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A340-300 to long body version conversion instructions

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I recenlty bought the 1/144 Revell A340 kit and realized that it is not the long fuselage version. I would like to build it in the long fuselage version though. After looking through several posts here and in ARC. I found that there are several changes thats needs to take place inorder to depict the longer fuselage aircraft(Wings, fuselage extension, engines etc). I know there is an expensive resin option in BraZ kit.

Is there is a cheaper option out there. I saw some efforts by using balsa plugs which can take care of the fuselage extension but not sure if anything can be done for the engine and wings. Any help will be appreciated.



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It can be done, and I will do it. You need 2 kits, and some engines off a Revell An124. I have the engines sorted and I am awaiting some bits off Busdriver from the A340 to do the work on the fuselage and wings.

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Is there is a cheaper option out there.


Yes of course, the second A340 kit, the saw, tube of car putty and also will not interfere skillful hands, inspiration and patience. Links for information and ideas #1 and #2 (use Google translator).

Happy modeling.

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