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  2. Since those countries were chosen by Gremlins from Kremlin to manufacture $h..load of T-55 tanks, to supply friends, potential friends, and some undecided. MiniArt is looking for a big, fat run of those kits. What a smart move! Now is just a race in decal manufacturing, to beat MA with their next reboxes. Let's wait a bit, and see :-) And wait is a word. Some companies, like Asuka, can't supply anything to our shops. Did they bought out Tasca just to kill them? And I'm waiting for some Shermans...and waiting So. maybe they aren't so smart,after all. Z
  3. and other racing pulses
  4. Emu

    Twice Two Four Times

    due to baked beans
  5. Excellent model of the attractive competitor to the more successful Bf 109. This particular He 112 also has a story connected with it. According to Wikipedia, Teniente Miguel Entrena Klett managed to shoot down a Lockheed P-38 that had strayed into Spanish airspace over Marocco. The story is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinkel_He_112_operational_service Apparently, the Heinkel 112 also pioneered the engine-mounted 20mm cannon that later became standard fare for the Bf 109 series. Thank you Luka, for highlighting an interesting piece of aviation history with this very nice model and congrats to such a beautiful build for your first RFI pos! Kind regards, Joachim
  6. Well, after a minor break to take care of stuff in the run up to Christmas I'm making progress again now. Construction is complete (apart from the rear gun), now ready for masking and painting of the medium grey panels. Then the darker grey markings. Then decals. Then some chipping. Then weathering and grime. Bah, I thought I was close to finished. Still, looks good
  7. Thanks Beefy, its frustrating to have run out of the plastic strip I need as I was on a bit of a roll. Martian
  8. https://acesflyinghigh.wordpress.com/2018/09/08/classic-jets-fighter-museum- Hello Rob, this is a link to an F4U-1 birdcage restoration. Theres some good detail photo’s in there. It was given to me by a good friend and I pass it on to you in hopes that you’ll find something useful in it. Dennis
  9. Really looking good, great work with the IPs. Why can't Eduard get the right colour on those pre-painted panels? The US ones which should be 36231 Dark Gull Grey are this crazy blue-grey colour. Ugh! I re-paint every one. To get both panels in focus at the same time, you need to stop down the aperture on your camera. Your exposure will get longer, but if you have enough light on the subject it shouldn't be a problem. Put the camera in Aperture Priority mode (most cameras, even smartphones, will have this), and stop down to f/16 or higher. Cheers, Bill
  10. Eclecticism is a good thing. Cheers, Bill PS. I'll admit to owning ABBA CDs...
  11. Today
  12. I can say that seeing Dan today was a pleasure as always , This build is even better in the flesh , and he was nearly crying at the f'ing paint cock up . Dan you need to drop me those SA13 pictures , its like hens teeth that build , its all photobucketed , be safe brother , will speak during the week
  13. Starting to look more interesting now that you have added some details beefy
  14. Nice build, and a refreshing look with less common national insignia! Kind regards, Joachim
  15. Interesting WHIF! Fancy landing on a carrier deck with that narrow track gear… Kind regards, Joachim
  16. Very convincing model of this attractive and practical flying machine! Kind regards, Joachim
  17. endless farts on tap
  18. Rob G

    Twice Two Four Times

    semms to last forevvvvahhhh
  19. Except for the ones that had Chinese markings, that is...
  20. rayprit

    737 Max

    Boeing is hiring 100s of people to look after all stored aircraft in the USA...……...it going to cost them a mint...………………..Heres a brief rundown of there program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHgW4UAmQks
  21. Thanks for the tip about the Lego I was wondering how to keep everything squared whilst gluing up. I don't have any Lego but I will hit the charity shops on Saturday looking for some.
  22. There are quite a few that I've "nearly finished". SO THERE!!!!!! Chris
  23. If you click on the big "Available Here" button in the review it takes you to Casemate;s website where you can buy it. They currently have it on offer for £14 That is why we put the link on the reviews. Julien
  24. Nice start Stuart and I'll follow along if I may - Valom kits are a guilty pleasure of mine! I only have one main tip - dry fit everything first and have the elastic bands / clamps ready - there aren't usually any locating pins and things can move. You'll also need some Lego (or similar) to support the model while you glue on the wings and tailplanes. I usually do this as shown during my Airacuda build here. Hope this helps and good luck!
  25. The base drawings for the Aurora 1/48th and the Airfix original Spitfire 1/72 shape were done by William Wylam (USA). When the original Airfix company at Haldane Place closed down, a number of Wylam Books of drawings and Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Vol One were gifted to me by Keith Melville then of Airfix.. I still have them. The Spitfire drawings (as are many Wylam drawings) are covered in measurements which are totally fictitious and are obviously scaled from the drawing and then added to the drawing as truth. The first Airfix Tiger Moth was made to the A.F.P drawing as were a number of other early kits. The Aurora Me 109 was made from the Wylam books as was the Airfix Hudson. John
  26. infinitesimal amounts of infinity (say about an inch)
  27. First time posting a build on this forum.. Hope you like. Heinkel 112 B-0, Grupo 27, Teniente Miguel Entrena Klett, Sania Ramel, 1943. Cheers, Luka
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