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  2. Always good to get the build on the way, only a shame you are not using your extra goodies. Maybe you should start another build to use them Cheers, Peter
  3. Hello everyone... This is my final entry from the Movie/TV group build. It is the Stearman flown by Walter Matthau in the movie. I used Revell’s 1/72 Stearman kit, with an Resin engine. I scratch built some details also. I built the pesticide Hopper where the forward cockpit would be. I also did a scratch built Venturi crop dusting tray and taller tail wheel strut. Here is a link to the build if you might be interested. Questions, comments, and or thoughts ? Dennis
  4. Ok my first update and a sort of large one. In the end I gave up waiting for the official start and opened up all the bags and started to check everything out. I’ve built a Tiger Model kit before and they’re not too bad, just a bit vague in places along with the fit, least they’re not like Trumpeter! The hull is in 2 bits and looked like it’d go together nicely. They also supply 2 lumps of metal (???) I think to add some weight to her, so she won’t be knocked off her stand to easily. One little tab was broken on one of the hull pieces, no issues there. The main deck and interior bulkheads sprue must be one of the biggest I’ve seen! It took up the entire box and weighs a ton, the deck is really thick. There’s a very slight bit of warpage to it but nothing dramatic. There are heaps of holes to be drilled out, but there are 2 different sets, A & S, for this model the S ones need to be opened up. The A sets look to be for a different version that was never released. The S one line up with the Swedish Navy version (as well as the kits ones), the A’s may have been for the Rescue version, they sort of line up with some of the pictures of civilian ones???? Finally they give you nice wee stickers to help identify the sprues….pity they fall off after a couple of minutes! Ok one bit I am going to improve is the .50 cal machine guns, they aren’t the best, so some new resin ones form Live Resin are on the way along with ammo belts and boxes. Plus, I’ve got some Swedish flags on the way as well. Right lets get too it…… The hull first, some tiding up of odd mould marks on the seams was require first, but it went together quite easily. The way it joined together sort of hide the join, bit I added some filler to clean it up properly. The intakes for the jets were fitted, they too needed some filler before the PE grills were fitted. Some filler was needed on the inside bow steps, this area was poorly done. I may add to “non-slip wet & dry” pads to these steps. The interior bulkheads were added along with the weights. The 2 front bulkheads which have the boat crew seat cutout were built up as well. Again, the fit was quite poor and nothing really lined up. Most of this will be hidden but I’ve used filler here as the gaps/fit annoys me! With them sitting there you can see the unusual arrangement for the 2-man crew’s seats with the alley way down the middle for the bow exit. They also sit quite low down to help reduce the boats overall silhouette. Finally, the engine bay, lots of open space and nothing else to go in there! I have found some good pictures of an engine bay in one of these boats (this one is for sale) so I’ll try and add some detail. The worst part is the exhaust openings on the stern, they’re just whole with nothing connected to them! So they are a must fix. So here she is with the deck sitting on. She looks impressive, ignore the wee dude, he's been running around the desk all week! Right the problems…..there are no instructions for painting at all other than the basic overall colour scheme which I not doing anyway. · Engines – Grey or Scania Red, I’ve seen photos of both, being navy I would have thought grey, slightly dark and semi gloss, the bay probably a lighter grey. · Interior – no info, seen photos showing it a creamy colour, plus the crew station white or Lt Grey, again no idea. The forward section (bow exit) no idea, only seen one set of photos and it was bare aluminium, that doesn’t sound right for a service boat. I'd have said a dark grey for that part. · Exterior – still no idea, will have to mix and match some paints and do some test runs. I only know the lower part of the hull is black....going by pictures. I wish there was someone here who knew someone who had served or have been on these boats. I’ve look on other forums and drawn a blank. Actually there’s very little detailed information of photos of them other than the basics which is a shame. Anyway that won’t stop me, so far I’ve really enjoyed this build and are just about ready to paint the interior, will probably use a bit of artistic license and common sense with the colours for it.
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  6. I present my last build from the movie Charlie Varrick, or Kill Charlie Varrick. Varricks Stearman...A Revell 1/72 kit with resin radial engine. Mods include raised tailwheel, faired over front cockpit for pesticide hopper, and scratch built Venturi crop dusting tray. Please direct any questions, comments, and or thoughts to my build Thread. Dennis
  7. Hello everyone... Amongst other things I finally got around to finishing the Varrick Stearman. Im happy with this but may revisit this someday in a larger scale. Questions, comments, and or thoughts ? Dennis
  8. Simply stunning, superlative work!! I so appreciate your attention to detail regarding the original car. It brings back an accurate history of the car, and I'm sure the client is displaying this proudly! Fantastic job on the weathering, my hat is off to you!!
  9. Such skill is way above anything I can hope to make. Watching this is a true treat.
  10. Kagero published a book on the HA-1112 that does have some info on the HA-1109. There are a couple of threads on this site that discuss the aircraft. Other than that, I spent time searching the internet and piecing info together. Cheers, Rich
  11. Looks rather interesting. Are Trumpeter kits good from the detail and building point of view. I look forward to seeing the build
  12. There are a crazy number of stencils on this kit and annoyingly the fuel filler one on the nose went on slightly wonky and grabbed like nobodies business. I tried floating it back off with water but it would not budge. In the end I gave up and decided to leave it. Otherwise I am really happy with the result and it is now ready for final gloss coat before some light weathering. This has also been my first time using microsol and microset, they are great, you can even see the recessed rivets underneath! 20200119_045120_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr This aircraft didn't have roundels underneath and it does look slightly unfinished as a result imo. 20200119_045147_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr
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  14. Really great 109 and the base. I have the same model in my shelf the build was a joy. Pity that Erich Hartmann died in age of 71 already in the year 1993.
  15. from under the Mini
  16. Hello David, Welcome to the forum from the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico southwest corner of the United states. Agree with Chris on both accounts. The plasti-diction can bend you in different directions. My first model was an aurora 707- KC-135 on a stand and decals that were stenciled into the plastic mold. No doubt you will find all kinds of information and great modellers on this site. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
  17. Your Skyray looks fantastic. I have the same model in my stash but in 1/48 and by Tamiya too. Now i get feel to start this project.
  18. that does go together quickly, nice to ba able to drop the cockpit in later.
  19. Day #4 : Painted, matte varnished Visor and goggles made by mixing clear epoxy glue and transparent inks of different colours Gloss Varnished And Done!!!... This turned out a fun little project Next up... base setup
  20. I've taken such a shine to single-type style group builds that I can't help but participate in this one. I know I missed the latter half of 2019, but I had real life reasons for doing so. I'm going to build my favorite variety of the Ju-87, that being the R-2 with the great big snake on its side. I'll be using the 1:48 scale Hasegawa kit for this. I'm a little but disappointed already. My understanding is that the colors of the snake, as portrayed by Hasegawa are probably accurate, but in my mind's eye, the snake is red and white. When I was a kid, I saw this plane in the Revell catalog, and it had a wicked looking red snake on it, and I LOVED it! I never did get that kit, and the brown and white snake MAY be more historically accurate, but I'm temoted to find some red snakes and do it wrong, in honor of my childhood memories. Hey, those count for something. Right?
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  22. I like to be correct Steve. I wasn't a straight forward job and this last session was a nightmare. My tremor almost killed the plane today, even when I was photographing it. I have fixed the top Aerial now and will take some more photos in the morning to replace these. It has a aerial from a Bf 109 kit on it now and looks much better.
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