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  2. Morning, It is the Mk IX or MK. XVI reference 04554 (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04554-supermarine-spitfire-mkixc-xvi--103969) which appear to source its history directly to Revell. Scalemates also show parallels with ICM. Every single element I've either had to fill and sand, or just sand - some pretty major sanding works too with the fit way off at times. Even parts which don't match each other. For example in the cockpit there was a square lined bit of plastic sitting proud to fix a square piece into. However when you offer up the bit its rectangular! Several other cockpit issues too which made me think this is a bodge between two different kits - or there are new bits and they've not checked the fit. The panel lines are good, but its really slow progress.
  3. @Ventora3300 it was all down to the fact the B(I)8 need an optically flat glass for the gun sight to sit behind. English Electric were already considering a tandom crew arrangement for the Interdictor version but the Air minister wanted a minimal change minimal cost version. So Martin got the tandom seat B.57B we got the lash up B(I)8. The reason the canopy is off set to the port side was because the control runs were already down that side, minimal change! There is more to it than just that but that's the basic reasoning behind the change. John
  4. Well the club had asked people to keep to two boxes under the table, some tables had many more. Julien
  5. Now that is a fine Amiesenbär! Tamiyas kit is just wunderbar to stick togetherm wuth excellent fit all over. RLM02 in the bomb bay makes a lot of sense, so from my perspective you made the right choice.
  6. As there is a new thread for MK going forward I will close this one down and point you all to the new one; Go MK Julien
  7. Source: https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1030963650430817&id=182206638639860 V.P.
  8. Good news for 2020, and the money for a good cause. Julien
  9. There you go, that is where experience becomes a teaching moment. For me, all I know is the chinese junk vises, didn't know there would be a difference in how the operate. I did see a mini-drill set from DSPIAE, gorgeous looking set, but definitely on the expensive side. Worse, they use a proprietary drill bit, making replacement bits difficult and expensive. With that said, I will now look for a branded pin vise, I need all the help I can get, and the "right tool for the job" mantra demands it. Thanks for the tip! Anthony Here is the super drill set mentioned
  10. Beautifully done mate. very well done as usual
  11. It does have a strong family resemblance! (I meant design family, not YOUR family.) One of those things I got on a whim- someone had it on their list, the kit wasn't immediately familiar to me, and when I saw pics I was enchanted.
  12. To be honest, I couldn't care less about how accurate the colors are for your build, you could do the interior in blazing pink, but after you apply your dry brushing and oils, it would look as real as any photos of the real McCoy from your above reply. Any doubt about the outcome, should have been squashed the moment you announced your intent to build the Anson. That said, I bought a bunch of very outdated model magazines, and funny enough, there is a huge layout of the Lancaster in post war paint configurations. I wondered first, if this was the same as the Anson you are building (showing my true ignorance, but I am not afraid, pretending you know something is far worse than admitting you don't, and asking questions to learn). Anyway, one bit of interesting info I gained, shortly after the end of the war, pilots were so bored at not being shot at, that they started to fly at extreme low levels, Piddling off the local farmers and sleepy villages. Because of this, the Air Ministry sent guidelines to the DOR (directorate of operational requirements) and the MAP (ministry of aircraft production) that all Lancaster aircraft will have their serial numbers painted on both wings, large enough to be easily read from the ground, whether the aircraft was coming towards the person, or flying away. This has been so far, the biggest gain in knowledge for me, regarding the RAF in post war era. Really cool stuff. There are pages and pages of paint configurations, and most have the "night black" on the underside, even those with a white top color. Really interesting and fun, now I want to build the Anson and/or Lancaster GR.3! Cheers Did you know that this glue is made by a guy in the basement of his home? I was able to contact him, and found out his story regarding the glue. The formula is something he was taught in college as an art major. Now he mixes and bottles the glue by hand from his home after returning from his day job. Assistant gunner? Cheers, can't wait for the next bits, this is too much fun and definitely a "master class", a term I first learned from MotoGP! Anthony
  13. Thanks for letting us know something more abot the end of Hobbycraft ! Regarding the tools, many of these still exist and have become part of the Academy catalogue. Kits like the 1/72 Sabre and Banshee or the 1/48 Bearcat and Bf.109 were all originally sold by Hobbycraft. Hobbycraft also sold kits coming from other tools, like the Esci/Ertl F-14 while others looked like Italeri knockoffs
  14. Good morning I guess this info will be interesting https://www.daksovernormandy.com/aircraft/ I really hope that the weather conditions will be good in the first days on june because several parachute drops are scheduled in the Caen area https://www.dday-overlord.com/en/normandy/commemorations/2019/agenda Patrice
  15. Still masking! Just need to finish off around the nose and few odd spots, then back to the fun stuff! Tonight should see me finishing the masking, and a quick spray of black to cover the neutral grey that's spilling over. Here's the mess I have so far Aaron
  16. They really are. I subscribed to their channel a week ago, the rest of you should do the same!
  17. Roman Schilhart

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Excuse me, Harry - Niki Lauda was Austrian, not German.
  18. Now that's a good question. Careful masking then spraying a translucent layer of paint through something like a fine mesh, supported just above the surface? I hope someone with far more skill than I will be along soon.
  19. Hi Roy I’ve read your build all the way and have found it very useful with my build alongside the same dvd you’ve used. I'm just in the process of doing the roof on the Rolls and really like the way you have managed to get yours to fold. from the photos you’ve put up you can’t really see the connections of the side rails. could you please put some close up photos of the connections of the side rails as I would like to see how you’ve done them. Thanks
  20. I've got a couple of those one of each variant of the Beech with the different upper wing nacelle shapes an leading edge extensions. Also have an Otter and a couple Beavers..plus the last version of the Arrow as mentioned a couple posts ago. ALL for future builds.
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