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  2. cngaero

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Writing. I love peace and pure escapism of writing. My only other wish would be to learn to play the Northumbian pipes.
  3. John Laidlaw

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Like many others, I'm a musician, so that's first choice. Aside from that, stargazing, and trying to stay calm.
  4. TheVoidDragon

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Maybe I've just missed something but what do you mean by "re-write history" in this context?
  5. lasermonkey

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Just heard that producer/mix engineer David Bianco has died. He was responsible for producing some of my favourite records. The man really knew how to make a record shine. RIP Dave.
  6. Beardie

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Hmmm well I am a musician so making noise. Either that or a Specialist in moaning and cynicism.
  7. Yesterday
  8. SleeperService

    Airfix 2019

    Quick tip for getting to the meat of a statement like those from Airfix. Cross out the emotional words, qualifiers, and bits about how good the management team is. Then look at what's left. It isn't impressive reading. The second worrying thing is not a single word or example of an area that will be addressed immediately. Plans that are being implemented as the report is published are commonly mentioned as it's not giving much away to the competition (who Hornby are trying to catch up to). As others have said, with a cold business head this is not looking good. Our best hope is that it's deliberate misinformation. That's a very dangerous games to play. It cost Gerald Ratner his jewellery empire.....
  9. Smashing! Dunno how I missed the thread in flight.. Regards, Adrian
  10. Murdo

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Ta Beardie, copied your recipe and I'll try it soon. I will off course be using "Charlie Barly's" best Stornoway Marag which is the hight of cultural cuisine in it's own right. Just a bit unsure of the wisdom of not eating it neat and actually mixing it with something...
  11. Will Vale

    Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Thanks for bumping this thread, I missed the baboon skewer which is totally awesome. Poor baboon! Masking looks good, I hate masking on figures and this one is really complicated. The Titanium is nice too, it has quite a different look in the shade and in the sun - cool effect. Will
  12. BlackMax12

    Takom Panther A Mid-Late w/zimmerit

    Here it is tonight with most of the interior ready for paint and the upper hull partially complete. And both tracks assembled, finally. A lot of the interior is removable but still going to be a trial to paint.
  13. Love your build and a great idea to put some electrics i it,! I have the same dam in my stash..to be build this year i hope... Cheers, Jan
  14. I have got a set of decals for the normal German Sabre jet. If I am not mistaken, then they are the same size for both versions. You can have them Rich. I will send them over to you, if I still have the adress. If not, than I will send you a PM for the details. Cheers,
  15. Michael louey

    Fine Molds Me 109G-2 3 Squadron RAAF

    Hi Roman, Yes, the red overpaint was performed by 3 Squadron. Red spinners were standard recognition markings for the Desert Air Force. 3 Sqdn would have known it was critical to remove all the standard Luftwaffe quick recognition markings (White spinner, yellow undercowl, white wing tips and fuselage band as well as the national markings). This would have been especially so when flying such a recognisable enemy aircraft like the Me 109. By the way, the painting was done by RAAF personnel not RAF - big difference. 3 Squadron was one of the few regular RAAF squadrons operating outside the Pacific Theatre (The other was 10 Squadron RAAF retained in England in Coastal Command and a few sent to Singapore). The whole establishment including ground crew was sent to the Middle East. Cheers michael
  16. Good luck to you sir with the Dog Sabre ! Now that you have conquered the Vigilante, I'm sure you will bring that puppy to heel! I saw a fellow modeler's Collectaire Demon at a club meeting many years back--it looked awful rough! I always felt that if Collectaire's kits had been vacuform I probably would have bought at least one of everything they produced in 1/48. The subject matter was right up my alley, but their rough execution in resin and high prices were too much for me. I do have their Douglas D-558-1 Skystreak in the stash. I decided to pass on buying the Special Hobby kit when it was available, now I'm wondering if that was the right choice. It does look decent in the box compared to their other kits, so maybe it won't be too bad a build.
  17. And so modifications are made to accommodate the third seat on fuselage and pan: Now the new nose top has to be fashioned, and with that done we can proceed with the painting of the fuselage interior, and hopefully be able to have it whole soon.
  18. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Tim's Avenger

    Do you mean something like these night attack Avengers ? Here are some photos of VT(n)90. Found the photo’s on google so ownership belongs to the original owners. Just posting for informational purposes.
  19. HAMP man

    Cessna 150 - Revell 1/48

    I note that you have your hands full with a big one elsewhere! Box On Strickers
  20. janneman36

    A Rather attractive Ventura

    Simply lovely!! Great build.. Cheers, Jan
  21. Mike

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Old computers, playing with guns, fixing things and maybe a bit more gaming. I had to give up my more energetic hobbies some years back, so modeling has been a godsend, doing the rest in small quantities already, and it would be easy to let one or other take up any spare time.
  22. VMA131Marine

    Why car-doors?

    It's not impossible. On a light aircraft like a Piper Cherokee, unlatching the door will cause it to open an inch or so, causing a dreadful racket in the process. The pressure inside the cockpit is higher than that outside. Opening the door on take-off is a favourite tactic of flight instructors with their newbie students to show that the aircraft is perfectly flyable with the door ajar. However, you generally can't close and latch the door while in the air so you have to come back and land to get it latched up again.
  23. Murdo

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Once I manage to escape work and the family... FSX + ORBX sceneries + a couple of add on bits 'n bobs.
  24. Progressing nicely! Looking good! Håkan
  25. stevehnz

    C-141A in Counter-Shading Camo

    I've not seen this before, how widespread was it? I used to see the odd C-141 at Harewood Airport, Christchurch, bringing in loads for Operation Deep Freeze, I think some even did trips to the ice, but they all appeared to be in something similar to Euro camo, that is after they stopped arriving in an overall Light Gray finish. Steve.
  26. spaddad

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    The Jockinese are truly an unusual & unique race, I'm off to Asda tomorrow to acquire the ingredients, this demands checking out.
  27. Excellent build! Looks very nice! Håkan
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