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  2. I appreciate it, thanks gents, both kits basically fall together they're that well manufactured the transporter comes in at around 290mm , so its a bit of a snake on the 1/72 shelf Thanks again Glynn
  3. This is a bit of a masterclass in figure modelling. Fabulous transformation! Regards, Adrian
  4. How did I miss this? The intro made me think of my own experience of flicking through Tamiya year books as a kid. you seem to be lapping this one up and doing a fine job of it too. I know I’m late to the party but I’d like to tag along if I may. johnny.
  5. Whaddya mean, if - us rotorheads are always hovering around... As I'm confident you'll see when Perdu does his, building a Belvedere is a little more complicated than just building an Airfix kit out of the box... ....for an early Wessex, the old Frog kit isn't the most detailed, but still a good starting point - but an RAF HC.2 requires work, whatever kit you choose... ....as for an early Whirlwind, there's the old Airfix, or Italeri's round-nosed versions - for a later pointier-nose, you need a conversion, or a Whirlykit resin one... ....or an old multi-media one like this (though preferably with its transparency): Aeroclub did a Skeeter - see the General's thread here: And Nigel did the S&M Sycamore here: There was also a Glencoe one (and Whirlykits did it in resin)...
  6. G'day Martian, Glad to see you back in the saddle, I have a couple of these so it will be good to watch someone else correct all the pitfalls first cheers, Pappy
  7. I'm thinking you're on the right track with those scratch-built handles One thing I've noticed on the real seats is how scrappy and untidy they are so your wire ones have great potential.
  8. -I fear the AEROCLUB breed may be difficult to find if not out of stock. I didn't knew the Ali one.....
  9. Late to the party I'll stand back and watch this British Cold War classic come to fruition in Hendie stylee. Very informative! I just wish somebody would pull their bloody finger out and give us mainstream kits of these jets in both 1/72nd and 1/48th!
  10. Hi Pete, many thanks for your kind comments, It is precisely what I wanted to achieve, for someone to think of the real "action" model. I will love to see how yours looks, although I have not seen any WIP thread, sure good. Cheers mate
  11. Amazing couple!!, if it were 1/48, it would be great, but at 1/72, it's amazing how good they look, if you don't say it, 1/35 and "compliant" ... lol Cheers Hewy
  12. FWIW, I use a superglue and bicarb of soda mix - just don't sand it too vigourously as resin is softer than it... Keith
  13. hi guys im new to this. was wondering if any of you knew if the rubber tracks from the tamiya 1.35 tiger early model would fit the late version of the kit. many thanks mark
  14. Wow! Good job I found this thread before you have fin... whoopsie
  15. Gee! Thanks, Italeri! I never knew early RAF Harriers were white underneath instead of Light Aircraft Grey! Consider me enlightened! ... Cheers, Andre
  16. Thank you Thanks Bruce, It is starting to get to where I want it. The pics I have show the planes as dirty but not overly chipped. The Airfix paint notes include yellow wing leading edges (theatre ID markings perhaps?) These do not appear in my references so I will not have them on my build, cheers Pappy
  17. I purchased one of these, not cheap but it's a brilliant light and has a quality arm that stays where you place it. I have led ceiling strip lights, but this puts the light where my old eyes need it to see https://www.heamar.co.uk/daylight-task-lamps/65603-daylight-lumi-task-lamp-5022737355005.html
  18. This is an interesting conversion. The prototype looks really shark-like compared to the production one. Love the attention to detail going on here! Regards, Adrian
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