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B.N. Islander 1:72 missing part


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Hi All

not sure if this is the right place to be asking, my appologies if not.

Some years ago I bought an airfix BN Islander kit in 1/72, I have only recently opened it and what would you know, there is a part missing. Does anyone please have part no 47, one half of the engine cowling in their spares box. You assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards



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:welcome: to the house of plastic retards

will look let you know later....


Bugger Ed beat me to it again, must retune my Newbie Detector :rofl:


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You gotta be quicker!

Either that or nip over to Ed's neck of the woods, sneak up behind him and slip a straight jacket on him :evil_laugh:

Bex von CheekyMoo

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You must be slowing down in your old age Bex :evil_laugh:

Maybe Daz or I just need to wear my trainers instead of my high heels :rofl:

Bex von HighHeels

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