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Flight Simmer? Travel a Lot?


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I know there's a few guys here who like me, are flight simmers who travel a lot.

One of the problems for me has always been finding a suitable joystick (i.e. one which has a throttle and rudder control) which can be packed away for travelling. After years of faffing around with various joysticks I think I may have found the ideal one for a travelling flight simmer:

The Saitek Cyborg FLY5:


Video overview here showing the features:

What makes this ideal for a travelling flight simmer? The handle can be detached and the base can be folded away. Bloody brilliant for getting it crammed into a bag with all the other stuff I have to cart around from ship to ship.

It's a Saitek, which people seem to love or hate. I think they're good, over the years having owned the X-45, X-52, X-52 Pro as well as their flight yoke and rudder pedals. They're not Thrustmaster quality, but then again they're not Thrustmaster price either :)

The stick itself is pretty good to use, the spring centering is very positive. Stick forces are just about right too. The twist action - although not as good as seperate rudder pedals - is among the best I've ever seen on a joystick. Very smooth, centres perfectly and again the force is just about right. There are two throttle controls which can be worked independantly or locked together. Once again the throttle movement is very smooth and just the right amount of resistance. Like a lot of the other Saitek stuff the stick can be adjusted to suit your hand. Only one directional switch, 8-way.

Well worth a look if you're a flight simmer who has to travel a lot. It can be had for £30 online...

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LO mate,

Interesting item. My travelling days are probably over these days though.

I'm tempted to buy a new stick. I currently have the X45 (but the spring is crap despite the cable ties) and it is starting to stick a bit which makes for jerky movements. Wife isn't too impressed with the prices for a new one though.

How did you get on with the X-52 Pro and is it worth it?

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How did you get on with the X-52 Pro and is it worth it?

I had an X-52 and got the X-52 Pro when it came out. The major improvements for me were the double springs - made it feel a lot stiffer and better centering force, and it also has a higher resolution optical sensor for the stick position, so should allow more precise control.

It's a good stick, it's lasted me a good 2 1/2 years now. It gets lots of usage and has been carted off to two ships and has survived the journey - so the build quality is pretty good. If you're currently using an X-45 it'll feel very familiar, but a big improvement.

If you're feeling mega flush you could give the X-65F a shot. I considered it but it uses force sensing instead of optical sensors - i.e. they've mimicked the F-16 and made the stick fixed and instead it senses how much force you are putting on it. Can't say I like that.

I might possibly cough up for a Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog if I have the cash to spare when I come home on leave next.

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