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  2. Somewhat surprisingly, I found myself irrestibly drawn to HMV again today by a strange force that took over my wallet and made me purchase this pair; to the left the CD. To the right, the Deluxe CD with a slip case featuring slightly different picture arrangement and 3 "bonus songs".
  3. Me too ,got the Academy and the Dragon kits in the stash .
  4. Painting was uneventful. I didn’t have a proper RLM 02 in stock, so I mixed a rough approximation from various acrylic pots about the place. It’ll pass, as far as I’m concerned. I picked out some of the electronic gear in satin black, a few dials and lever knobs in red, white and yellow, and a dab or two of aluminium for scuff marks and belt buckles. Then, after polishing the Coke bottle hatch transparencies and installing them, we are all buttoned up. I left one transparency out. I tried to fit the belly window which has a gun poking through it, but it simply wouldn’t lay flush with the fuselage. I’ll do Kristal Klear or that Humbrol gloop after painting, and forget the weaponry. I think that’s about all I can manage on this for a short while. Off to a model railway trade show tomorrow, then a brief stay with the parents down on the south coast.
  5. Dear Martian I am a very young monk, only 300 years old.
  6. I don't know if this is the same problem as you have, but I use Live Mail and although I am receiving emails, I can't open them. Not only that, but I can't send any on Live Mail. I can't access my contacts either. This problem occurred a few weeks ago and our computer man came around and fixed it.......for all of a week, and then it was back to the same. My daughter in the UK said that she was having similar problems. Is it because Live Mail isn't being supported anymore? Luckily, I have an account with emSender, so I can still get to read my emails and send them too. John.
  7. Oh that's fantastic ! I appreciate this !
  8. Encore. Tangerine Dream. '77 ...
  9. Lovely little model and to me the weathering looks just right. Well done.
  10. A Yak-41 Freestyle in 1/48th scale would be welcome!!!
  11. Good!!! I like what Zvezda is doing! Have you seen their Yak-130?
  12. Iain thank you so much, these are perfect
  13. I wish I knew how to say fantastic in Russian. great finish.
  14. I have had a small problem that will slow me down a bit. I forgot to put on the guns on top of the cowling. I also had to scratch build them. This resulted in me messing up the top of the cowling because my tenor won't allow me to drop something like that in place. As a result I have had to repaint the cowling. Bit of a pain ,but it is done.
  15. Lovely! I have a plan for an alternative Angel Interceptor at some point, involving an F-104, some white paint and Spectum roundels... but I've already built one Angel this year so it will have to wait until next year
  16. A couple of shots of the mockup which should help with some of the stencils http://www.flymefriendly.com/gallery/v/AirShows/avalon2009/100_2404.jpg.html?g2_imageViewsIndex=1 https://www.flickr.com/photos/27448505@N04/7536079386
  17. I believe that Peter Hall of Atlantic Models is developing a upgrade set for the county class he has mentioned this on his Facebook page for the Cornwall not sure if this would fit in with the Kent I am still a novice at this research business beefy
  18. I should have known these were all re-treads, John. Still, two new-mould Yak-1Bs this year, so I shouldn't complain (and I have both of them). It still would be nice to have a real (as opposed to vapourware) Yak-9T new-mould kit. Best Regards, Jason
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