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  2. Just for a comparison, I temporarily tacked the port wing engines and overwing nacelles in position, and did the same with the starboard wing but using the kit engines. As mentioned previously, the inboard overwing section extends back towards the trailing edge by a couple of milimetres more, and the outboard ones by maybe 3 or 4mm, and they also finish to a sharper 'point'. The locating tab on the port wing is also trimmed so that it does not interfere with the seats when they are installed. The wing trailing edges are massively thick (as are the aileron ones) but I will sort those out later as I have now also decided to drop the flaps for a bit more visual interest. In the cabin portion of the fuselage, the 'corner' junction where the floor meets the sides was Dremelled out a little to make sure that the new floor/seat assembly fits properly. Have also included a front view of the port wing, to campare with the standard kit starboard one. A strip of 0.5mm plasticard was marked out as the new cabin floor, and the seats glued in position. They are all spaced evenly but one thing worth noting is that the spacing for them is slightly more than the even spacing of the side windows, so the seats do NOT line up evenly with each window, something which is quite noticeable on side photo's of Herons. The small light blue object is a piece of loose tooling block with a chamfer on it the same angle as the seat backs, just as an aid to getting all the seats leaning back at the same angle when being fixed in position. Did a dry-run of placing the floor assembly inside the fuselage, just to check that it fits. All hunky dory so far, quite happy with that.
  3. Thanks! I may well just prime it. And don’t text and pedal! You can be very seriously fined for that! Dangerous to swans, dontcha know! But thank you.
  4. Erwin, Great finish. Especially along side your F-105. I can say I don't recall loading an F-4 with a gun pod and missiles. Loads I do recall are the SUU-23 centerline and what we call a flat two CBU-58's on the inboard station TERS with 2 AIM-7E's aft wells and ECM pods in the forward 2 missile wells. Far to many years ago. Talking June to December 1972. Took this just after finishing an upload. Udorn RTAFB Thailand Sept 1972 Again great finish. Ron VanDerwarker
  5. Going to be a big beastie - looking forward to it!
  6. Hoping to see the usual “big x” treatment on these!
  7. Hey all, Got a bit more done this afternoon, I filled and sanded the fuselage halves down and then set about adding the wings. The fuselage wing root was far too wide on both sides needing copious amounts of sanding to get it to fit onto the wing correctly. I knew I'd have to fill the gap anyway so I sanded more off than needed to ensure a smooth transition. Again it's not the biggest job in the world but if you're after a quick throw together kit for a weekend then this ain't it (the Academy and Airfix P-40s however, practically fall together with no fit issues to speak of in my experience). Once the wing was set I went about adding the undercarriage and tail planes. There's no slots for the tailplanes, just smooth roots so you have to hold the stabiliser for a bit to ensure it's on straight which is slightly annoying. Just a few more bits and bobs now and they'll be ready for painting. I've decided to do the Desert USAAF scheme, "Nick Nichols' Nip Nippers" will have to be one for the future.
  8. Sunday evening update... Progress on a number of fronts, all the Starboard stanchions made and installed but not fixed, still in white primer. This allowed be to finally confirm and install the depth charges on that side. I ordered two types of beading wire a couple of weeks ago, the second from the US, which is 7 strand stainless and only 0.25mm (10 thou Inches) diameter. This is the one I will use for the handrails, using .8mm OD brass tubing for the sockets. The ones on the funnel are too coarse and will need redoing. The other thing I'm redoing is the main mast which was just not good enough, too thick and I never liked the tabernacle. Second version well on the way, much better tabernacle and neater mast bands. My modelling leaves behind many aborted pieces..... The deck still needs final varnishing and colours wash but it is taking shape now
  9. Steel rims are now confirmed on mine - PHEW - that makes life a 'tad easier'
  10. Cheers Ben - glad you made it down in one piece from the loft - I'm looking forward to the impending 'surprise' - I know you will impress Thanks Bob - that is an amazing picture. I'm already following your build - so any advice you can offer will be appreciated and hopefully e can cheer each other on. Cheers - Steve
  11. Trying to start a new discussion, but when I get to around six photos posted, I get THIS problem: The filename is highlighted in pink, and the INSERT button will not work. What is happening? Thanks-
  12. Couldn't believe the senselessness of it all, and I really feel for those guys who have lost, in some cases, a lifetimes work. I read on RMWeb that one poor guy lost a layout and a £8000 loco. He has terminal cancer, so will never have the chance to rebuild what took him 25 years to build. Sickening! There's a crowfunding page set up. I felt inclined to throw a tenner in the pot (all I could spare) Steve
  13. Mine too haha. I will usually just put on some music and go to town. The music helps a bit but it’s still a tedious job.
  14. I see what you mean, slightly disappointing on Dragons behalf.
  15. Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry. Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread
  16. Beautiful !!! Marvin was my favorite cartoon character.
  17. Welcome to the first Blitzbuild of 2019. This will run from Saturday 25 May to midnight on Monday 27 May. It fits nicely around the bank holiday. Although the GB runs for three days, you don't actually get three days to finish your model. You get 24 hours! This can be done in two ways: 1. The Superhero Option Complete your model in a single 24 hour time slot 2. The Other Option Complete your model in two 12 hour slots, seperated by no more than 12 hours. Still pretty heroic, if you ask me. You can start on the Saturday and finish on the Sunday or start on the Sunday and finish on the Monday. Start a WIP thread with a start photo showing the time, ( a mobile phone/tablet screen/computer screen will suffice), then as many progress pics as you want (but at least six) and finally a finish photo again showing the time. Bonus kudos points will be given for uniqueness of the clock, the on-plate presentation of the meals to be consumed and other things like great music videos etc. All the while remembering this is a family friendly forum ... 25% Rule: This is a short GB intended to showcase speed building skills with an unstarted kit. Therefore, the 25% rule is suspended for this GB. All kits must be unstarted, although removal of main components from the runners is acceptable. All the othe usual GB rules apply, the most important being to have fun. It's The Law!
  18. Nice going RT, I don't know about you but this is my least favourite job.
  19. Wez

    Airfix 2020

    You're dead right there, in terms of getting LIDAR anywhere near an F-35, have you guys heard of ITAR? The punishments associated with an ITAR breach are severe, nobody in the MoD is going to let anyone with such scanning equipment anywhere near anything covered by ITAR and you can bet your bottom dollar the F-35 WILL be covered.
  20. My least favourite job nearly done, I've used Tamiya's XF 88 Dark Yellow 2 for the Dunkelgelb. Looks pretty good and goes through the airbrush without a drama. the torsion bar suspension dryed just how I wanted the to, a nice curve over the railway tracks. Once all the road wheels are in placed I shall tidy up the rubber paint. i did find 5 brass side skirts that I shall be using instead of the kits plastic ones.
  21. In 1959 it had USAF on top of the right wing as well, but by then it has been on display for many years, so no idea how accurate it still was.
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