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1/12th Guyver


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This is the Elfin 1/12th scale Guyver from the Anime series of the same name. It's my first attempt at a vinyl kit, put it together with super glue and the parts are so good I needed no putty at all.

Box shot.


Parts, some cleaned up some still to do.


Halfords Grey Primer.


First coat of paint, Citadel/GW Lightning Blue.


Base made from CD, Miliput and some stones then painted Kommando Khaki. Later I used some PVA and added some grass.


Finished figure with detail paint of Bolt Gun Metal, Mithril Silver, Bright Red, Green, White and deliberately patchy Orange and Sunburst Yellow for the ball of energy from the open chest gun.


And one from the other side.


Hope you like it!

Paul Harrison

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