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  2. Looks like your paint shop will be very busy.
  3. The panel lines are reminiscent of trenches on the Western Front as well. What a shame since I suspect this is the only Bloch 174 on the market. Get a new tube of Tamiya putty...
  4. "AETE had some modified tip tanks, named “Separation Camera Pod”, to hold motion picture cameras, again to get different views of whatever they wanted to record. This added some new access panels and camera apertures to the standard CF-104 tip tank. In some shots the access panels are visible as the red-painted areas on the outboard sides of the natural metal tip tanks (these pods were later painted overall red). The inboard sides had four camera windows, two round and two rectangular, to allow recording of whatever event was being studied." Looking at an image from an AETE CF-104, it appears the 2 round camera windows are visible. Just trying to locate the 2 square windows........... we'll keep searching for other images..... Rgds, Rob
  5. Some success to celebrate. Hours of soaking and scrubbing have finally removed all the old paint. Some parts of the body have lost the gloss but I don't think it should be a problem once primed and painted properly. There are a couple of little bits of flash on the rear screen pillars that I'll sand down. I've removed the chrome from the plated parts. The clear under-tray came off quite cleanly, let's see if I can tidy it up and put it back. If all else fails it'll get a coat of satin black. Current thoughts: Do I attach parts of the body like the air intakes before painting? Probably. What to do with the engine cover? Glue it on or try to make it removable?
  6. Damn it Steve you've done it again! I don't actually remember building this one as a kid but would be very surprised if I didn't as I really like the old "flying pencil". I have been watching a few on a certain internet auction site and was going to bid but then got distracted and bid on something else, a not uncommon occurrence, but if that bid falls through I'll be after a Do-17, so I will have to follow yours very closely to see what possible issues my lie ahead other than the nose glazing which Heather has kindly pointed out.
  7. Well, what surprises me is that there is a Spanish decals producer called "Series Españolas" and that it does not have decals in its catalog for this iconic aircraft. Andrés S.
  8. No. The AMI lease ran from 1995 until 2004 , in 1997 they cancelled any further upgrades to the aircraft involved for budgetary reasons. Integrating ASRAAM and AMRAAM with the Tornado F.3 for the RAF was a rather protracted business and was not quite living up to published expectations by the time that the Italian lease came to an end. Eurofighter was not ready by the time that the lease ended but the costs involved in either bringing the existing aircraft up to current RAF standards including whatever stage of ASRAAM and AMRAAM capability that might involve or leasing a new batch that were already even partly capable made leasing some F-16s the cheaper option.
  9. haha yes I support this idea, if it's ok with @Mike that is. At least then we'll get to the bottom of the mystery of these V Bombers just appearing out of nowhere.... Do you think the postman is in on it as well? And there's the tail parts put together, this is about 1.5 times the wingspan of a Gnat T1 add can be seen from this photo I took a while ago for another thread
  10. Hiya Nick,...... I posted a larger pic of Blenheim UQ-D in the thread below,...... and I reckon that the rudder is faded DE/DG,....remember that it is fabric and the rest is metal,.... so dopes and paints etc, PLUS it matches the normal DE/DG pattern too,..but does look like it came from another aircraft judging by the pattern on the rest of the aorcraft. If it were Mid Stone/DE, then the central dark patch would actually be the lighter colour with MS replacing D/G, check out pics of other Blenheim`s, plus the restored one at Duxford, it has a rudder in DE/DG. I reckon that the serial could be L8376 too; There is also a decent article from Flypast here if interested; https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Blenheim/RAF-211Sqn-UQ.html Here is the Duxford Blenheim, note the rudder colours; Cheers Tony
  11. Amazing craftsman job, as usual, Harvey! Always more impressive... Hats off, my friend! Cheers, Olivier
  12. Doggy

    Best aluminium paint?

    I think I've used your store before.
  13. Well actually more sideways today. Whilst polishing the previous coat of paint some of it went through to the black underneath, and I also thought that the colour was a little dark so after cleaning up all the previous paint I went for a re-spray of a different colour on top of it today and used Chrome from Vallejo and am happier with the result. I will wait a full 24 hours before giving it a polish, then I have to look through the paint stash to see if I have a Dayglo Orange.
  14. I think this will be the last build thread pic Awful silvering and awful in general, but she's this close to finishing now. I feel like I had done a Blitzbuild 2 with her! V-P
  15. Been there, done that G....!! (not in anything more exciting than a Bulldog, but the pain in the wallet is much the same! ) K
  16. Thanks for the heads up Heather I'll check when it arrives.
  17. I am surprised nobody does an aftermarket interior yet. PM
  18. Cockpity bits primed And the whole enchilada in colour. I'm starting to get the hang of this PE malarkey as well, with that compass holder in 1/72 with straight folds
  19. What budget and scale? If you go to Hannants website or another retailer and use the search engine for resin models you will get the whole spectrum. Maybe choose a couple you fancy and ask on here if anyone has experience of them. Hannants have a range of kits from Omega. No idea as to quality though. I have a couple of 1/32 Silver Wings models pricey but very nice. No experience of 1/72 resin other than in conversions such as aftermarket cockpits, wheel wells etc for the Airfix Valiant Straying off topic. I suggest you start a new thread and ask the BM massif for collective advice
  20. There needs to be another coat on the wing stripes but the masking is removed from the fuselage and it looks OK. And now the wings unmasked. And I must I must admit I'm very pleased with that. There are a couple of tiny parts need touched up but otherwise pretty good.
  21. Not forgotten, just a bit busy. Seam & step gone, rescribe on the panel lines. Started on the wing assembly, but nearly FUBAR'd the cannon cover with a nice, fat juicy TET fingerprint. I've managed to get rid of the evidence though.
  22. Very nice Col. Maybe find a figure of a pilot climbing up into the office or standing on the wing or deck ?
  23. Thanks Ben, I've been using the Mr Color Super Clear III - GX100, although I'm down to my last bottle and haven't found another reasonable supplier. I've been working on getting my clear as smooth as possible on the final coat so that areas that I can't sand and polish - vents and scoops etc. are still shiny but I still polish the other areas, starting with 8000 grit to get rid of the fine orange peel in the surface. I've also got 2 dust specks on this one to get rid of.
  24. Good evening This afternoon I closed the 2 fuselage halves , I placed the engine cowling and ''spine'' I also glued the upper and lower wings and placed the wingtips .. Patrice
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