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  2. Little bit non-standard theme, but nobody does not produce such kind of models as its in a classical modelling business, thus, I would say it would be topis related more model remodelling or upgrade rather assembling All models proced by SOVA (models quality little bit worse than ClassicBus, but main parts easily can be demounted, because they are not glued) Anyway, what would be or at least preliminary plans ))) Ikarus 260 Ikarus 280 What I have
  3. Ah you did, nice! 2nd hand or just lucky? I need atleast another box - don´t have the plastics but the rest for my Di... I had planned to base coat some of the stuff - but I did not have any cotton buds at home.:! Need them.. Instead i opened some of the AM stuff and cleaned it up. They are nicely moulded, great details and not uch effort was needed to clean them up. I am unsure about the plastic RAT-unti however. Will probably not use it(maybe the fan part, i awlays break the resin fins..). The resin part will require a bigger opening in the fuselage however.. IMG_6836 IMG_6841
  4. Computer keyboard duster, or compressor air should make quick work of that dust.
  5. Agree with Harold55. The bottom looks exactly as on fotos. If you want to leave the residues from the guns. punctuate the red squares. Then it is just back from work. By the way, the pilot, Tadeusz Schiele, I understand from the Polish wikipedia that he married a WAAF a couple of months later .. the same girl? And sadly he died just a couple of years before Poland regained its freedom.
  6. Perhaps a request to the folks who make these fine products will sort out the OPs needs? They've already made the kind of glue all newbies ask for so this varnish should be a piece of cake... https://eileensemporium.com/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=category&task=listing&cid=1227&name=cheesehead-screws-1&Itemid=189
  7. Yeah I was still jealous, but less intensely so than I would have been earlier in the week And that is all it needs to do. Do it do it do it do it do it.... Cheers, Stew
  8. Jinxman

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Greatest respect to this gentleman, and his memory, for all of his achievements.
  9. Hello hubba, I built up the zvezda ferdinand, last year, really enjoyed it, a fine, easy, no unnecessary building, kit, you'll enjoy this one.
  10. £20.25 advance order from the big H - top end of what I would like to pay, as long as there are some weapon options in there. Decal options look very good, and at least if I get one I can see how much of my wip on the old Airfix kit is mildly accurate.
  11. That's odd. Judging by your replies, time doesn't seem that precious to you. Pot kettle black.
  12. That's a honey of a Honey! Chris
  13. Ah but if it's a distemper then it should be poorly applied and translucent in places it'll also flake off in places ( I know this from personal experience, my previous house was built in the 1950's and had distemper used throughout and it was terrible, flakey and streaked,. All the woodwork was a horrible bottle green that may also have been from an army surplus depot, I did get the whole thing replastered and painted in nice modern emulsion) so you should see the underlying camo.
  15. Couple of coats of varnish airbrushed on. I used Tamiya X22 Clear thinned 50% with Tamiya X20A thinner. This was left overnight to harden and then I set about applying the decals. Now, I know that I’ve done my fair share of moaning about this kit, but each stage brings up another gripe. There are not many pieces to the decals, thirteen in all, of which two are not used for this tank. The small items were OK, but each one of the larger items broke up when I tried to slide them from the backing paper. I could understand this if it were an old kit that had been sitting on some shops shelf for years, but it is a comparatively new kit. Before adding the white rings around the gun barrel, I brushed on a thin coat of acrylic varnish to the decals to try and add some strength, but one still split. Hopefully, the setting agent will make each one lay down neatly and a coat of varnish will seal them in. This is where I’m up to now and about to slap some washes onto it and keep my fingers crossed that I don’t make a mess of it. Thanks for looking. John.
  16. That sucks Peter. I know how that work thing goes all to well of late. Fortunately I'm coming out the back end of a hectic time so I'll have a little bit of a life back for the summer.
  17. Tamiya tigers are so trouble free, good progress arnold
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