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The rules for this group build should be fairly straight forward and I don't expect any problems. Basically the aircraft has to be a Dakoka of some description. Any version and any scale, civil or military. There are so many variants, operations and indeed operators that it would be silly to list them all. I'm sure there is a scheme to suit nearly everyone out there. This includes the Japanese and Soviet licence built versions if that floats your particular boat. So to put it in a list:

1) Model must be a C-47, DC-3, or other Douglas Dakota variant (there are many many versions, if you are unsure, ask in the welcome thread).

2) Kit must be 25% or less completed before starting (mods view is final - though I'm a reasonable guy and most things without the fuselage closed up would be acceptable)

3) The group build runs from 27th August till 27th November - only finished builds will be eligible for the poll at the end.

4) You can start a build thread whenever you want, but please bare in mind the date for the finish.

5) Have fun!

I think that covers everything. Any questions just ask. :)

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