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  2. Hi guys here are a few pics of my first ever 1/16th figure that i done a few years ago. i have since muddied him and his footwear up a bit more since then. lovely kit to put together.
  3. Some final detail on the hookloader frame (warning: unforgiving close-ups ). This completes the frame as far as I'm concerned. I can now connect 4 hoses in various places, that should do it.
  4. Got some brown and black washes to tone down the white a bit and painted the tracks. I'll let this sit for a few days then go back and spend some time on the tracks and wheels.
  5. yes please I like the two F-16s taxying head on Martin
  6. Will you just look at the state of this WIP, all covered in dust and cobwebs. Hello? Anyone home? Must be abandoned I reckon, wonder if anyone will notice if I nick a few bits and pieces.
  7. I might have to look at some of their other colours for the jets. Very impressed with them. Nice build too mate!
  8. That's a beauty, and what an excellent paint job!
  9. Very Nice. Well thought out idea and really well executed
  10. Awsome finish stix, really impressive build, you make it seem so easy to finish a model to this standard,
  11. Well, I reckon most of the painting is done now that I've finished the engines and put the red flashes on the ends of the wings thus: To paint the engines I used Mr Metal Color "Dark Iron", which goes on black but can then be buffed to get a metallic lustre. However, with hindsight that was a mistake. Buffing the paint creates a microscopic paint dust that gets absolutely everywhere and seemed to become ingrained into the white paint of the model. It didn't wipe off either, even when using alcohol of airbrush cleaner. Handling the model only made it spread further. Eventually I ended up with dark smudges and finger prints all over the place. I found the only way of removing the marks was by using a very fine sander and polisher, after having first sealed the engine paint with Klear. It took absolutely ages to sand and polish away the dark marks and even now I can still see a few, however I'm going to call that weathering! I'll certainly think twice before using Mr Metal Color in such a way again. Anyway......decaling has now commenced! ...and yes, I did break the end off the pitot tube....I knew I would at some point!
  12. Very Very nice. that scheme really suits the VOODOO.
  13. They could specialise in stately homes and castles with nice wide chimneys where they could climb up two at a time and have a chat about what happened....
  14. Stalled for a while due to other inspired builds taking precedence But thanks for the nudge. Just what I need to get back on to these. The Cessna 337 is done and finished as Canadian Coast Guard CF-DOL. I did post pics of it here ... somewhere.
  15. Cheers ivan, i am rather pleased. Though its just dawned on me that i forgot the slave leads. Won't take much to get those added. Look forward to seeing the Berlin scheme, that one i don't want to try lol.
  16. Excellent build and paint work . nice to see an unusual aircraft done really well
  17. You think that is bad - it thinks I’m from YORKSHIRE for goodness sake.
  18. 10. Fence..... Materials .....plastic mesh, styrene, plastic profiles..... my nearest gas station
  19. I'm hoping for that scale also. I think I have at least one of every manufacture for that aircraft. Tons of reference photos. Ron VanDerwarker
  20. That Sir has turned out rather well! Still painting the old Berlin scheme on mine but will get there in the end.
  21. Scrape the butter off that knife and set that ramshackle rag tag band of assorted, mixed paints aside, as if by magic the post lady dropped this off this afternoon. Hataka blue line specially for brush painting. Not tried these yet. But I’m all set
  22. That's a great kit and a wonderfull diorama !! Congratulations !! Sincerely. CC
  23. Thanks Stix, the way Dragon have done the suspension, allows modellers with very little pain to shape the tracks around undulating ground. I had been thinking of doing something with the tracks so I was keen to sort a base out prior to starting. below is a picture of the instructions of the layout of the torsion bars, it's these that allow the movment. Thanks Robert, i did glue the suspension in place, as I was worried about the torsion bars falling out. The instructions say not to glue them in, you could leave them free and they would move to fit any surface.
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