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  2. It's orange. Grill is fired up to do some chicken for dinner.
  3. Neat! But lockhead's first? Did you mean Lockhead's first jet?
  4. @Giorgio N thanks for the excellent info. Your comments are extremely helpful. And here we are, about to start the fun part.
  5. Not far off Rich. I found a problem last night on the recon one. I had mixed up the panels that are under the cameras, so I have cute them off and stuck them on the plane. Hopefully it will be ok. Just slow me down a couple of days.
  6. Very nice,but I dont think its going to be much help in this breakdown.Well done sir. Mohawk
  7. I have got new Novo Decals for the Beaufighter which I will use. I will see about the Beaufort. I won't have time to make lots of changes. So it will most likely be a mongrel. A bit of everything. If you look at the sprue image of the Beaufort you will see the chewed canopy. I think when you have an issue like this it is best just to make the most of it and not worry to much. The Beaufighter of the other hand will be much better. This is the Beaufighter.
  8. Still getting through the tires. Ugh. Maybe a pic before the holiday weekend is over here. They're all painted and mounted; just need some cleanup. Decals, weathering, tracks...seems a million miles away still.
  9. We only reviewed the MPM / Speical Hobby one
  10. Shot some primer on the Vigi since I was doing some priming on the X-1 for the Blitzbuild.
  11. A quick couple of pics to show today's work. I gave the engine pods some character with some post-shading. For the dark panels, I used thinned "burnt metal" to add color and highlight the panel lines. The lighter panels (except for the polished aluminum front end) got high some thinned Tamiya "smoke". I left the front of the engine pods as they are for now -- my logic is that they're forward of the compressor fan and shouldn't see much, if any, engine heating. Later I intend to apply a not-too-dark panel line wash. Since taking the above pics, I've sprayed the pods with a coat of Alclad Aqua Gloss clear, in anticipation of the panel line wash and decaling. Later, I'll apply clear matte over the dark panels, as they are much too shiny now.
  12. Wow, that looks exceptional. Very nice work with the folded rotors. The canopy masking is also excellent, I hope I can get mine looking half as good.
  13. Some excellent info on the weapons here: http://www.nuclear-weapons.info/vw.htm#WE.177 Julien
  14. Today
  15. Time for bed I think - the dunkelgelb is on... The tracks will need painting in the morning - oh and by the way... ....the pork pie won - I'll probably be up all night with indigestion See you in the morning - Steve
  16. Well fair enough Chris, at least your looking forward to the warmer weather which I might add is the total opposite to here I’m from. I also didn’t know that Canada now possesses Autobahn’s, so please enjoy those rapid motor car drives in between your more sedate Hurricane progress. Cheers.. Dave
  17. That is an extremely fine looking model. All Canadian's would be proud of that and as my grandad was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba I count myself in that number.
  18. WOW!!! Well Andy, What can I say that hasn't already been said...… That's a Master Piece!! I see in some of the previous posts you've shared the colour recipe for the hull and main body... and the 'how to' do the chipping etc. May I be really cheeky and ask the colour recipes for the other parts of the ship, cockpit, engines, underneath, wings (stabilisers), dark grey bits by the wings (stabilisers) etc Oh..... and the cockpit lighting is Fantastic, did you create that yourself or was that a brought kit? Many Thanks...
  19. Dralthis are round though Nice one Andy, the red really suits it - very menacing. Cheers, Will
  20. Thanks for that. I was leaning toward some sort of greenish interior colour, given the discussions in previous topics on this forum. Thanks again!
  21. Bizarre and nifty. The silhouette reminds me of one of the ships in the TTA books (Proximan something or other?) but the effect in 3D is really different. Also more ships should be yellow, great choice Cheers, Will
  22. A very nice trio of guns,well done sir. mohawk
  23. Hiya MM, 6th Airborne Div took huge casualties in the fighting in Normandy but you have to remember that once on the ground,....you are a soldier,.....getting there by air is just another form of transport,..... every soldier was needed and 6th Airborne fought like hell,....... 1st Airborne Div was in reserve for any further airborne ops. In the same way, after the Rhine Crossing 6th Airborne Div fought right up to the Elbe,... and of course they also fought in the Ardennes in between, being rushed back to the continent from the UK. As for Market Garden,..... 1st Airborne Div did request a coup de main glider landing for the Rhine bridges,..... but the RAF refused,..... using the excuse of flak and boggy ground,...... it seems that they were caught up with the `old men on bicycles' myth! 6th Airborne Armoured Recce unit offered to send some of its Tetrarch tanks to make a dash for the bridge but they were refused,..... the jeep borne 1st Airborne Recce was declared adequate for the long dash,..... and were ambushed en route. The transport force had come under the command of USAAF Gen Brereton and he was quite conservative, ...... coup de main forces for each of the major bridges may have made all the difference. Around 50 or so gliders were also taken up by Gen. Browning`s Tac. HQ on day 1,....... which landed near to Eindehoven and once in place did almost nothing,........ these gliders could have been better employed as a coup de main force,........ using soldiers from each of the three Airborne Divs. Cheers Tony
  24. Probably slim to none. The warm weather has finally hit us in the north. I have a lot of yard and garden work to do in the next while. Also, I haven't completed my Airfix Hurricane yet and that's well over a year old now. I don't really do anything too fast except driving. Chris
  25. I would like to add that Craig has been an exemplary host, his words of encouragement have been most appreciated. And the technical guidance has been very good too. But please no more pokes with that nasty cattle prod. (that's supposed to be a cow face but you would hardly know it).
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