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  2. Oh yess!! Fantastic work!! Great job on the camo! Anf the Phantom
  3. Gerroff! Please do post any and all the pictures you like/can ☺
  4. Have you had a chance to make any more progress, that site gives you lots of options as for as colour schemes go !
  5. Hi Vince, I couldn't bear looking at them with the naked eye, so viewing them magnified on the camera view screen would have made me chuck up. I can handle maggots no problem, but those things were gross! Hope you are well, Rearguards Badder
  6. I had to do a double take when I first saw this as I thought you'd lost the plot ................ I could have sworn it was the makings of a type 965 bedstead! Great progress on the etch and the accompanying background is very inspiring. Terry
  7. Hi Have you had a chance to make any further progress on this one ? It was looking the business last time we saw it Cheers Pat
  8. Afraid I can't get this to work on ebay. Maybe doing something wrong...
  9. Hi Steve Have you had a chance to frighten your vampire, since we last heard from you ? Cheers Pat
  10. Lovely pics! Good to see a proper Harrier over here again. And in typical UK air show weather!
  11. After a 6 months on hiatus I dragged this back out a week ago and have been making some progress, The design of the main undercarriage and doors on this kit is excellent making it easy to fit. The nose gear and door is supposed to be fitted very early on but you can leave it to later if you're happy to spend a bit of time finding the right angles to get the door and rear wall of the undercarriage bay in. The nose gear can also be forced into it's proper location. The wheels are from Royale resin. Still, IMHO the best suppler of modern jet wheels. They fitted the kit legs perfectly
  12. This could be a very interesting build CC. I'm in for this one for sure! Terry
  13. What's the difference between that woman and the Suez Canal? The Suez Canal is a busy ditch! Chris
  14. It is indeed for the Atlantic models kit, and what a superb kit it is. I'm just gathering reference pictures when I can at the moment, but certainly happy to swap findings when I get onto it in earnest. I've never built a 1/350 warship before, although years ago did a few 1/600 and 1/700, and there is a stalled 1/72 Vosper build in this WIP section somewhere. I am keen to start a 1/350 kit sometime this year, but I may have to choose something a bit smaller to cut my teeth on! Not sure what yet. If you choose Leopard for your next build I will certainly stay very close and offer any info I can en route. You are very fortunate to have access to Peter Hall. Looking forward to seeing that Trafalgar progress to the finish! Terry
  15. As long as mein host is happy for me to continue adding them to his thread, as soon as I get the chance to scan a few more... ....and who knows, they might just persuade him to finish this one in the colours that Matchbox intended - it was moulded in green, grey and black for a reason, after all...
  16. evening all & thank you back with a bit more Mustang mayhem... ..in trying to get the cockpit 'pod' in a state where it is complete and can be fitted into the airframe, I have had to take care of many small details I had earlier left, thinking 'I will do that later...' first up this sidewall.. ..I had added the straps for the flare pistol cartridge box (the four little beige tabs), the landing gear handle I made from brass in a previous post, some black switch covers in the top switchbox along the canopy slide rail and a completely missing thing - the bomb selector handle & cover (with a red top).. maybe seen better here.. and bomb release lever.. ..the cockpit floor was also finished with the canvas cover under the seat with it's pop-off fasteners, and the control column was added and the boot/gaiter - these canvas parts were made with household 3" masking tape which I think worked reasonable well.. ..then a step right out of my comfort zone... I can make anything mechanical - I take a look, break it down into shapes and make thise bits - here though the parts I needed to make were the seat back life preserver (I think) and the cushion... two completely organic shapes.. ..I thought the life preserver could be made of milliput on a base of lightly curved & distorted plasic card covered in foil tape so hopefully once complete I could remove it as it wouldn't stick to it.. ..then it was a matter of playing with the milliput and trying to shape with cocktail sticks to get creases - the button like things were tiny punched plastic discs.. ..I added some piping from sprue & milliput and tried to paint it (another weakness...) ..same for the cushion, though this time a strap was added at the front from folded tape & foil brass retaining straps... ..I am not 100% on it and may try painting it again, but for now it looks like this... ..and at home in the cockpit... ..getting there... TTFN Peter
  17. I read somewhere there's a specific law against this in Canada. Maybe why they haven't yet (as far as I know) based a 007 film there.
  18. I agree with Stuart this is very impressive. Probably one of the best looking 1/700 destroyers I've seen. Very inspiring build indeed. Terry
  19. Hello Dears, Will finish the Turret and then adjust it on the Airframe ! These Master barrels are little wonders ! And now !! I must stay light with painting on these barrels ! See you tomorrow !! Sincerely. CC
  20. Thanks for all the comments and "likes". Today was a much better day, weather-wise. The Chinook went "tech"; the NATO E-3A didn't participate in the NATO flypast and PdF #8 developed a problem in flight, which meant the display was curtailed. I really enjoyed the special fly pasts, the Mig_31, Su-27 and the Harrier pair. Thanks for looking. More to come from Sunday and Monday!
  21. Hello Dears, Decals or transfer is now well on its way ! May be finished and RFIed this month !! I start to have a good serie of recce Spits ! Take care and happy modelling ! Sincerely. CC
  22. This aircraft never made any sense to me with the complete lack of a windscreen. Must've made take off and landing "interesting" with no direct forward vision.
  23. Thanks Sabrejet , no need to make a pitot tube for my Matchbox F-86A.---John
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