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HT's Frog Vultee Vengeance 1/72


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Fisrt up I tackled the cocpit, making up the PE seats adding the control colum and making an instruments panel using some plasticard with the PE fixed on. This will be shaped to suit the fuselage later on.


Next up it a bit of suegery is required witht he dive breaks. These need to be drilled out and shaped for the internal break well which is fixed into place on the return of the wing.


Ive also decided to drop the flaps so that she will have all her control surfaces annimated.


In this shot ive added the wheel well detail and the blanking in pieces so you cant see through into the wing.


And here is a top view of the wing with the dive brake housing detail.


Next on the agenda is adding the detail for the cowling. Sections were sawed out with replacement PE to go in its place.


Tomorrow should see some painting internally and some main assembly.

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Steady progress, ive managed to paint the white tail and give her a coat of a mix of humbrol 110x8, 113,2 and 1x33 to get an accurate RAAF Brown. Undersides are painted in hu126 withthe green to com which will be hu149.


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Yes there is.

Wait for the next one a barracuda if you think this is ugly.

Yes, I know what you mean. lol. I still give the uglybird trophy to the Vengeance though, purely on account of the wing planform. Looks like it hit two trees!

Lovely build so far. Surely the Helldiver trumps all on the ugliness stakes?

Oh the beautiful SB2C, how dare you malign such an elegant craft. lol.

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Got her painted this last week with her other camo and underside.


Then came the adding of the engine cooling flaps and dive brakes.


Moving onto the canopy. The PE with the addition of some clear acetate enables you to remove this horribel canopy, although you have to use the front windscreen as this isnt included.

Some surgery required.


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