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Mullers build : P-40 C : FINISHED


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Been doing a bit of research on the model I bought, its not very accurate and the cockpit is a bit sparse. So I'm gonna try doing some modifications and some scratchbuilding in the cockpit. Wish me luck! :shocked:

Found some good sites on the Flying Tigers with some good close-up pics of the P-40's. I've decided to build Charles Olders 'white 68'.


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I love any aircraft with teeth.

Just a thought about the accuracy and cockpit detail. I was recently getting hung up on the same things on the jaguar build, but I have realised that it doesnt really matter. If you enjoy detailing up to the nth degree then fine go for it, but if like me, too much detailing stalls your build then do what you enjoy doing.

My Vengance is 1960's OOTB, no cockpit at all, but it will still look good (to my own standards) when its finished.

By the way, i like your spitfire as well.

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I've never detailed a cockpit before, only seat-belts in my MiG-3. I've started on the P-40 and stuck in a few extra bits in the cockpit. Belts, I'm happy with way they turned out. An oxygen bottle made from a piece of cocktail stick :whistle: and I think they're the ends of the nose mounted guns that protrude into the cockpit, I made them from plastic card and copper wire. Also stuck some cables to the sides of the cockpit. I also mixed the cockpit green paint from a few humbrol enamels. It's probably not accurate at all. But I don't care!

Also I cut away a section (gulp!) of the fuselage underneath to fit individual flaps behind the cooler. So hopefully it will turn out ok.

I'll try and post some pics soon.



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Some pics of my progress.............

Model out of box.


Going by this pic, the end of the 2 guns are in the cockpit.


Made them with plastic card and coppper wire. Mixed cockpit colour with 3 humbrol enamels in pic. brush painted cockpit parts.


I have gotton a bit further but I can't post pics cos while I was building I was drinking whiskey & coke, so I had my beer goggles on, the results

weren't as good when I looked at them the next morning in the cold light of day. :blush: So I have to fix a few things. Building models is a bit

like driving. It shouldn't be attempted if you have been drinking!

I'll post more pics when I've fixed it up.

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Looking good so far mate!

I'd agree with Wayne about detailing, do as much as you're happy with doing. At the end of the day its a hobby, its to be enjoyed. If you make it too much of a labour, its no fun anymore and will probably end up stalled.


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I also mixed the cockpit green paint from a few humbrol enamels. It's probably not accurate at all. But I don't care!

Good to hear!!! it looks great to me.

paint on aircraft changes alot over the years, so a perfect match for factory new is nothing like 6 months out in the sun.

Great job so far Muller!

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Hi folks, a bit more progress on my Flying Tiger. Fuselage halves together, wings and tail-wings on. Gaps filled sanded, not too many, it went together nice! I primed it grey on top, white underneath. (Both Halfords rattlecans.) No pics of it just filled or just primed.

Tried out Humbrol 23 (khaki! Couldn't get US tan in local model shop) to see how it looks on one wing. 1st time I've thinned enamels before using too, I'm happy enough with the colour. Mixed the sky grey colour (my own interpretation anyway!) for underneath (white, camoflage grey and a bit of russian blue), just one thinned coat of that one on there. Mixed the interior green (yellow with a bit of black) for the wheel wells too and tried that. I think it looks pretty close.




I picked it up to look at on friday night after a few glasses of wine and dropped it! Lost a tail wing, thats why you can see the filler on there. :whistle:

Tried the 'wet salt' method on the prop, it worked well. Gonna have to batter this P-40 up a bit before its finished to match the wear on the prop, plenty of bare metal showing! I used a bit of stretched sprue (1st time doing that as well!) for lines on the undercarriage. Stuck the decals on the wheels too.


That's it for now, working for the next 4 nights so no more modelling till next week. :weep:

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G'day Muller, nice work mate, nice save too! :thumbsup2: I mean if your gonna !@#$ up you might as well do it in style :lol:Those oleos look good, and I love the spats on the wheel covers. Good stuff mate, keep us posted. Cheers. jim :goodjob:

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Quick update, got a bit done at the weekend.

Painted topside (Humbrol 110)


Underside my own mix of sky grey. Overdid the weathering on the wheel wells a bit!! :undecided: i'll try and tone it down a bit when I'm weathering the rest of plane.


1 coat of green camo applied (Humbrol 88) plus slivers of sprue at the back of the cockpit painted red for fuel/oil caps. Also, I'm trying a little experiment, front of wings just behind the prop precoated aluminium and torn wet cigarette paper applied and allowed to dry before painting over, can't really see it in the pics. I'm hoping it'll turn out like the wet salt method of masking.


Was going to apply the underside roundels but I thought i'd ask you guys a question 1st. The kit comes with 2 sets of chinese roundels, one set navy blue, 2nd set a faded lighter blue. I'm thinking the lighter ones were weathered and bleached from the sun. If so would the roundels under the wings be darker than the ones on top? I figured they wouldn't get as bleached. What do you guys reckon?

Anyway, thats it for now. Thanks for looking. Sorry about the crap pics!

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Another quick update. Again, sorry for the poor quality pics, I can only model late at night so I've no daylight pics yet.

2nd coat of green camo, toned down a bith with grey, underside decals on and a bit of weathering done with pastels.



I hope to get a bit more time next week to hopefully get it finished.

thanks for looking! :)

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Some more progress! :)

Decals went on nicely, and I stuck a few bits on. It's been weathered with pastels and silver pen, I think i might have went a bit overboard on the weathering..... well, I do like 'em dirty!

Cockpit canopy is half painted, still needs the remaining frames painted and weathering, and I've a few more bits to stick on (gun-sight, pitot and aerials). i'm gonna try stretched sprue for the aerial wires. I'm enjoying the build so far, but I've realised that my builds are more impressionism than realism. LOL

Again, late night photo's so I had to use a flash, I'm scouting around for a good place to take some outdoor shots when its finished. Thanks for looking, any comments (good or bad) are welcome :D





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Bit good this innit, by the look of it youve done this modelling lark before :winkgrin:

Very nice Muller, nice and dirty and very well done.


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