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  2. My mum used to make us Gooseberry pie when were holidayed at an old farmers cottage where they had grown wild, it was our job as kids to pick them, she would turn them into simply delicious pies baked in the old wood fired range. This would have been 55-60 years ago now & there would have been a mix of red & white (actually pale greenish) gooseberries. Try it sometime, let google be your cookbook. The Hurricanes are coming along nicely. Steve. PS Does anyone know how I can get quotes from two pages into the one post?
  3. Looks like they are leaving it open to different models. Separate wingtips, and separate twin booms. Maybe a Reims 337?
  4. I did wonder that Troy, the shark mouth of Zg76 struck a discordant note, though, accuracy aside, I reckon its a neat bit of boxart. Is this representative of an actual event involving 85 sqn & Eprb 210, or some other Luftwaffe unit? Steve.
  5. Great build Angelo.! I just bought one of these on Amazon today. i fancied doing something a little larger in scale. I hope i can do it as much justice as you have too. I liked the way you did the Invasion stripes. Not too crisp and your weathering is really realistic. May i ask what method you used to apply the decals? Kind Regards Andy
  6. Started the weathering today and painted canopies today. I still need to scrape the edges on the canopies bit at least theyre started. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  7. World wide pandemic? nothing shipping from China for months?
  8. Thank you Gentlemen, just found visual evidence in World Air Power Journal volume 41. Two pictures of 800 NAS aircraft during Bosnian operations with single 1000 lb bomb on centerline and two AMRAAM under the wings (drops, strakes, no guns). I wasn't dreaming after all...! Appreciate everyone checking their refs... Cheers Herb
  9. Hello your Majesty ! Welcome my friend aboard this fantastic forum ! BTW I was wondering the reason why you're not using your " standard forum avatar " on BM ? It's very nice indeed !!! All : one last word about my friend Fabrice : he forgot (?) to tell you , is a Monty Python fan ... and also a Little Britain addict , just like me indeed ! Well , you'd easily understand he's a top notch modeller and a complete nuts as well !!!!
  10. This NATO photo from 1993 shows something on the centreline.
  11. Until it falls apart
  12. There’s probably a little of that too. In a period of time where various racial movements and tensions abound, it’s (almost) an easy win for journalists. Race relations = tense. Therefore, Swastika used by European country = good copy (even if only tangentially related).
  13. Hi my friend ! It's a joy to have you posting on BM . Don't be shy and dare sharing your other jewels with us .
  14. Well were all but done with this finished up the weathering now its just a satin coat to tie it all together. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  15. There's nothing in common between the old and new moulds The new one is vastly better. I've mentioned before that I spend my working day on the old Grangemouth airfield, which is where 263 Squadron converted from Hurricanes on to Whirlwinds in the Summer of 1940. My dad, 13 years old and a mad keen plane spotter at the time, was watching when P6966 had to be abandoned by its pilot and dived into a bog at Dunmore, just north of Falkirk. I believe the parts recovered from the crash site some years back are the only surviving original Whirlwind components. I think they found both the Peregrines. My dad and his friends were quickly on the scene and his opinion was that the airframe disintegrated on impact but the guns and engines weren't unduly bothered by the soft ground and kept on going to a fair depth. John
  16. Hi, Take a look at the wikipedia article on the national flag colours. It may give you a clue as to the dyes used at that time, and their shades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Poland#Shades_of_red
  17. This kit has a three part top wing, made rigging a lot easier than most. The Centre section was completed first and then the landing wires, from inner top to outer bottom, was simple as the top outer panels weren't fitted. The interplane struts were next, fitted with their cross-bracing, followed by each of outer panel fitted one at a time with the rear flying wires first to be sorted. The forward flying wires were last as they are anchored to the top of the front undercarriage and the wing's stagger leaves them moderately exposed. Too true.
  18. Same way the RAF got around the two man rule with the Jaguar I suppose.
  19. Well I cant believe it but The Phoenix lives. She just doesn't want to die.. apparently my fix worked bit I'm gonna have to handle her with baby gloves. Dennis
  20. I'm so glad Some Body is going to build this thing. It would be great to have in the display cabinet, yet this may be better experienced vicariously... .
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