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Mihoshi 1/7 GK

Paul B

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1/7 Garage Kit of Mihoshi from the Tenchi Muyo series, by those lovely resin casters at E2046 :D

Mihoshi is a detective first class with the Galaxy Police but is a bit of a dizzy character!


These are about half the pieces in the kit, it also includes another little Ryo-Ohki (rabbit/spaceship!!!)


Just about every bit has a visible seam line, this kit is about average quality.






Starting the cleaning process...





That's as far as I got last night, I'll continue latter on...

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Thanks for showing the preparation of the parts Paul. They're very nicely cast. Those photo's are the most informative I've seen for a resin kit, showing the amount of work needed very clearly. And Mihoshi's my favourite character from Tenchi Muyo! :D Do you have a good method to fix the broken bits? I tried, unsuccessfully, to fix a tiny piece of wing tip on a PJ Productions Mirage IIIC.

Paul Harrison

PS How she got to be a Detective First Class I'll never know!

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Not thought about how I'm going to fix the broken strands on her ponytail yet, when I do I'll post it... I'm working from the legs upwards on this one, both leg joints need a small amount of filling to create a tight joint. So far it looks like the arms are going to cause the biggest problem, the opening on the main torso for both arms are just too big. It's going to require a lot of filling etc to get a nice tight join.

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