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1/72 Spitfire PR XI


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Dear all,

After lurking on this forum for a long time now I thought it's high time for my first post here.

I've been working on a Spitfire PR XI in 1/72 scale by combining the Airfix IX with parts from the MPM XI kit.


Above you can see the Airfix fuselage, below that the MPM. The Airfix fuselage is slightly longer, and the nose in front of the cockpit is less curved. Below are the wings from the two kits. The Airfix wings are broader than the MPM



This picture illustrates the length issue of the fuselages.


In this picture the Airfix upper wing half is held up to the MPM lower wing half, illustrating that the Airfix wing is about 2 mm broader.


I have also added the Pavla cockpit set for the IX kit, and I've added the cameras from the PR XIX detail set. I know that's not 100% accurate but I just wanted to cram as much detail into it as possible. It's all about fun with this one :)


Here the construction of the cockpit is finished. I also added some Eduard instruments and seat belts. I'll be adding control surfaces (also from Pavla) and I tried to position the control stick in accordance with the positions they will take. It looks a bit awkward though.


Thanks for looking! Comments & feedback are always appreciated!


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Some more progress:


I marked the panel lines on the wings that needed to be filled, and scribed some new ones.


several bulges had to be removed, and others added


here you can see the new chin from the MPM kit. The MPM fuselage is slightly wider, but with a bit of sanding the front pieces fit quite well. Also note the bulges on the undersides of the wings which I transferred from the MPM wings. The radiators are also from the MPM kit because I liked their shape a little better. I was going to use the MPM carburettor intake, but that didn't fit so I ended up just using the Airfix piece.


almost ready for paint


and the base coat on. I painted it with Citadel Mithril Silver.

Thanks for looking!

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Looking good and progressing at a great pace. Been thinking of a Mk.XI using the older Airfix IX so enjoying your thread and picking up ideas. Also keen to see what colour scheme you use on this one.

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Actually, it's been done for a while but I hadn't been able to upload any images and post them. Not having looked at the pictures for a while I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out. By the end of the project I had lost interest somewhat and rushed it; I wish I had spent more time getting the PR windscreen to sit right. May have even put it in place the wrong way round. Oh well.

Thanks for looking!

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