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  2. I'm no expert but I am pretty sure you are out of luck and they had the two greys you mentioned for several years before the MSG era. David
  3. Thank you Joachim, I'm still learning german since my wifey is a belgium born german Twice as bad from my part, don't tell it to her Thank you for the kind words Sir ! Thank you Gary, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Hello 28Z ! I'll take another pic with 2 bad boys I've been lucky enough to be the target of a mock up attack by 5 Mustang... Even when you know that they will not shoot at you, it's IMPRESSIVE !! I did'nt use paint for the winter camo but Flory weathering stuff ! Great stuff indeed ! Many Thanks Malcolm ! Will I dare to say that it come from a bottle of rocket fuel ?? I started it long before joining BM, so there is no WiP but it appear in some of thread... I think that there are no many builds under the bushes... Thank for the kind words Thank you Greg, I can call it a Murphy's law's build... Glad that you have appreciated.. I'll post some more exterior pics and some comparison ones... Sincerely. CC
  4. Thanks a lot @andyf117 I haven’t done that much research myself yet but I did come across these scale 1/48 Danish S-61 decals http://www.stoppel-decals.dk/343070669. I prefer to build in scale 1/72 and the same shop got some decals for the Danish Alouette, Fennec and S-55. I clearly remember the Alouette from my childhood, so that might be an option to if I can find a decent kit.
  5. Post your reference information here. Please note if posting artwork or photos you must either be the copyright holder or have the copyright holder's permission to post.  
  6. Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry. Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread
  7. Aileron = single piece of brass folded in half lengthways - I'm not a complicated man Steve! Mrs. B has a thick dossier on the subject by now. (My simplemindedness, not ailerons, obvs...)
  8. Great progress Dave!! I saw a couple of Russian jets at the German Air Force museum in Gatow and I also thought that the gear legs are grey. Unbelievable...seems that everyone has been to my old hometown Sofia except me
  9. Just been to my local supermarket to buy some OXO cubes...….. they didn't have any...……... Seems they were out of stock Dick
  10. Emu

    Twice Two Four Times

    Said the deckchair attendant
  11. New one on me, never seen pink and sand on one before. To blend it all together and lighten try a little Tamiya buff, very diluted so it almost acts as a translucent filter, will also give it a slight dusty weathered finish. Before applying to your wip experiment on a bit of scrap first!! Great work. Darryl
  12. Not just the Internet, it was actually on your favourite modelling website. No, not Playboy.com...
  13. This can´t be a Germany 40th. years era technology - looks it as X-37 secret shuttle what was tested by USAF - and when this stuff really exist - a aliens must help it Nazis with it ! Looks very very modern. I must have it - to company of Haunebu U.F.O.
  14. One more thing. I tried to find the basic dimensions, and found only one number, a quoted length of 19.8 m or 65 ft. I guess this is an error (way too big) and probably it's the span. That leads me to the question how Combat Kits managed to make a model of the Mantis, if even the basic numbers are unknown. Does anyone know? Rob
  15. As we seem to be asking questions, is there any chance of a Mohawk IV in the foreseeable future please? It was the most operationally used version by the RAF, and SAAF.
  16. Looking great! I'm back posting stuff after nearly a year! Stuck some pics of my USN F-4 up.
  17. Many thanks! Every photo is useful, especially a decent resolution photo like yours. In general terms I'm always amazed how well US companies 'milk' their projects PR-wise, and how bad European companies are at this. Rob
  18. Where are a times of many Italeri OWN moulds ? And many helicopters kits ? Still a re-box and rebox of re-box...
  19. That conversion was quite an undertaking but you've done a great job - especially in 1/144!
  20. I hooope in BIG Eduard L.E. with many colourful CZ NATO Tiger Flight (and communistic era too) (anti)camo as we can seen in small scale a few years back.... Kinetic prepare Hind too, but small Zvezda is very nice (and for good price). OK, we seen...
  21. Thanks for the warning! I copied the design from the first mockup, the one without panel lines, and with blunt leading edge wings. But you are right: the second (or revised) mockup with panel lines and a realistic wing leading edge had the logo without slanted lettering. I just looked, and I do not have a decent-enough photo of ZK210 where I can see the lettering well enough.. grr.. Rob
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