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How to create a poll


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If you are the host of a GB, you will need to create a poll after the GB has finished. I have put together this tutorial to guide you through the process.

Stage 1


In the seed post of your Gallery click on the 'edit button' and select 'Full Edit'


As well as the normal edit options you will see at the top a link to manage a poll, click on it


You will then be asked to name the poll


After typing the Polls name click on the 'Add a Poll Question' link

Type your question, then click on the 'Add a Poll Choice' link


Next add the members name and a brief description of the model e.g. Mish's F-16C


Repeat for every entry


If you have more than 25 entries in the Gallery you will need to make the 25th choice "None of the Above"


Then click on 'Add a Poll Question' Add the question and repeat the above steps to add the rest of the models. (you can then add another 25. If you have more than 50 entries you will need to repeat this step. Using this method you can have a maximum of 72 voting choices.

Stage 2

Now edit your Gallery 'Seed Message' to read something like:


Then click on the 'Close Poll Form' link


Next click on the 'Submit Modified Post' Button at the bottom of the page.


You should then have something that looks like:


I hope this helps everyone. If you run into problems Give me or one of the other Mods a shout.

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