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  2. That sounds impressive, especially if you are talking about including those floral seat patterns, which are a total pain to represent by any other means. It looks in close up photos like there is shadowing on the fuselage lettering, imo almost certainly yellow, like the postwar BOAC also used. What is your opinion about that ?
  3. Excellent job on the Yak-4! A rather obscure aircraft, but I've always liked the look of it and its brother, the Yak-2. They look fast and aggressive. Regards, Jason
  4. Painted aluminium would mean no variation in panel colours I presume?
  5. So, up on it's wheels at least. Regards Martin
  6. I am beyond impressed. I remember reading a pilot’s description of the HP-42, “As steady as the Rock of Gibraltar & almost as fast!” Pete
  7. You might be able to see what I’m on about with the bow in this picture: Merit’s bow is a straight line from the forepeak right up to level with the cable deck openings. If you look above, the builders’s drawings show that it actually started to curve well below that, level with the hawse pipes. Rather harder to see here is the fact that the furthest aft fo’c’s’le opening should be longer than the others, whereas all 4 of Merit’s are essentially the same size. As I said before, it would take a lot of work to fix it, and I don’t think it’s worth it: the difference is fairly subtle.
  8. Acetone or commonly referred to as nail polish remover has worked for me. Work of warning. It will attack the plastic. As with @bmwh548 test test test. Ron VanDerwarker
  9. Peter, Thank you very much for that reference to UMM USA modeler’s awl for riveting. I immediately joined as their customer, then placed an order for the set. It should arrive within 5-7 days. Can’t thank you enough! Gary
  10. A magnificent rendition of flying steampunkery. Bravo! Great pictures too. Cheers, Wlad
  11. I did the original Frog model some time ago and ended up with this scheme below. The card on the packet indicated undersides light grey 76, mottled Grey's for fuselage 74 and 75 over RLM Grey 02. Camo on wings dark grey 74 and medium grey 75. 1st Stafel / II Gruppe JG 3. Defence of the Reich Germany 1945 . As others have said difficult to pin down the exact colours. For me it was about experimenting with mottling as I brush paint.
  12. Give my regards to Mrs Moa, and a little Bach often calms the vigour of the Who!
  13. Another superb model Steve. I know this has been a bit of a trial so well done on getting it finished, it will be a fine addition to the gallery. I seem to remember almond smelling glue being used in UK Primary Schools years ago, a case of 'get em hooked early' I guess. Nothing like that when I was in school though, just some horrible brown stuff. As an apprentice, I did develop a liking for the cellulose based primer that was sprayed on aircraft assemblies.
  14. Indeed I did as it’s a) the 2012 Airfix tooling, and B I used the official length of the a-4e in my rough scale estimate
  15. Two superb early P-40's Patrick,I do love the striped tail scheme.
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