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ok so here we go

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got some black, red and whit paint from some local shop in spain...some weird make, doesnt matter now as they are in the bin and i getting some humbrol sneeked over at halloween. The black seemed alright but marked easily, the rusty red when bright red when glue hit it???? and as you can see the white wouldnt go on.....maybe some more washing up liquid cleaning of parts required.

so heres 1 shot


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Soory for not being around but my absence was again due to work, so i sat down and decided to get the hull finished and paint as much of the parts as possible.....dam minicraft for putting nearly all of the parts on brown plastic.. why not white!!....4th tin of white spray and still not done.

ok so picture 1 is the hull finished, i sprayed a bit of white inside so the enclosed parts look like they should


In picture 2 The double row of rivets underneath the main promenade, where the white meets the gold in the middle. well due to my shortcomings as a modeler im going to give the gold a miss and just be happy at the nearly straight line. Most of the black in this area needed touchups due to the rivets because the tamiya tape couldnt even get a good enough seal to stop the paint..grrrr


here is a bow shot,


ok my next move is to get the 1st deck fitted, hopefully by the middle of this week

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