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  2. wamwig - 1/72 absolutely not. Sorry. Technologically above our possibilities of today...
  3. I guess I will star with a darker grey and work my way up there just like you said. If you notice, the tip has some other kind of wear. I guess this is because it was completely exposed to elements.
  4. I caught a film on YouTube recently, produced by (beware) The Asylum... Entitled Flight World War II it tells the story of a modern airliner heading over the Atlantic to London which suddenly flies through a strange storm and finds itself flying over the London blitz in June 1940. While there it makes contact with an Army radioman on the ground, is lightly damaged by Me 262 jets pumping their 30mm cannon shells into its wings and the pilots pull the airliner's radar (which seems to have full aerial intercept capability) out of its nose compartment. They drop it to the radioman, cocooned by inflated passenger lifejackets to stop it breaking, thus giving the Allies the secret of radar before encountering the storm again and returning to their own time. Reading that back I cannot believe I have written half of that summary. Maybe I was on LSD at the time.
  5. I would agree that you can have the wrong colour. I refer back to that Airfix blue on the Matilda vaunted scheme. But having working in inkjet for many years and with a bit of formal colour science, I’d say you can definitely match a colour but getting it accurate on a scale model is difficult in the extreme. I’d also say that if you want to paint your model whatever way you want it’s entirely up to you. I’ve come across more than one occasion in the forums where I’ve just bitten my tongue at a blatantly inaccurate finish. ( Fokker Dr 1 streaks or Fokker DVIII wing colours come to mind) But unless the modeller explicitly asks my opinion I’ll hang on to it. Nit to exaggerate or overstate things but when we show our work we put a little bit or ourselves out for approval and opinion and people can be very sensitive in that context.
  6. I was really looking forward to the original Nordic GB but I unfortunately couldn't join in because of limited free time. So I'm happy to see the possibility of getting a second chance I still have the Finnish BT-42 that I planned to make in the original GB & ideas for several diffrent scratch build Swedish tanks too.
  7. Aardvark

    Hawker Typhoon

    Every true-modeller must heroically starting FROG...and throw it half way! (Joke, just a joke!) Best accurate drawings it's factory theoreticall drawings or practical measurements of a real aircraft (the only one in the case of the Typhoon), everything else can contain (and often does!) errors, unfortunately. B.R. Serge P.S. Hawker Typhoon it's also not my thematic ... but some in GB FROG could see something ... P.P.S. My vote, as a person who collects Jet fighter - Airfix, but it's just at the level of emotions, without sober analytical calculation.....
  8. I never fully open the paint flow except when pointed away from the model, to "cough" the airbrush. I do use a 0.5mm nozzle for primer, base color, metallic,and clear coats on my models, which are primarily 1/48 aircraft. I use a 0.3mm nozzle for small parts and detail painting.
  9. Great photos of a stunning aircraft. I love 106’s, one of my all time favourites, and fortunate to see many in service on numerous trips across the pond, William Tell (in I think 1981) among the highlights SD
  10. Why not use Revell paints they are very good.
  11. Thanks! It does look good, very redolent of the machine and era.
  12. mike romeo

    Hawker Typhoon

    Not for me, dear chap. I thought you were very clear that what you were providing was your personal opinion, which seemed to be what the op was asking for. Rgds Martin
  13. As I recall, it requires considerable intestinal fortitude ...
  14. Just had a C-17 directly overhead (at 5,075 feet showing as ZZ171 and answering to RRR821 according to Flight Radar) heading southwards which after having set off from Brize Norton has so far visited the Isle of Man , Stornoway , Aberdeen and is presently descending over the River Forth possibly for Edinburgh.
  15. As I just mentioned in another thread, progress has been slow these last few days. Anyway, the kit is basically built, except for the spare wheel, shovels and pickaxe. Manfred, Karl and Jurgen are on the lookout for der grosser paintbrush:
  16. Seahawk

    Zimmerit on Kingtigers

    If anyone is aware of a Porsche Kingtiger WITHOUT Zimmerit, please draw it to my attention.
  17. Thank you so much for sharing your outstanding photos! The Sea Hurricane just gets more beautiful every year! Mike
  18. Progress has been slow the past couple of days, but here we are. It's not clear if the entire propeller part should be painted bronze (as per the instructions), or just the blades: Just a few parts left to attach ... and the 50-cal mount, for which the struts are very thick. I'll thin them down as much as I can, but I don't want to replace them: This gap underneath the bow has yet to be filled in: A bit of trimming and/or filling will be required here, as the left-hand side of the cover is noticeably higher than the right, but only at the back:
  19. To paraphrase Empire of the Sun: "F-106- Cadillac of the skies!" Surely the most beautiful lawn dart ever built! Thanks for sharing, Sven! Mike
  20. For those who argue that there is no such thing as an accurate colour, there are such things as wrong ones. On a more general point the colour scheme of an aircraft is every much a part of the original as the external shape and internal fittings. If you going to go to extreme lengths for accuracy (or best possible representation) in these other matters then it is completely consistent to take the same approach to the colours. Else you are spoiling the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar. If the colours are wrong (not just off a bit) then the model is wrong. Which is entirely fine for me and you looking at it on our shelf, but I don't think it should be broadcast as an example that others will follow, and quote in the future. Obviously I'm well aware this is a minority view in some quarters, so you can save the efforts of your objections for something more constructive.
  21. When THEY ask me why I didnt finish this one it is going to be "A big boy dunnit and ran away" Namely CedB of this parish... Scribble? I see no scribble, at least in here I don't. Before I close the halves after putting the nosewheel bay I had almost completely forgotten about inside the front I decided to solve the mystery before it becomes a riddle. I have painted the seat bottoms black, nice colour if somewhat less inspirational than red or orange Or blue or... Anyway I had a plastic covered grey hump to install in a specified bay to make and fit and bay sizes to reduce I am bebeggared if I know what the grey hump is about, but as of today it is about hanging around looking slick inside a Merlin see. Because Ced made me do it I have been playing with white decal sheet (what Ced paid for by the way) and Paint Shop Pro 4 which was a free download and manages to act for me in most graphical duties I have A black page A grey outlined box And white lines in a grid pattern which closely replicates the elastic bungee cords used to add suspringiness to the crew seats Save the pattern and import it into MS Word 2010 as a picture which can be reduced as necessary to suit I made a couple of sizes in case the best one needed help to fit. Also visible is the royal Crest of Norway which sits either side of the tail. I bought a very expensive Xtradecals set for Merlins of many disguises but which failed painfully to provide the crests as they should be. The sheet had a pair of crests that sit on both sides of the tail fin but on the decal set the crests both faced with the axe head to the left. Score one right, one not so right. Praise be to PSP4, take image then isolate and reverse the proper piece to go to print with it in Word. Now for the Nose well bay and the Main Rotor Gearbox paint, it will need the pale green yellow mixing again
  22. take a look here J-W. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinkel_He_111 Cheers,
  23. Thanks! And you don't have to wait long, the RFI is here! Delighted to finally get this done, after so much work and effort and mental exercise! Thanks for all the help and advice over the length of this build, it's much appreciate. Here's a pic of the finished build, more in the RFI thread. Thanks!
  24. Really tastefully done weathering. And good job on the figure.
  25. @Navy Bird Dayam, Bill! That is one gorgeous model! I don't care what anyone else says- I think the Firebrand and Mauler are big, beautiful brutes! About as perfect a model as I have seen in a long time. Glad to hear the medical issues aren't serious, too! Keep on keepin' on! Mike
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