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Negi Springfield

Paul B

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I've been following the exploits of Negi in the manga Negima for over the past year now, and along with Naruto, is one of my favourite characters. There's one big down side, no one does any figures from the Negima series so I'm having to venture into the world of sculpting to get what I want :D

I decided on a 1/8 scale sculpt, Negi's height is 140cm giving me a 17.5cm tall figure when stood up straight.

This is the version of Negi that I want to sculpt - art work by Ken Akamatsu


Just completed the scale drawing that I need to get started on the basic figure (the hands might need lowering a couple of mm)


I'll need to do more concept & scale drawings to get his clothing details correct, and for his sword & staff.

This build isn't going to happen over night, so be prepared :D I'm aiming to have all the prep work done for my weeks holiday in late January.


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Bloody hell Paul you're an artist too? And a sculptor? That's it, I give up! I feel woefully untallented now. :crying:

Just kidding mate, maybe you could make a mould and start selling your own kits? Good luck with the sculpting! I will be watching with great interest. :popcorn:

Paul Harrison

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I can draw but I don't have the patience for it TBH. I've wanted to try my hand at sculpting for ages and ages, but never had anything I really wanted to make before. Now I do :D

Negi's staff belonged to his farther the Thousand Master Nagi Springfield, it's roughly a head taller than Negi making it about 164cm high. The sword is not from the art work above, but from an almost identical piece from the 136th Period (chapter 136). The one I've drawn appears more Chinese in design to me and would fit in well with his hobby of collecting antique magical weapons. The sword is half Negi's height.

Negi's staff and sword


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First very quick go at the staff & sword...


Not happy with the sword at all, the blade is to thin (cut from 1mm styrene sheet, needs to be 1.5mm) and the hollow pommel is too big and not thick enough. I coiled some 0.4mm brass wire around the handle just for a bit of extra thickness over the styrene rod. I need to get some cloth to be used on the final versions of the staff & sword.

The Staff is ok, but it's still not going to be used. Sculpy was used for the head and Milliput for the shaft, as a core I used 2mm dia' styrene rod with the sculpy/milliput over the top. 2mm was ok for the shaft, but too thick for the head section which needs to be a little more delicate. The sculpy was applied quite thin in some areas of the shaped section of shaft, but these bits split when baked. A thinner core will be required to help keep a reasonable layer of sculpy over the core, whilst retaining is more delicate shape.

I'll have another go using some 1mm brass rod as a core, and there's some mahogany on its way also. When I find a suitable medium I'll do a full W.I.P.

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First very quick go at the staff & sword...

I need to get some cloth to be used on the final versions of the staff & sword.

It certainly looks good to my eyes Paul. You say you're not going to use these? Wow!! I can't wait for the proper ones then....

As for the cloth, have you ever considered dental tape? I don't know whether it would be big enough on a 1/8th model but it is a uniform width, pliable and cheap! If it was large enough, it would be very easy to wrap around the shaft and handle to give a bound appearance.

I'm holding my breath until the next installment.

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For the cloth on the staff at least, I'm after something to represent linen or maybe that stuff they use for bandages. It needs to have a light weave so it's not too thick, a fine silk might do the job. Dental tape could work well for the sword handle.

For the staffs core I've now shaped some 1mm florists wire, it bends much easier than the brass rod and I had more than enough for the job, unlike the brass rod :(

I'm itching to make a start on the figure but I know that I need to do more detail drawings for his cloathing etc...

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For the cloth on the staff at least, I'm after something to represent linen or maybe that stuff they use for bandages. It needs to have a light weave so it's not too thick, a fine silk might do the job.

The stuff you need is used by finger-nail/beautician bods. It's an adhesive backed silk which is used to strengthen nails. Apparently, you apply the silk and then coat it with resin..... :blink:

It comes in a roll about 1-1.5cms wide. You'd have to cut thinner strips off it but it should be just the job.

Your local Boots store should have some or they might know where to get it. (My cousins missus is in the beauty business so I got some from her.)


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Re-worked the figure drawing to lengthen the arms a touch. Inc' staff


Old staff & sword, binding & new metal core for the staff.


The new core is thinner and closer in shape to the drawing.


Sculpy, damp pad, tools, metal core and clear perspex to work on.


