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  2. Looking good, a hard to find kit, wish Italeri would rerelease it! Colin
  3. If those panzer J's were green then I may have seen one on Monday and another one Tuesday. Not sure as I am not knowledgeable on AFV's.
  4. Neat build, looking forward to more images. Colin
  5. Hi All. Thats correct Christer. I used a matt aluminium colour in the wheelbays on this build. /Bosse
  6. So...with the wing attached the Stuka is looking very much like a...Stuka! As you see, no gap at all at the roots. I have also added the four air intakes to the nose of the aircraft and what I think is a landing light on the starboard wing. The only fillable gap is on the belly, here... Part A17, the missing piece, would have fitted somewhat deeply in this space. I have decided to leave it as is. Another look at the air intakes on the nose...I am not too keen on these exhaust pipes. You would think a Special Hobby kit would made them as a separate unit to glue in place. Oh well. I might have to augment them somehow. They don't seem to be there at all, really. --John
  7. coming from Mars Station
  8. The toe out is better for engine out performance. I measured the alignment of the engines in the photo and I see 2 1/2 degrees toe out on each side. Could be straight, and certainly not as extreme as on the Sunderland/Sandringham. I would like to have a photo from higher above, There is some distortion in the photo because the focal point is too close and it is not exactly above the centerline of the airplane..
  9. Thanks! Search for the Modelsvit Fitters! They are supposed to be the best all around in any scale, come in many variations and are correct!!
  10. They were all in an overall sand colour with no markings. They looked to be in good condition on the outside but I was only glimpsing them as they passed me. One was on a low loader operated by a customer of the company I work for and he is based in Sutton StJames near Holbeach. Fairy sure that they were not going to Thetford range as those that I saw Tues/Weds were in the forest heading north. Incidentally, at some point someone stuck a white reflective letter 'O' to the sign at Thetford ranges so that it looks like it says "Thetford oranges". Makes me smile every time I see it.
  11. It's not. Tonight, because she was tense about the house, Mrs P lit into me for going on trips (two trips to the UK in eight years of marriage, plus one visit to Cookie in New Mexico during which she tried to buy a house), which she never gets to do. I pointed out that she spends, on average, six to eight weeks of the year in Michigan or on other trips with her mother. She said those didn't count, because my trips were "fun trips". I opted not to press the issue, but I'm delighted we're finally on the same page as to whether visiting my mother-in-law is fun or not. Oh, it will be crippling. I stand ready to whore myself out to whatever modelling conglomerates wish to keep me in product in exchange for whatever undesirable publicity I can offer through these threads. Otherwise it's gonna be a pretty dry spell. As I always tell Mrs P, if you focus on it, it will seem much larger.
  12. Double double deltas? Now you're just showing off! Solid craftsmanship with all the cutting.
  13. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? . I just try to avoid multi coloured spinners. The yellow on the nose is a brilliant idea. John
  14. Only too happy to, anything else you'd like to add while we're on their case. Steve.
  15. If Tamiya floats your boat then XF-61 and XF-66 works fine for a J 22. It's what I would use!
  16. Hmmm, last week my 19 month old said the Eff dash dash dash word. I suppose the wife and I finally need to clean up our act. Conveniently, we live a mere 30 mins from the Christmas Story house, so should we need to we can grab a bar of LifeBouy soap to wash our mouths... unfortunately blindness may be a side effect! Congrats on selling your house, and the crippling debt that comes with buying a new one! It sounds like your family keeps you on your toes. We’re going through a bit of family drama (wife’s family playing favorites for 30 years) and of course our dear friend the biological clock. You make multiple spawn seems so worth it! Please send help... HA! Oh, and I suppose the Lysander is looking good, too. It amazes me how you are able to see the details to add them in that scale. I wear glasses, but I can’t complain that I’ve got horrible vision, and 1/48 is plenty small for me. I enjoy your threads for the build, the comic relief, and the pure honesty. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Hubba hubba! That's a really nice resin bathtub. Good choice in having the top thrust reverser as a loose part. It usually hangs down when the aircraft is parked.
  18. Today
  19. Back when my girls were young, aged about 2, 4 and 6, Linda jumped all over me one day because the fecal matter replacement words out loud. It wasn't ten minutes later, she dropped something in the kitchen, followed by a loudly shouted F-bomb! I laughed for at least 10 minutes! Now that the girls are all in their 20's, they all swear like Canadian sailors! Chris
  20. Winston sometimes says "Oh my Jesus God", which is a sort of portmanteau of something I say, and something Mrs P says (I'll leave it to you to guess who says what, but in my defense, Melanie is the only one of us to drop a few f-bombs in front of the grubs), but I do my modelling after they've gone to bed, and the grotto is in the basement and they sleep on the second floor.
  21. Well done Heather. It's looking good and will look excellent at the display.
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