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  2. On the left is Airfix, on the right is Hasegawa
  3. Thanks, John. Not many pieces in this kit and as long as I can keep gluey fingers off it, it will remain shiny! Yes, I must have a look at the Airfix version sometime. The Frog version fits together very well. think there were three of these aircraft in different colours all in the same race. Thanks again, John. I think the transfers really make it. This was a massive sprint to the finish, while I was masquerading as a DIY Guru fixing the door to the loft! Final pics - the exhaust stubs and tail skid all pinged away while being mounted - still two of the three to find but bits of plastic tube substituting at the moment. The wheel gurds don't actually locate on anything so they ended up attached to the tyres. Looks funny when the wheels rotate... Canopy masking was going to be difficult so left it OOB for now. I did manage to locate two crew members drafted in from a Novo Baltimore and they may appear later, now that the Gallery has been achieved. Those transfers were amazing with only one 'go faster' stripe actually breaking when I was moving it about the fuselage. What I did discover though was that the ' - ' for the underside is not included in the decal sheet so I hunted feverishly through any kits which came to hand to see if I could use something. After a couple of false dawns with transfers breaking apart on contact with the water, I managed to cut up an 'L' from a spare Frog Bearcat. Another lovely little Frog kit with bags of potential. Enjoyed the frantic build and thanks again to the BM Community for the input and our hosts for this fantastic Classic GB - well done all! Looking forward to perusing all the other builds at leisure now.
  4. After being at the Glasgow Show on Saturday I came home with the following items; An 1/48 Airfix Hurricane Mk.1 : https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/hawker-hurricane-mk1.html An Italeri P-40E : https://www.italeri.com/prodotto/2812 AK Interactive Worn effects : https://ak-interactive.com/product/worn-effects-acrylic-fluid/ AK Interactive Heavy Chipping : https://ak-interactive.com/product/heavy-effects-acrylic-fluid/ and before that at Scale Scotland I managed to source the Meng Model British Rolls Royce Armoured Car : https://www.emodels.co.uk/meng-model-1-35-british-rolls-royce-armoured-car-pattern-1914-1920-vs-010.html For some reason the diving aeroplane on the box art of the Meng Rolls Royce Armoured Car is not on my sample. Very strange. All I need to find now is the time to get started on them all.
  5. Ozark Secret City Designated Survivor Fauda Pine Gap Timeless House Of Cards
  6. Wow! Excellent model and the base is just as well done! You put a lot of work into this one and it shows. I wish we had an accurate one in 1/72! Mike
  7. Hello all, can anyone recommend any box set/ telly shows to view on Netflix?, Tried Peaky what's its but not for us. Thanks folks.
  8. I'm not surprised that you were pleased to see them again! They are beautiful and I can't believe they are the old Matchbox kit!
  9. Simply outstanding!!! But I will cordially pass along what an ex-Top Gun-program acquaintance used to 'bark' any time the issue came up: the NAVY (properly) calls them 'Adversaries.' Only the pie-eyed 'zoomies' in the Air Force have to flaunt their testosterone by calling them 'Aggressors.'
  10. Yep, had one too, in blue.... Can't ever remember what happened to it tho'?
  11. Avoid the Aires wheel wells at all cost. They are too small for the opening in the belly.
  12. This is the first time that I've seen one of these. You have made a stunning job of it!
  13. Brilliant stuff, love the canopy! I'm going to have a bash at that for mine. I ended up butchering a FW190A Falcon canopy for mine...it still looks better than the original!
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