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How are we all doing?

dylan the rabbit

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Hello chaps and chapesses..

Is that a word? Feck, it is now!

How are we all doing with our kits?

There are some quality completed builds out there, and I'll ask Mike if we can set up a finished build thread to post them in.

We've only got around 6 weeks to go, and time's a shooting by.

As Mod, I have to confess I've been 'effin slack, and have not touched the substitute kit I chose to replace the RE8 which has, sadly, been retired to the stash for another time.

It's been an awfully busy time at work, so creative modelling and not just 1/72nd OOB has gone out the window.

I do now have 2 weeks off work for a bit of r&r, which I'll be using to catch up with the old Fokker.

What I'm trying to say is, keep it up, keep the post's coming in, and let's make this a great GB to kick off 2008

All the best,


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