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vickers wellington question


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I'm doing research on the Vickers Wellington - hopefully starting a model of one soon.

I have a question regarding the reconaissance flares - the yellow-orange rocket-like items fitted on the right hand side in fuselage just behind the navigator's compartment, and featured very prominently in other models I've seen online.

I'm wondering what they're for exactly, and more specifically, whether or not they were carried on Bomber Command aircraft. Were they used for anything in particular, or were they considered unnessecary balast?

Any thoughts?


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I imagine you have the 4+ Book - that shows a diagram of the interior Port and Starboard arrangement of equipment in the Fuselage. Six Reconnaissance Flares are shown on the starboard side as you mention. Under Equipment and Armament flares are mentioned and the implication is that they were carried when torpedoes were used.....

"When torpedoes were carried , and F46 camera was used for documentation. Six 4.5" or 5.5" reconnaissance flares and another six flame float MkIIs or Sea Marker MkIIIs were carried and launched using a tube on the starboard side of the fuselage."

The fuselage diagrams are not specific and show Mk Ia,IC II (early) III (early) ,IV variants.

I have a neighbour who was on Wellingtons but he is 91 and admits his memory is not reliable. I may also see another more well known Wellington Pilot next month - he is also in his nineties but will ask him as well if the opportunity arises.

Not really of much help I know.

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