 1/2700 Zvezda/Revell kit.
  5. And the problem is? http://village.photos/images/user/98f6b132-de76-46aa-adf6-3164f1b40a83/resized_b1ccbfe8-520f-488c-a6e2-f94ec34cb94f.JPG http://village.photos/images/user/98f6b132-de76-46aa-adf6-3164f1b40a83/resized_6562f90f-317e-41a6-ab1e-92b324155423.JPG
  6. The rust colored stuff is thermal insulation material. - Bill
  7. I couldn't help myself, have now bought the Viper Mk. II plus Green Strawberry PE set and replacement exhaust nozzles! I won't be building it for this unless I complete the other 3 first. Oh and I may be adding lighting to this beastie, Starbuck needs light to check her hair & makeup!
  8. Gorby

    A new 1/48 B-17!!

    No problem. There are so many forums that it can be a little confusing to start with.
  9. thanks Chris, I have been to that site already. From what I've found so far the scheme is basically Lt Ghost Grey all over. With a bit or weathering and extra trim details she should look ok. Worse comes to worse I'll base the scheme on US Marines jet colour schemes, no reason she can't look cool!
  10. I have different airbrush for vallejo and mr.color. That cant be it.
  11. That's excellent, small, compact & neat. Simple presentation with lots to see and look at. Get it in a case and on display, well done!
  12. Are you talking about my investment in buying a kit? I would get endless hours of enjoyment, so yes I would. Are you talking about the manufacturer? That's naive thinking of you sir, considering today's scale model market.
  13. Hi Mike, it is covered in shame that I must admit that only now did I look at your build thread!!! Absolutely amazingly stunningly out of this world! Brilliant build and painting! But this type of build is possibly too complicated for me... Super show. Congrats!!! JR
  14. Thanks so much Mohawk! Glad you like it! Thanks Opus! The finish did turn out pretty smooth (think I got lucky!), but man that nose decal did intimidate me. I remember "holding my breath" through the application and alignment and still didn't get it perfect. Thanks for the kind words guys!
  15. Looks good, and the inside of that turret is busy.
  16. Looks good with some colour on it. I was looking at this kit the other day and I was tempted. Is it any good to build? What sort of tracks are they? Individual links or rubber band type?
  17. Hi Martin! I don´t know that manufacturer. What decals are you looking for? Let me know maybe I can help you regards Ignacio
  18. @billn53, Amazing! Somebody who knows what photographs to take for modeling! Amazing detail photos- thanks so much for sharing them. I have saved these puppies for future reference. Wonder what the deal is on those rust-colored walls on the nose wheel bay? Composite material or titanium? Just curious, I guess! Mike
  19. aboard Dan - our vehicles area is growing, which is nice to see, so make yourself comfy and give it a go! (don't tell anyone, but I now have four car models in my stash )
  20. CT7567

    TR-1 Wheel Wells

    How specific is your search? The TR-1 was essentially a cover designation for new-build U-2Rs when they re-opened the production line in the early 80s. In 1992 the TR-1s were all redesignated as U-2Rs, and starting in 1994 a total of 22 airframes (plus three 2-seaters) were upgraded to the U-2S configuration with new engines and other features. Obviously between the end of the Cold War and the rise of digital photography you'll be more likely to find photos that date from the late U-2R/U-2S era. I have a couple of good references on the 2nd generation U-2 but unfortunately few clear color photos of the gear bays from the TR-1 era. The best shots I do have confirm that at least on the initial TR-1B - a two-seater in a unique all-white scheme - the forward bay and door interiors were green. The aft bay may be black or green, unfortunately it's too heavily shadowed to be definitive. For later U-2R/U-2S, the aft bay appears to be black with black door interiors. The forward bay door interiors are usually green, but the bay color may vary (both photos you posted above are the forward bay).
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