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1/72 Italeri C-47, in French markings

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Ok so I'll jump into the group build as well seeing as I'm running it :P

I'll be building Italeri's take on the C-47, but I will be bypassing the kit decals (cause they make me recoil in horror each time I look at them) and instead use a nice sheet from Berna Decals.

It should end up depicting an aircraft from the First Indochina War.

Kit pics:





A closer look at the scheme I will be doing. An olive drab machine with a yellow (sorry, jaune) nose and bare metal engine cowlings. Should be interesting!


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Thanks guys.

I've made a start on her, painting and building the interior. As you can see, I'm not spending much time on the inside as the view into the C-47 is poor in the extreme, especially with Italeri's thick transparencies. I'm loosely following the interior colour scheme, so don't expect 100% accuracy here!



I have opened up the top of the fuselage for the astrodome and since the photo was taken, painted over the glue marks by the fuselage windows. :P

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Construction of this kit is fairly straightforward. There are very few parts indeed! One thing that was a pain, was the front windscreen which Italeri in their wisdom tell you just slots in neatly at the front when both fuselage halves are together. uh no...not quite because it's actually very easy to drop the windscreen into the cockpit whilst doing this, so italeri builders beware of this!


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The windscreen issue happened to me when building my RCAF one and the ESCI TCA one a while back. Know what you mean. Funny thing, it also happened on the two 1/144 ones I'm doing.

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A little bit of progress on the C-47. I've built up and painted the engines but no sooner had I done that I covered them up with tape to protect them from the rest of the painting...oops! I've also masked up the windows and done some filling and sanding. About ready for paint really.


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Will be intrigued to see how the Berna decals go on - I think I'll be starting my own SEA C-47 in a week or two - either an AC-47, possibly a USAF EC-47, or perhaps a French C-47. Not sure yet. Are your remaining French decals from this build likely to be going spare, by any chance? :)

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Ok so a bit of progress on my Dak on the weekend, I've managed to get some paint on her :)

Preshading (which was largely pointless as it got obliterated by the dark olive drab topcoat...


But here is what she looks with tamiya olive drab and Xtracrylix faded olive drab over the top.



The yellow nose makes it look like it has a beak :P in this pic some polish residue is still around the nose, that'll be cleaned up!


and finally her belly, all neutral grey as per the instructions. some touch ups around the wing root and tail still to do.


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Cheers for the kind comments guys :)

Latest update on my C-47. I've placed the markings on and she now has a splash of colour to her.

Here she is all glossed up for the decals, and in this picture she is pre-Florymodels wash.


And now post-Florymodels wash


There are a few little patches of white residue that seem hell bent on staying on the aircraft, but in one way I'm not too bothered, its quite common to see patches and stains of different shades on a working airframe, so I'll probably try and utilise them.


Noticed some built up model wash at the wingroot, that'll be fixed!


Next stage? hmmm probably some detail parts like the props and then further dirtying and scratching on the airframe, to make it look a little more beaten up. Wait a second I've just thought, maybe this aircraft should have black di-icer boots on the leading edges. hmmm I shall investigate.

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Thanks for the comments guys, I've finished her!

So after the wash went on the detail, such as the postshading with Tamiya X-19 smoke, the silver scratches and the small breaky-off bits like aerials that I always leave till last because I know what I'm like. Then a Flat varnish to seal in the work and turn the glossy finish into something approaching what it would be. The three aerials added above the cockpit seem peculiar to these French aircraft, or at least they are post-WWII additions, The are simply metal wire superglued onto a small plastic base and painted black. I'm awaiting some fine hair (seriously) to put the wire from the horozontal stabiliser to the astrodome. The wheels are stock kit wheels, but sanded flat on one side to give a more natural static position.






Just realised the smaller middle aerial should be on the port side of the fuselage, not starboard, oh well!


Specks of dirt and grime were achieved by flicking thinned MIG production oil and grease mixture from an old brush.



Gallery and RFI thread to follow to try and whip up some interest in the group build.

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Quick work and a nice result, well done! :clap2:

Does the hair donor know they have volunteered for this singular honour? :winkgrin:


Hehe yes she knows that she's donatinging the hair. Its a way for my little niece to get involved. I think she likes to help out and its surprising how good it is to use for wires.

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