Sculpy applied, much better shap & size


Starting on the staff's head


Just out of the oven - needs sanding to correct shape.


Head attached to the shaft and all the bits filled and backed. Starting to apply the milliput on the shaft.


Old & new staff. The new one has been sanded and is ready to be primed.


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I was growing increasingly restless on Sunday evening. I didn't want to do any work on the 1/7 Mihoshi kit I've started prepping, so I got started on the figure of Negi.

So far I've spent roughly 7 hours working on the figure (Sunday evening & Monday morning before Work) --> Making the initial core, baking it, drilling, pinning (1mm brass beading wire) & posing. --> Filling the joints & baking it again. Add the feat and repose so it will stand by its self. --> Start bulking out the body & taking photo's as I go :D

The big book is "Fundamentals of Figure Drawing" and has some useful reference drawings of the human body - Proportions/Skeleton/Musculature.


Basic core - first time I've done this.


Pinned and Posed.


Packed the joints, added the feat (quick re-pose) and backed once more. Next step is bulking out the body.


Negi is a skinny but very active 10 year old, so only a touch of toned muscle is required. The upper back will need more work just to emphasis the shoulder blades more.


I'm trying to include the more prominent muscle groups without it being overly detailed. I want a good basic structure for when the clothes go on. I've given him a flat stomach and you can just see the shape of lower part of the rib cage. Chest, shoulder & neck muscles are there but not OTT.


The legs might be slightly to wide apart and may need repositioning. I'll see how it goes before I start removing limbs :lol:



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It is amazing to see a build like this and I'm the one doing it :lol:

Quick update from this evenings work and before I spend another hour before bed. Filled out the upper back, added the Gluteus Maximus and groin area, and just making a start on the right thigh. Looks like I wont have to re-position the legs.


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That's looking excellent Paul, it's really hard to believe you've never done this before! The musculature looks great. I bought a figure drawing/anatomy book a few years ago for attempting a sculpt but never got round to it. I was going to use a wire armature but your "blocks of sculpey" method looks much more practical. The new staff is much more in scale and looks perfect to me.

Happy New Year and good luck with the rest of the sculpt! :thumbsup:

Paul Harrison

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Work from yesterday evening. Completed the left leg, the arms and have baked it in the oven. The arms need some filing & sanding work around the elbow and wrist joints to get them to the correct shape & size. Then on to the head and hands... but that'll be in a weeks time, once I'm on holiday and have the time to fiddle about. For now I'm working on a new kit that arrived on Friday.








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Woke up this morning with the driving intention of doing some more work on the sculpt. The next step is the head. I'm going to have a go at creating the head using Steve's method (see below), but first I need a front and side-on drawing of Negi's head... which by mere chance I've just finished :whistle:


|-( )-|

Steve is a long standing member on E2046's forum and has done a few oringinl sculpts of various Anime figures, and has an ingenious way of creating an accurate copy of a charatures head... It's hard to explane using just words, so once I make a start proprely I'll post up a "How to"

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This is fairly fantastic. Ive never seen one of these progress. I feel like a fly on the wall...

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Thanks, It's hard work but fun at the same time :D

Next... The Steve Pryce method of creating heads B)

First you need the front and side-on views of the head you are going to sculpt, then transfer them onto a piece of thin card.


Once on the card, cut out both profiles and join together thuse....



The next step is to make the eye section. Draw and cut out the eye sockets on a thin piece of styrene, add another thin piece behind and slot into place.


I'm using Milliput white (fine) for bulking out the face. Slowly build up the putty allowing each layer to fully dry before applying the next. This is a combination of yesterday & todays work. The rear of the head and the neck need bulking out, than I can start on the final adjustments to get the correct shape for the eyes, mouth, jaw line etc...


At this point you dig out some off the cardboard and fill the gap. The profile isn't quite there yet, added the eyebrows but some more work on the mouth, nose & cheeks is needed.


More as I go...

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Paul you might want to consider making some money at this, sculpting masters etc. This is seriously impressive stuff!

Now there's a thought :hmmm: I've had a few interested people who would like a recast of this sculpt already, but the idea of creating molds and doing the casts is too daunting for me at present.

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That's coming along great Paul. Interesting method for building the head! :speak_cool:

Paul Harrison

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